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May 15/16 20:49 pm - MTB OCup 2: Highlands Nordic results

Posted by Editoress on 05/15/16

Results from MTB XC OCup #2 held at Highlands Nordic, in Duntroon, Ontario



Senior Elite Women, 15.02 km (3 laps)
1 Soren Meeuwisse (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 1:40:10
2 Andrea Burley (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) at 3:48
3 Paige Foxcroft (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) 15:14
4 Allison Sauder (Waterloo Cycling Club) -1 lap
DNF Laura Bietola (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
Junior Expert Women, 10.06 km (2 laps)
1 Sarah Fabbro (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 1:08:38
2 Kierstyn Hawke (DOrnellas Cycling Club) at 4:56
3 Erica Leonard (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) 16:34
4 Dana Gilligan (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Team) 32:22
DNF Samantha Fuller (S&S Racing PB Garneau and Frog Cycles)
Senior Elite Men, 19.98 km (4 laps)
1 Peter Glassford (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) 1:23:48
2 Liam Mulcahy (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) at 4:21
3 Peter Disera (Norco Factory Team) 9:03
4 Alex Schmidt (PHI Hotel Group / P-K Express p/b Holiday Inn) 9:10
5 Kelsey Krushel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 19:20
6 Michael Hermanovsky (Independent) 20:05
7 Chris Fruetel (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 22:45
8 Corey Brioschi (Chrono Cycling) 23:15
9 Scott Lynch (Independent) 26:28
10 Kyle Douglas (SCOTT-3 Rox Racing) 27:38
11 Cory Hancock (SCOTT-3 Rox Racing) 50:12
12 Dave Reid (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) -1 lap
13 Bret Waghorne (Batemans Bike Co) -1 lap
14 Jon Slaughter (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) -1 lap
15 David Klaver (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery) -1 lap
DNF Matthew Martindill (Arrow Racing)
DNF Marc-Antoine Nadon (Independent)
DNF Quinton Disera (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau)
DNF Owen Flood (Arrow Racing)
DNF Timothy Carleton (Independent)
DNF Davis Ross (AWI Racing)
DNF Jan Kocemba (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNF Luke Hlavenka (Chrono Cycling)
DNF Eddie Skala (Wolfpak Racing/Inception Cyclery)
DNF Brendan Mackillop (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)
DNF Cameron Jette (SCOTT-3 Rox Racing)
DNF Alex Lefebvre (
Junior Expert Men, 15.02 km (3 laps)
1 Brody Sanderson (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau) 1:24:48
2 Tyler Orschel (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team) at 1:52
3 Malcolm Barton (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing) 2:34
4 Kaleb Hellreich (Trek Store CC) 5:02
5 Thomas Hulton (AWI Racing) 13:14
6 Nicholas Emsley (AWI Racing) 14:30
7 Brandon Wright (Team Spoke OMotion) 25:45
DNF Scott Brassor (Angry Johnnys p/b Norco & Garneau)
DNF Nathan Savoy (from Hillsburgh)
DNF Cole McDonald (Rock and Road Cycle)
DNF Noah Simms (Team Progressive p/b 3Rox/Maverix Racing)

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