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June 5/16 10:27 am - Cheemos Perogies Cycling Classic (BC)

Posted by Editoress on 06/5/16

Rathwell and McLeod Grab Another Cheemos Perogies Cycling Classic Crown


Victoria’s Megan Rathwell from Broad Street Cycle and Vancouver’s Garrett McLeod (H&R Block Pro Cycling) both showed (with apologies to Chaucer) that familiarity breeds competence, not contempt, as they picked up yet another Cheemos Perogies Cycling Classic win.

Rathwell, who likes the grinding hills, calls herself a “racer of attrition” and says having done and won the Metchosin road race before (2013 and 2014) gave her an advantage in the relentless heat and unforgiving hilly course.

“A group of four of us broke away and I knew I could work with a few of them,” said Rathwell. “Then  Janna (Gillick) and I worked together and I attacked on the last hill.” This last-gasp Herculean effort gave her the winning time of 2:30:29 on the 70-kilometre women’s elite course.

Nanamo’s Janna Gillick (Team ATAC) was second in the four-woman sprint finish while Vancouver’s Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling) and Calgary’s Anna Traxler (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) were third and fourth respectively.

In the men’s elite 120-kilometre race, Trek Red Truck Racing’s Craig Richey broke free early to take a solo one-minute lead to about the 40-kilometre mark where Accent Inns/Russ Hay’s p/b Champion System’s Jordan Landolt joined him. The two worked together until about the 90-kilometre mark when Landolt dropped back to the pack and Richey’s teammate Dylan Davies joined him to try to take the pair to the end. But the last-lap effort was for naught as the pack bridged, leading to an all-out sprint for the finish where McLeod’s just slightly more fresh legs carried him to the win.

“Having won this race in 2014, I knew it was a tough course,” he said. “I didn’t have any teammates (in the race) so I just watched the others and saved myself for the end.”

Surrey’s Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing) was second, Vancouver’s Brent Dallimore, was third; the sprint pack finishing in 3:09:04.

Still leading in points, Buskosky and Gillick carry the omnium Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series p/b PISE orange leader’s jersey to tomorrow’s Russ Hay’s Accent Inn Inns Grand Prix at the Legislature where the elite and masters 2016 BC Criterium Championships titles are on the line.


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Pro/1/2/3 Women
1 Megan Rathwell (Broad Street Cycles / Stuckylife) 2:26:59
2 Janna Gillick (Women's Team ATAC) 2:26:59
3 Morgan Cabot (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:27:30
4 Anna Gabriel Traxler (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 2:27:06
5 Leah Guloien (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:28:18
6 Jody Rechenmacher (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:28:25
7 Emma Lujan (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:30:10
8 Michele Scheaffer (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:31:09
9 Brenna Pauly (Women's Team ATAC) 2:35:02
10 Suzanne Hamilton (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:35:06
11 Maggie Coles-Lyster (TaG Cycling Club) 2:37:09
12 Marina Aspen (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team) 2:37:09
13 Sarah Van Dam (Tripleshot Cycling Youth Team) 2:40:06
14 Callie Swan (Independent) 2:44:22
15 Holly Simonson (Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team) 2:44:22
16 Melanie Laevesque (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:44:32
DNF Erin J Attwell (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Alysia Withers (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
DNF Katelyn Button (Pro City Racing)
DNF Lora Genaille (Independent)
DNF Anne Ouellet (Independent)
DSQ Anna Talman (Independent)
DNS Holly Henry (Independent)
1/2 Men
1 Garrett McLeod (H&R Block Pro Cycling) 3:09:54
2 Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:09:54
3 Brent Dallimore (Independent) 3:09:54
4 Connor Toppings (Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+) 3:09:54
5 Craig Richey (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:09:59
6 Dylan Davies (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:10:08
7 Oliver Evans (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System) 3:11:38
8 Amiel Flett-Brown (Accent Inns/Russ Hays p/b Champion System) 3:11:38
9 Nigel Kinney (Independent) 3:11:38
10 Geoffrey Homer (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 3:11:38
11 Alexander Amiri (Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+) 3:11:38
12 Alexander Murison (Independent) 3:11:38
13 Andrew Russell (Independent) 3:11:46
14 Joshua Kropf (Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+) 3:16:30
15 Michael Van Den Ham (Trek Red Truck) 3:23:24
DNF Cody Canning (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNF Jordan Landolt (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNF Isaac Leblanc (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNF Lukas Adomonis (Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+)
DNF Ty Andrews (Trek Redtruck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes)
DNF Mason Burtnik (Independent)
DNF Christopher B Bradbury (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
DNF Cam Fitzmaurice (Independent)
DNF James Grant (TaG Cycling Club)
DNF Dave Johnson (CrossRoad Racing)
DNF Mitchel Ketler (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNF Chris Macleod (Independent)
DNF Fabian Merino (Independent)
DNF isaac Niles (Independent)
DNF Kurt Penno (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNF Jackson Pickell (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Sherwood Plant (Independent)
DNF Kellen Viznaugh (Giant Langley / Smart Savvy+)
DNS Brendan Armstrong (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)
DNS Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo Training Group)
DNS Nicholas Kupiak (Broad Street Cycles / Stuckylife)
DNS Devon Moonie (Accent Inns/Russ Hay's p/b Champion System)
DNS Arturo Suarez (Independent)


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