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September 13/00 9:23 am - Olympic Updates, Norco, Quebec Road Cup

Posted by Editor on 09/13/00

Olympic Updates

- This is a banner month for Thomas Frischknecht. First he gets official recognition by the UCI of his 1996 world title (at the World Cup Final in Lausanne, Switzerland). Now, he is named as the flag bearer for the Swiss team in the opening ceremonies - the first time ever a mountain biker has been honoured with this role.

- Australian Kilo hopeful Shane Kelly just received approval from officials to have his shoes screwed to his bike prior to the start of his event. UCI regulations say that the rider brings his bike to the line and has 50 seconds to get strapped in and ready to start. Kelly, who pulled his foot out at Atlanta in the gold medal final, wants to avoid this by having his shoes locked to the pedals. The UCI says that as long as the rider can meet the 50 second requirement, there are no regulations forbidding locking the shoe to the bike.

- it appears that no Canadian Olympic cyclists will attend the opening ceremonies. The track riders begin their events almost immediately (Women's 500M and Men's Kilo on Saturday), and the road and mountain bike riders are staying out of the Olympic Village at training camps. We have been told that it is pretty cool and damp 'Down Under' right now.

Norco Promotes Harman

September 11, 2000 Port Coquitlam, BC. After 36+ years of dedication to the industry, Norco's Bert Lewis officially made the announcement today to step down as President of Norco Products Ltd.

Norco Products Ltd. is proud to announce the appointment of Jim Harman to President. Formerly Vice President, Jim Harman has contributed over 20 years to bringing cycling to Canadians. Bert Lewis stated "Over time Jim has proven himself time and time again to be more than capable for the position". Bert Lewis will continue as Chairman of Norco Products Ltd.

Grand Prix Buffet Anna Maria-Mosti Mondiale - Montreal
(courtesy Michel Bourgault)

September 10/00 - Quebec Cup (Road) Final

Seniors 1-2, 60.2km
1Alexandre CloutierVolkswagen1:25:28
2Michel Neveu (M)Independant
3Paul Mignier (M)Independant
4Ariel De CardenasAndre Lalonde Sports
5Vincent CaronEspoirs de Laval1:27:38
6Yannick CojanEspoirs de Laval
7Glen RandellIntersports
8Fabien BergeronVolkswagen
9Christophe CheseauxVélo 4
10Mathieu FagnanGuru/Olio
11Alexis RicherIndependantdoublé
12John Malois Médico-SportifAbandon
13Manuel JeanArgon 18Abandon
Seniors Femmes, 56 km
1Julie HutsebaultIntersports1:24:54
Juniors Hommes, 56 km
1Martin GilbertSaeco V.B.1:21:51
2Dominique RollinEspoirs de Laval
3Pierre-Olivier BoilySaeco V.B.1:22:34
4Philippe Viau-DupuisOerlikon
5Jonathan HouleBrossard
6Antoine StandnerEspoirs de Laval1:22:44
7François ParisienSaeco V.B.
8François SztukeBrossard
9Sébastien LavoieBrossard
10Maxime VivesEspoirs de LavalAbandon
11Hugues LapointeMédico-SportifAbandon
12Jean-François GeoffrionDynamiks de ContrecoeurAbandon
Seniors 3-4, 60.2 km
1Gilbert AntiBrossard1:29:21
2Denis LarsenOerlikon
3Frederic AugerIndependant
4Mathieu LapointeIndependant
5Andrew SlarkIndependant1:29:29
6Jean-Philippe LabrecqueBrossard1:31:44
7Simon LedoyenOerlikon
8Aikin ReidIndependantAbandon
9Eric LafreniereAdrenergieAbandon
Maitres A, 56 km
1Kevin McNaultyLifescan/Martin Swiss1:22:40
2Fernand RooseboomCycles Patrick1:22:43
3Laurent GarzonLifescan/Martin Swiss1:23:23
4Paul DesrosiersD'Italiano
5Fabien GrignardMédico-Sportif1:24:08
6Philippe PlanetVélo 4
7Luc DeGagnéIndependant
8François BilletteAndré Lalonde Sports
9Benoit LavalléeAndré Lalonde Sports1:24:30
10Didier CojanAndré Lalonde Sports1:24:34
11Olivier LeungElio Pizzeria
12Christophe De FlandresElio Pizzeria
13Martin RooseboomCycles Patrick
14Eric MoodyVélo 4
15Didier LegallLifescan/Martin Swiss
16David LandryLifescan/Martin Swiss
17François BelisleD'Italiano1:26:34
18Martin Prud'HommeVélo 4Abandon
19Philippe AltendorferVCOMAbandon
20Howard BerridgeIndependantAbandon
Maitres B, 56 km
1Alain CaronLifescan/Martin Swiss1:24:54
2Marc LapointeMedico-Sportif
3Guy MarcotteSherbrooke
4Robert Patry Independant
5Michael DesiletsElio Pizzeria
6Joseph CasuelloLifescan/Martin Swiss
7David WisemanLifescan/Martin Swiss
8Nick TosquesLifescan/Martin Swiss
9Daniel VaillancourtElio Pizzeria
10Mark DitcherIndependant
11Marc CotéIndependant
12Julien RiouxSherbrooke
Maitres C, 50.4 km
1Richard VincentCycles Performance1:16:12
2Gérard RobertIndependant1:16:13
3Gilbert BessinIndependant1:16:14
Maitres D, 44.8 km
1Giuseppe AlbaneseElio Pizzeria1:08:02
2Alessandro FantiniIndependant1:09:11
3Natale Di RosaElio Pizzeria1:11:48


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