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July 19/16 20:22 pm - Tour l'Abitibi: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/16

Results from the first stage in Rouyn-Noranda, QC

Stage 1: Amos to Rouyn-Noranda, 113.1 km
1 Clément Betouigt-Suire (Fra) André Cycle Kaycan Raycan RDS 2:39:17
2 Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Can) Team Canada
3 Hayden Strong (NZl) Team New Zealand
4 Lucas Grall (Fra) Team France
5 Jakob Egholm (Den) Team Denmark
6 Kevin Goguen (USA) Washington Spin Development
7 Brandon A. Mcnulty (USA) Team USA
8 Bradley Leitch (NZl) Team New Zealand
9 Joshua Anderson (USA) Washington Spin Development
10 Ian Garrison (USA) Team USA
11 Kurt Penno (Can) Stingray Trek Lacasse
12 Pascal Côté (Can) André Cycle Kaycan Raycan RDS
13 Jo Shigemitsu (Jpn) Team Japan
14 Max Huddleston (USA) Flagstaff Team
15 Thierry Kirouac Marcassa (Can) Team Canada
16 Tyler J. Stites (USA) Team USA
17 Olivier Hamel (Can) Team Quebec
18 Christopher H. Blevins (USA) Team USA
19 Garrett Belanger (Can) Centurion Next Wave
20 Félix Boutin (Can) Team Quebec
21 Francis Izquierdo (Can) Team Quebec
22 Eugene Kakizaki (Jpn) Team Japan
23 Cameron A. Beard (USA) Team USA
24 François Girard (Can) André Cycle Kaycan Raycan RDS
25 Jules Gilliam (USA) Team USA
26 Andreas Kron (Den) Team Denmark
27 Ian Clarke (USA) Washington Spin Development
28 Morten Hulgaard (Den) Team Denmark
29 Noah Simms (Can) Team Canada
30 Alec Ratzell (USA) Young Medalists
31 Graydon Staples (Can) Team Canada
32 Phillip Truppelli (USA) E.C. Devo
33 Eben Horacek (USA) Flagstaff Team
34 Austin Gomes (USA) E.C. Devo
35 Tatsuyoshi Hino (Jpn) Team Japan
36 Mikkel Bjerg (Den) Team Denmark
37 Ludovic Suire (Fra) André Cycle Kaycan Raycan RDS
38 Samuel Munday (Aus) Novo Nordisk
39 Jake Allaire (Can) Centurion Next Wave
40 Trey Hedgecock (USA) Arizona Select p/b Santini
41 Taisei Narumi (Jpn) Team Japan
42 Simon Ouellette (Can) André Cycle Kaycan Raycan RDS
43 Antoine Ippersiel (Can) Stingray Trek Lacasse
44 Cole Schumacher (Can) Centurion Next Wave
45 Driss Bensalah (Mar) Team Morocco
46 Gabriel Marceau (Can) Télécom Desjardins Ford
47 Brian Sciba (USA) Southeastern Regional
48 Mamoru Yoshioka (Jpn) Team Japan
49 Alexandre Pagnat (Fra) Team France
50 Dylan Cantrell (USA) Washington Spin Development
51 Declan Irvine (Aus) Novo Nordisk
52 Abdellatif Salimi (Mar) Team Morocco
53 Jacob Skrip (USA) Young Medalists
54 Jonathan Cassivi (Can) Team Quebec
55 Guillaume Davidson (Can) Team Quebec
56 Ben Cook (USA) Flagstaff Team
57 Liam Cappel (NZl) S.W. Selection Team
58 Teo Griffoul (Fra) Team France
59 Thomas Lajoie (Can) Télécom Desjardins Ford
60 Matthew Staples (Can) Team Canada
61 Ruben Bacon (USA) Stingray Trek Lacasse
62 Caleb Aoake (NZl) Novo Nordisk
63 Nick Mckey (USA) Arizona Select p/b Santini
64 August Bodilsen (Den) Team Denmark
65 Ethan Palamarek (Can) IAMGold
66 Nickolas Zukowsky (Can) Team Canada
67 Chad Hale (USA) Southeastern Regional
68 Ayumu Watanabe (Jpn) Team Japan
69 Anders Mielke (Den) Team Denmark all s.t.
70 Carne Groube (NZl) Team New Zealand 0:10
71 Julien Cassou (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus 0:23
72 Vincent Detosse (Fra) Team France 0:28
73 Quinton Disera (Can) Centurion Next Wave
74 Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) Team Quebec
75 Christopher Welch (USA) Young Medalists all s.t.
76 James Grant (Can) Cycling BC 0:38
77 Alexander Chrystall (USA) E.C. Devo 0:49
78 Victor Guilhe Lacombe de Villiers (Can) Télécom Desjardins Ford
79 Philippe St-Laurent (Can) Télécom Desjardins Ford both s.t.
80 Eric Brunner (USA) Washington Spin Development 0:55
81 Isaac Porterfield (USA) IAMGold 0:59
82 Sean Fincham (Can) Cycling BC 1:02
83 Hamish Beadle (NZl) Novo Nordisk 1:03
84 Kevin Agudelo (USA) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle 1:10
85 Louis Faure (Fra) Team France 1:17
86 Nicolas Courtemanche (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus 1:19
87 Blake Wilson (USA) Southeastern Regional 1:22
88 Cullen Browne (NZl) Stingray Trek Lacasse 1:23
89 Justin Bird (USA) Arizona Select p/b Santini
90 Nathaniel Schoonover (USA) Flagstaff Team
91 Mathieu Tremblay (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle
92 Ayoub Bairi (Mar) Team Morocco all s.t.
93 Charles Macfarlane (USA) Flagstaff Team 1:26
94 Robin Nardot (Fra) Team France 1:27
95 Maxime Brousseau Carnevale (Can) Stingray Trek Lacasse 1:34
96 Alexis Gagné (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus
97 Mark Grant (Can) Cycling BC
98 Jacob Hoggard (USA) Southeastern Regional
99 Thomas Carey (USA) Arizona Select p/b Santini
100 Marcel Gutierrez (USA) E.C. Devo
101 Édouard Beaudoin (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus
102 Collin Tellechea (USA) E.C. Devo
103 Gavin Kerr (Can) Centurion Next Wave all s.t.
104 Leon Desgagnés (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle 1:39
105 Ethan Batt (NZl) Team New Zealand
106 Maxlimilian Freeman (USA) Flagstaff Team both s.t.
107 Keith Mullaly (USA) Arizona Select p/b Santini 1:59
108 James Fouche (NZl) Team New Zealand s.t.
109 Adam Attwell (Can) Cycling BC 2:13
110 Abdellah Loukili (Mar) Team Morocco 2:37
111 Andrew Wiedwald (USA) Young Medalists 3:04
112 Ian A. Durand (USA) S.W. Selection Team 3:22
113 Michael Foley (Can) Stingray Trek Lacasse 3:28
114 Erik Diertens (Can) Cycling BC 3:39
115 Christian Norvold (USA) E.C. Devo 3:42
116 Vivian Rindisbacher (Can) Arizona Select p/b Santini 3:46
117 David Havill (Can) IAMGold 3:48
118 Sergejs W. Bowers (USA) S.W. Selection Team
119 Mahmoud Kabbari (Mar) Team Morocco
120 Olivier Beaulieu (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus
121 Gabriel Drapeau-Zgoralski (Can) Novo Nordisk
122 Mohammed Medrazi (Mar) Team Morocco all s.t.
123 Matthew Blenkinsopp (Can) Novo Nordisk 4:21
124 Maxime Périgny (Can) IAMGold s.t.
125 Brendan A. Bengtson (USA) S.W. Selection Team 4:39
126 Philip Guimond (Can) Espoirs Quilicot p/p Opus 4:59
127 Jonathan Guiza (USA) CT Cycling Advancement s.t.
128 Michael Carswell (NZl) Team New Zealand 6:51
129 Gabriel Guay (Can) Télécom Desjardins Ford s.t.
130 Paul Hartner (USA) Washington Spin Development 7:49
131 Nicholas Townes (USA) Southeastern Regional 8:08
132 Adam Wolfe (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle 29:09
133 August Myers (USA) Southeastern Regional 32:27
134 Laurent Provencher (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle 37:08
135 Alexandre Langlois (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain - Cycle 38:38
136 Brendan Schoff (USA) CT Cycling Advancement 39:33
137 Elijah Brazeal (USA) CT Cycling Advancement 39:42
138 John Stuart (Can) IAMGold 46:03
139 Benoit Bolduc (Can) IAMGold
140 Samuel Margolis (USA) Young Medalists
141 Brandon Staub (USA) Young Medalists
142 Gunnar Holmgren (Can) Centurion Next Wave
143 Noah Levine (USA) CT Cycling Advancement all s.t.
DNF Wiley T. Melton (USA) S.W. Selection Team


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