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September 18/00 3:25 am - Grouse Mtn Series, Riders Wanted, National Junior Team, Haliburton

Posted by Editor on 09/18/00

Grouse Mountain Cyclo-Cross Series Launched

Grouse Mountain will be hosting it's first ever cyclo-cross racing series, starting October 14th. Held over three consecutive Saturdays in October (14th, 21st and 28th), the three event Series ends October 28th with an informal Grouse Mountain Cyclo-Cross Series Championship. No special bikes required, though all mountain bikes must have bar-ends and waterbottle cages removed prior to racing. For more information, please call (604) 980-9311, email Dave Cressman at or check out the Grouse Mountain website at

Riders Wanted

Elite Athlete Management is looking for 6 female cyclist age range 60+ for a television commercial. We are holding auditions on Thursday Sept. 21st, 2000 here in Toronto. The rate of pay is $350.00 per athlete.

For more information please call 416 733-1888

Gilbert Takes Points Jersey at Tour of Instru, Croatia
(courtesy Jacques Landry, CCA)

Presently in Croatia for Worlds road preparation the Canadian juniors got a taste of Euro competition for the first time this year. Although the field in this 41st Tour of Istru in the western tip of Croatia was not all national teams, the competition was good with strong Italian, Slovenian, Australian and Polish teams.

From the first kilometers of the first 100km stage from Pula to Buje the Canadians got into the action right off the bat with Dominique Rollin attacking for a solo effort break of a few kilometers. About 20 kilometers later a break went up the road with 12 riders, one of which was Martin Gilbert. Quickly the break made up to 1min 30 and Martin was determined to have a run at the points jersey by doing the intermediate sprints.

Meanwhile, in the pack the other Canadians were covering moves as some moves would take off but come back just as fast.

In the front, things were going well as Martin was leading the sprints competition after both sprints of the day. With 30 to go, a group of 9 riders took up a chase of the lead group of now 9 riders. No Canucks covered that one...

With 4 kms to go the chase group bridged up the leaders and it was time to get ready for the Italian style finish up a 1 km climb.

In the finish, having done a bit to much work from the gun, Martin lacked a bit of legs and finished 30 seconds off the leader.

As for the others, they all came in 2 minutes behind, one by one as the main pack was disintegrated.

Stage 2 from Umag to Provinj for a distance of 112 kms started out good with the Slovenian team controlling the race until the hills started at 50 kms. Just before the climbs a break of 12 went up the road with François Parisien present in it.

At the top of the first climb François attacked only to be brought back by the eleven others. At km 70 François, sufferring from a mild bonk, was shot off from the break with 2 others.

With 20 to go the break was brought back and almost instantly another group went off with 7 riders. A few kms later the race leader from Slovenia want up to the break with help from Martin Gilbert. Martin unfortunately was shot off the back once the climbs started again. The group then took a couple minutes in no time. With one kms to go, it was time for another Italian style finish but this time up a cobble climb in the 39X17 or 18. At the end of the day Martin retains his jersey. One day to go.

Stage 3 from Provinj to Pula was supposed to be a controlled race by the Slovenians but the terrain did not permit to much of control. Unfortunately for the Canucks the day was not a lucky one with Murray Carter flatting and getting a very bad neutral change and finding out up the climb that his wheel was rubbing thus explaining why he got dropped. As for Dominique Rollin, while shifting to the small ring, he dropped his chain and wrapped it around his BB twice (had never seen that before); he finally caught up to the Carter group to finish together 5 minutes down.

While things were happening at the back, a group of 5 went up the road after the mid way point. None of the Canucks in that move. Eventually the group of five would take 1min 30 on the line and Martin would take 6th place and retain the points jersey.

All in all, the Canucks did ok but harder races are to come; namely the Tour of Austria from the 28th to 30th.

Haliburton Forest MTB Festival, Ontario
(courtesy W.O.W.)

September 16 & 17

Our 5th Annual Haliburton MTB Festival was the best yet. Great weather, trails in awesome condition and a really enthusiastic group of participants made this a truly enjoyable event. Saturday's activities began with the extremely difficult Hill Climb up Redstone Vista. The winner was young Ryan May with an outstanding time of 4'53". Ryan was the only racer to go sub 5 minutes. Next up was the infamous Haliburton Forest Puddle Jump. 50 feet of goo challenged all comers to try and make it through. The goo was exceptional this year - no one made the full distance. The greatest distance, by a full 4', was Ian Dawes with 37' of hard charging pedalling. Congratulations to all of the brave souls that participated. We will be posting our usual large assortment of photos from the Puddle Jump this evening (Monday), including a few photos suitable for screen savers.

Sunday was race day and the conditions were excellent. Cool and cloudy in the morning changing to warm and sunny by early afternoon. A great pack was on the line for the mass start. After 2 1/2 hours of ups and downs and hard racing, Julian Hine (Schwinn/Toyota) came in for his 2nd consecutive Haliburton win with a fine time of 2:35:02 for the 48 kilometres. In second place was Greg Reain, not far behind at 2:37:12, and in third was Michael Dennis at 2:39:53. Taking the win in the women's field was Sandy Watt with a time of 4:11:08. In the Men's 40+ category the winner was Dale Wood with an excellent time of 3:04:13. The Men's 19 and under category was won by Oman Norquay at 2:58:44, and the Clydesdale victor was John Byron in 3:25:41. Full results will be posted this evening at

Thanks to everyone who came out the the Festival. Many thanks also to the staff of Haliburton Forest for their warm hospitality. We'll see you next year.


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