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November 23/97 22:24 pm - Vote!, Awards/OCA AGM, ~Cross News, Schwinn Recall

Posted by Editor on 11/23/97

Vote! If you haven‚t been to the Rider of the Year page yet, please go there now and vote for your choice for the Canadian Rider of the Year. Voting closes December 9th, so get your votes in now. `Cross Nationals If you plan on attending the National Cyclo-cross Nationals next weekend in Toronto, make sure that you register by tomorrow (November 24th) in order to avoid paying the late registration charge. You can register online at the website, or download the entry form from the site and fax it in (do NOT mail it in!!!). OCA AGM We have spent the past couple of days in Kingston, Ontario at the Ontario Cycling Association Annual General Meeting - catching up with old friends, attending meetings (and the AGM), and accepting an award! Yes, the OCA, and the Ontario Racing Committee, very kindly gave us an award for Contributions to Cycling. We were not the only people to receive awards at the AGM. Among the others were: Jennifer Pilzecker - Steve Bauer Award (Most Improved Rider) Allyson Fox - Sportswomen of the Year Peter McCaffrey - Race Organizer of the Year James Wilson - Tom Parry Award for Contributions to Recreational Cycling Sarah Hood / A.R.C., Toronto - Hilda Thiessen Award for Advocacy Citizens for Safe Cycling, Ottawa - Education and Safety Award There was one election to the Board of Directors - Swatty Wotherspoon was acclaimed as Secretary of the Board. While in Kingston we did some research for the Editorial Beer section, at the Kingston Brewing Company on Clarence Street. You will be able to read our results shortly in the Editorial Beers section. Attention other provinces! Send us your AGM news, so that we can let riders know what is going on. Cyclo-cross World Cup #2 - Prague, Czech Republic Elite Men - 29.35 km: 1. Dieter Runkel (Sui) 1:00:57 2. Adri van der Poel (Ned) Rabobank at 0:14 3. Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank 0:18 4. Erwin Vervecken (Bel) 0:38 5. Mario de Clercq (Bel) Palmans 0:43 6. Peter van Santvliet (Bel) 7. Jiri Pospisil (Czech Rep) all s.t. 8. Daniele Pontoni (Ita) 0:48 9. Roland Schätti (Sui) 1:09 10. Wim de Vos (Ned) 1:16 14. Thomas Frischknecht (Sui) 2:06 World Cup Standings after Round 2 of 6 1. R. Groenendaal (Hol) 80 points 1. A. v.d. Poel (Hol) 80 3. D. Runkel (Sui) 68 4. M. de Clercq (Bel) 42 5. E. Vervecken (Bel) 41 6. P. van Santvliet (Bel) 39 7. J. Pospisil (Csz) 35 8. B. Wabel (Sui) 30 9. R. Simunek (Csz) 26 10. L. Bramati (Ita) 22 Espoirs (<23 years) - 24.05 km 1. Zdenek Mlynar (Czech Rep) 51:03 2. Pavel Prosek (Czech Rep) at 0:11 3. David Derepas (Fra) 0:55 4. Stefan Bünter (Swi) 1:08 5. Petr Dlask (Czech Rep) 1:17 6. Roman Peter (Sui) 1:26 Juniors - 18.75 km 1. Sven van Thourenhove (Bel) 41:03 2. Davy Commeyne (Bel) 0:10 3. Michael Baumgartner (Sui) 0:46 IMPORTANT SAFETY BULLETIN To: Schwinn Bicycle Customers From: Veltec Canada Date : November, 1997. Veltec has recently become aware of a number of failures in the brake systems of the following 1997 Schwinn bike models: Superstock 1 Superstock 2 Schwinn has determined that these bicycles contain a brake fixing bolt that is shorter than engineering standards dictate for this brake application. The reported failures involved broken or cracked brake bosses, which Schwinn believes were caused by frame flexion that would not have caused boss failure if the bolt had been longer. While no injuries have occurred due to this potential defect, we feel it is necessary to replace the cantilever bolts on the two bike models. If you are a customer who owns one of these affected models, please contact your Schwinn dealer, and bring your bicycle to the store as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement fixing bolt. When replacing bolts please examine the cantilever post for cracking. If there are any signs of cracking please have the Schwinn dealer contact Veltec immediately at: 416 251 5006 We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused, and thank you for you co-operation in this matter. Ontario Cyclo Cross Championships - 23rd November, 1997 ALBION HILLS CONSERVATION AREA, BOLTON, ONTARIO ORGANIZER: SCOTT BUSCHLEN RESULTS CATEGORY: Espoirs Men 1 Paul Spadaccini Team Sportable 2 Josh Hall Schwinn 3 Matt Hansen Silent Sports 4 Jack Sichaki Polonius 5 Janic Sproul Silent Sports CATEGORY: Elite Men 1 Christian Hansen Silent Sports 2 Andrew Crouch World Cycle 3 Jeff Hansen Silent Sports 4 Heath Cockburn Optiped 5 Peter Morse Chain Reaction 6 Kris Tobias Ind. 7 Rodney Meinhart Hilltop 8 Robert Fletcher Ind. 9 Jason Costelli Ind. OVERALL 1 Paul Spadaccini Team Sportable 2 Josh Hall Schwinn 3 Chris Hansen Silent Sports 4 Andrew Crouch World Cycle 5 Jeff Hansen Silent Sports 6 Matt Hansen Silent Sports 7 Heath Cockburn Optiped 8 Peter Morse Chain Reaction 9 Jack Sichaki Polonius 10 Janic Sprouls Silent Sports 11 Kris Tobias Ind. 12 Rodney Meinhart Hilltop 13 Robert Fletcher Ind. 14 Jason Costelli Ind. CATEGORY: Junior Men 1 Ryan Dey Paris 2 Charlie Gorman Espoirs de Laval 3 Brendan Gorman " 4 Colin Campbell Ind. 5 Robert Szydlowski Polonius CATEGORY: Women 1 Chrissie Redden Ritchy 2 Lisa McGilvray Silent Sports 3 Leslie Green Konit 4 Lisa Hussey Chain Reaction 5 Tina Bragg BicycleWorks 6 Marie Di Lello Ind. CATEGORY: Veteran A 1 David Dermot Ind. 2 Greg Kostacki Polonius 3 Scott Buschlen Ind. 4 Sean Kehoe Ind. 5 Chris Redden 6 Jamie Ritchie Oakvelo 7 Martin Streef Woodstock 8 Mark Cubello Racer Sportif CATEGORY: Veteran B 1 Rob Cheskey Hamilton 2 Randy Brown Hamilton 3 Martin Kone 4 Francis Morrow Hamilton 5 John Easton Ind. CATEGORY: Veteran C 1 Elmer Brinton Stratford 2 Gary Chopyck Ind.


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