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September 10/16 18:12 pm - RIO Paralympics: Track Day 3, Bronze medal for Chernove

Posted by Editoress on 09/10/16

Canada added a third medal in cycling at the Paralympic Games on Saturday, with Tristen Chernove of Cranbrooke, BC, winning bronze in the Men's 1000 metre Time Trial.  This is Chernove's second medal, after winning a silver medal in the Individual Pursuit.
Chernove's time of one minute and 14.716 seconds is a new Paralympic record for his C2 category.  When time factors were added for the blended C1, C2 and C3 categories, Chernove finished third in the overall standings, behind C1 rider Li Zhangyu of China, who set a world record in C1, and Arnoud Nijhuis of Netherlands, also C1, who took silver.  Ross Wilson of Edmonton finished 15th and Michael Sametz of Calgary was 17th.
“I was really nervous about getting on my bike,” admitted Chernove, “because I'm so tired from lack of sleep, I haven't slept for three days.  So I was really doubting myself.  I got through the ride and got a medal, which is wonderful, but I'm far from riding at my performance level.  So I've to get back on top of what I'm capable of for the road events.  All I could do was trust in my body, that all the training and all the work the coaches have done with me and the muscle memory would pay off.  [After being diagnosed in 2009] I only thought of cycling as a way to delay my degeneration, and because it is something I love, and it was my passion for cycling that got me to this level.  I do this because riding bikes is glorious.  So it's just a wonderful gift that this has happened.”
Ross Wilson said “I made a really hard effort to get started out of the gate and thought it went really well.  I had a bit of a wobble on the third lap, I was pulling on the bars a little too much and had the wheels slide a bit, but I was able to get back on and really empty the tank on the last lap.  I'm really proud of that, and overall I felt it was 'job done' and I can't complain.”
Michael Sametz commented, “It was hard after racing last night as well, but I just went all out.  Usually I'm not a great starter, so I end up picking it up at the end.  It's funny, when I was 14 and started racing, I told people my goal was to go to Rio, so it's pretty incredible.”


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Results from the third day of Track cycling in Rio de Janeiro

Men's C1-2-3 1000m Time Trial


Real Time Factor Factored Time
1 Li Zhangyu (China) C1     
1:11.937 WR 92.69 1:06.678
2 Arnoud Nijhuis (Netherlands) C1 1:13.362 92.69 1:07.999
3 Tristen Chernove (Canada) C2 1:14.716 PR 93.13 1:09.583
4 Liang Guihua (China) C2 1:15.537 93.13 1:10.347
5 Joseph Berenyi (USA) C3 1:10.512 100 1:10.512
6 Louis Rolfe (Great Britain) C2 1:15.789 93.13 1:10.582
7 Eduardo Santas Asensio (Spain) C3 1:12.276 100 1:12.276
8 Ivo Koblasa (Czech Republic) C2 1:17.740 93.13 1:12.399
9 Xie Hao (China) C2 1:17.751 93.13 1:12.409
10 Kris Bosmans (Belgium) C3 1:12.583 100 1:12.583
11 Masaki Fujita (Japan) C3 1:13.180 100 1:13.180
12 Diederick Schelfhout (Belgium) C3 1:13.668 100 1:13.668
13 Shota Kawamoto (Japan) C2 1:19.247 93.13 1:13.802
14 Alvaro Galvis Becerra (Colombia) C2 1:19.541 93.13 1:14.076
15 Ross Wilson (Canada) C1 1:20.429 92.69 1:14.549
16 Rodrigo Fernando Lopez (Argentina) C1 1:20.697 92.69 1:14.798
17 Michael Sametz (Canada) C3 1:15.171 100 1:15.171
18 Yongsik Jin (Korea) C3 1:16.044 100 1:16.044
19 Esneider Munoz Marin (Colombia) C3 1:16.541 100 1:16.541
20 Roger Bolliger (Switzerland) C2 1:23.161 93.13 1:17.447
21 Erich Winkler (Germany) C1 1:23.908 92.69 1:17.774
22 Amador Granados Alkorta (Spain) C3 1:18.378 100 1:18.378
23 Billy Lister (USA) C1 1:24.580 92.69 1:18.397
24 Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (Spain) C1 1:28.722 92.69 1:22.236
25 Giancarlo Masini (Italy) C1 1:29.315 92.69 1:22.786
26 Attila Olah (Romania) C2 1:29.031 93.13 1:22.914



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