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September 10/16 21:35 pm - Criterium National results

Posted by Editoress on 09/10/16

Results from the Criterium National held tonight in Montreal


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1 Marie-Soleil Blais (Can) Happy Tooth Pro Cycling 0:36:42
2 Emily Flynn (Can) The Cyclery-Opus at 0:01
3 Raphaele Lemieux (Can) Ibike
5 Frédériq Larose-Gingras (Can) Stingray/Trek/Lacasse
6 Evelyne Gagnon (Can) Stingray/Trek/Lacasse
7 Rebecca Beaumont (Can)
8 Ellen Watters (Can) The Cyclery - Opus all s.t.
9 Dominique Danco (Can) TRJ TELECOM - DESJARDINS FORD 0:07
10 Elisabeth Albert (Can) 0:08
11 Carrie Cartmill (Can) The Cyclery - Opus 0:15
12 Alizée Brien (Can) Team TIBCO - Silicon Valley Bank 0:17
13 Ann-Pascale Ouellet* (Can) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur 0:21
14 Adriane Provost (Can) sas-macogep-acquisio-mazda 0:37
15 Amélie Bruneau (Can) The Cyclery-Opus 0:49
DNF Laurie Jussaume* (Can) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur
DNF Ariane Bonhomme (Can) The Cyclery-Opus
DNF Catherine Ouellette (Can) Rally Cycling
DNF Emilie Fortin* (Can) Espoir Quilicot p/p Opus
DNF Katherine Bergeron* (Can) Dynamiks de Contrecoeur
DNF Charlotte Tousignant (Can) Espoirs Quilicot propulsée par Opus
DNF Olivia Baril (Can) IAMGOLD
DNF Emma Bedard (Can) sas-macogep-acquisio-mazda
DNF Veronique Bilodeau (Can)
DNF Luce Bourdeau (Can) sas-macogep-acquisio-mazda
DNF Laurie Coulombe (Can) Martin Swiss Cycles
DNF Mercier Émilie (Can) Équipe Kinactif
DNF Beatrice Lesauteur (Can) sas-macogep-acquisio-mazda
DNF Élise Piédalue (Can) stingray/trek/lacasse
DNF Hélène Pilote Fortin (Can) Stingray/Trek/Lacasse
DNF Joëlle Simard (Can) Équipe Kinactif
DNF Valina Sintal (Can)
DNF Daf Théroux-Izquierdo (Can) BZK Emakumeen Bira
DNF Raur Meilleur Harvey (Can) Collectif de Course Bikurious
DNF Bastien Michèle (Can) Équipe Kinactif
DNF Polom Nitoslawska (Can) Kl Équipe Kinactif
DNF Bastien Véronique (Can) Équipe Kinactif
DNF Marie-Renée Vial (Can)
DNS Zeina Loutfi (Can) Martin Swiss
1 Alexis Cartier (Can) GARNEAU QUEBECOR 0:55:02
2 Michael Rice (Aus) GARNEAU QUEBECOR at 0:02
3 Samuel Blanchette (Can) Norco PremierTech p/b Chew Pod 0:06
4 Olivier Brisebois (Can) GARNEAU QUEBECOR 0:36
6 Raphael Auclair (Can) Pivot Cycles - OTE
7 Tristan Guillemette * (Can) TRJ TELECOM - DESJARDINS FORD all s.t.
8 Hendrik Pineda (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci 0:39
9 Charles-Étienne Chrétien * (Can) IAMGOLD 0:42
10 Mathieu Roy * (Can) Norco Premier Tech
11 Mathieu Roy (Can) Norco Premier Tech
12 Elliott Doyle (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
13 guillaume Pouget (Fra) TEAM U ANJOU 49
14 Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa * (Fra) stingray
15 Jean-Denis Thibeault (Can) La Vie Sportive
16 Adam Roberge (Can) Team Race Clean
17 Léandre Bouchard (Can) Transport Lacombe/Devinci all s.t.
18 Étienne Samson (Can) Norco/PremierTech pb POD 0:47
19 Alexandre Latil (Fre) Veloselect
20 Alexandre Lee (Can) GSCT
21 Julien Brazeau-Séguin (Can) Veloselect
22 Antoine Gariepy (Can) cycles dupuis all s.t.
23 Remi Fagnan (Can) Independant 0:50
24 Jules Cusson-Fradet (Can) Stingray / Trek / Lacasse
25 felix Belhumeur (Can)
26 Kevin Archambault (Can) Norco Premier/Tech p/b Chewpod
27 Ryan Primeau (Can) Martin Swiss Cycles
28 Nicolas Ducharme (Can) TRJ TELECOM - DESJARDINS FORD
29 William Goodfellow (Can) all s.t.
30 Nicolas Cote (Can) Ibike 1:11
31 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Can) GARNEAU QUEBECOR 1:17
32 Gabriel Drapeau-Zgoralski * (Can) Team Novo Nordisk 1:20
33 Franc Izquierdo-Bernier * (Can) Vélo Club Métropolitain Cycles ABC 1:22
34 Vincent Brassard (Can) 1:30
35 Richard Rossi- Bergeron (Can) ThePack 2:16
DNF Simon-Pierre Gauthier (Can) GARNEAU QUEBECOR
DNF Guillaume Davidson * (Can) IAMGOLD
DNF Jean-François Soucy (Can) Apogée-Lowest Rates
DNF Maxime Brousseau-Carnevale * (Can) Stingray Trek Lacasse
DNF Jonathan S Cassivi * (Can) tingray/Trek/Lacasse
DNF Leon Desgagnes * (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain
DNF Michael Foley (Can) Independant
DNF Antoine Ippersiel * (Can) tingray / Trek / Lacasse
DNF Clément Ouimet (Can) team iBIke
DNF Laurier Balthazard (Can) Norco Premiertech
DNF Mathieu Denis (Can) Groupe Sportif CT
DNF Sean Finkel (Can) Groupe Sportif CT
DNF Guillaume L.Walsh (Can)
DNF Phil Marceau (Can) DAC Jet | Stelvio
DNF Simon Ouellet (Can) Norco Premiertech p/b Chew Pod

*= Junior


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