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September 25/00 11:37 am - Interbike Report Day 1

Posted by Editor on 09/25/00

Interbike - Day 1

It is time once again for the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, the largest in North America. We have only gone through about half the show so far (it is four days long, and takes all of that time to cover everything), but here are some notes on what we have seen so far.

- Scooters are everywhere. Yes, the scooter craze has hit the bike industry. There are two wheel, three wheel and four wheel versions. Folding, with seats and with motors. Even some laughably "off road" versions - meaning that they have knobby tires. Please, please let this be a short-lived craze.

- Lightweight is still the hot selling feature. Specialized was showing a very sweet Festina team replica road bike (equipped with Campagnolo Record) that was sub-15 pounds! It is made with their new proprietory E5 material - similar to M4 but more malleable and apparently stronger after welding than before. It is not going to be cheap though - $5899 in Canada. However, there is a sub-20 pound Ultegra equipped Allez coming that will retail for $2800.

- Cervelo has introduced a track model ("now that we are finally starting to get tracks in Canada", was the given reason) - the P2T. It uses the aero P2K tubeset with a beefed up bottom bracket. The geometry is suitable for all-round track use. $1799 MSRP for frame, carbon fork and seatpost. (Photo)

- For all you shorter or younger riders, Argon 18 is launching 650c and 24" wheeled aluminum road bikes. They have also added a carbon bike.

- Roach will be going dealer-direct for 2001 (they were being distributed by Norco), and have added some women's knickers which fit over armour and are cut to fit women properly.

- Master Lock is moving into the high end lock business, going up against companies such as Kryptonite. Somehow they have this promo going on the their booth that involves free leg shaving (by professional shavers!). (Photo)

- Specialized is one of a number of companies jumping on the 'North Shore' style of bike - big hit full suspension that is suitable for dropoffs and technical stuff such as teetertotters, bridges, logs, etc. They have added to the P3 line and brought out this very nice looking hardtail Enduro model (Photo)

- Pezzo, Pezzo, Pezzo! Gary Fisher was proudly standing in front of the Trek/Fisher booth holding Paola's Olympic race winning bike, complete with Australian dirt. It is a Sugar, but the suspension has been backed off to the point of almost non-existence. (Photo) He also said that he is toying around with a variation that will have two mini shocks, one for each stay - sort of like a fork. No word yet when and if it will be available (he hasn't even built a prototype yet). Gary will be coming to the Toronto show next weekend for a couple of days. We are trying to set up an online chat session, so stay tuned.

- In the category of fun with bikes is this Co-Motion tandem, called "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". (Photo) The company came across a tubing manufacturer who made the tubing for bed frame makers. They couldn't resist, and the bike is incredibly handsome. However, there are no plans to make any except for this one-off. It is plain steel, and probably weighs somewhere in the region of 80 pounds.


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