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October 4/16 11:00 am - James Picolli Wins Tour of Tobago

Posted by Editoress on 10/4/16

James Picolli (Team PSL/RBC) won the UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago on final day of the 2016 Tobago International Cycle Classic on Sunday (October 2nd). The 25 year old crossed the line at the Scarborough Esplanade ahead of Jaime Ramirez (Col/Team Cocos), last year’s winner Adderlyn Felix Cruz Colon of the (Dom/Team Foundation) and Oscar Pachon (Col/Team Cocos). Competing in the 71.8 miles/115.6 km for the second straight year

Picolli made his bid for victory just turning unto Easterfield Road in Mason Hall from Hope. Up to that point in the race he and Ramirez rode together.

The winner collected TT$10,000 for his efforts from Division of Tourism and Transportation representative Nigel Wilson shortly after the race. Deputy Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly and Secretary of  Tourism and Transportation Tracy Davidson-Celestine later presented Picolli with his winning trophy at the Classic’s Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony. He also earned TT$1500 for the King of The Mountain honours with 37 points. Ramirez took away TT$5000 and Cruz TT$2500.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Jymes Bridges (Team Braves) was the Top Caribbean Finisher while Akeem Campbell (Team Cocos) was the first local cyclist across the line. Colombian Camilio Pedroza (Team Econ Car Rentals) secured the prize for the Top Under 25 year old rider . 

Fifty-five riders from 18 countries (Dominican Republic, Colombia, Guyana, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Cuba, Barbados, France, Martinique, Ecuador, Sweden, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda and Venezuela participated.

The UCI 1.2 Tour of Tobago was the final event of the six day long Tobago International Cycle Classic (TICC).


Courtesy Trinbago Wheelers



Scarborough to Scarborough, 115.6 km
1 James Gene Piccoli (Can) 3:42:22
2 Jame Ramirez Bernal (Col) at 2:23
3 Adellyn Cruz (Dom) 6:02
4 Oscar Mauricio Pachon Melo (Col) 6:02
5 Aurélien Daniel (Fra) 7:19
6 Marcel Weber (Ger) 8:43
7 Camilo Pedroza (Col) 10:31
8 Andrés Mendoza (Col) 13:06
9 Nelson Ismael Sanchez Jimenez (Dom) 13:07
10 Patrik Ericsson (Swe) 13:15
11 Yoandi Freire Sanchez (Cub) 14:28
12 Joel Solenzal Guerra (Cub) 20:17
13 Michael Kyburtz (Sui) 21:45
14 Klisman Rodríguez (Col) 21:46
15 Jean Emmanuel Laurendot (Fra) 25:26
16 Jyme Bridges (Ant) 25:26
17 Eddy Cadet (Fra) 25:34
18 Stefan Brandlmeier (Ger) 28:38
19 Juan Pimentel (USA) 28:57
20 Thibault Jeannes (Fra) 34:58
21 Gregory Van Der Pool (Bar) 38:09
22 Corey Davis (USA) 41:29
23 Akill Campbell (TTO) 41:34
24 Stephano Husbands (Guy) 43:01
25 Zefal Trevor Bailey (Vin) 47:47
26 Nicolaj Amping (Den) 47:47
27 Enroy Lewis (Vin) 49:26
DNF Raynauth Jeffrey (Guy)
DNF John Butler (USA)
DNF Cristian Torres (Col)
DNF Nick Stopler (Ned)
DNF Trevor Connor (Can)
DNF Jamal John (Guy)
DNF Austin Ulich (USA)
DNF Joshua Kelly (Bar)
DNF Corredor Julian Nunez (Col)
DNF Taylor Warren (USA)
DNF Joshua Stephen Alexander (TTO)
DNF Alex Bhogal (Ger)
DNF Geron Williams (Guy)
DNF Norlandis Taveras (Dom)
DNF Hervé Arcade (Fra)
DNF Manuel Eduardo Medina Marino (Ven)
DNF Pedro Rodríguez (Ecu)
DNF Peter Thompson (Jam)
DNF Oshane Williams (Jam)
DNF Jean Christophe Florimind (Fra)
DNF Luis Miguel Reinoso (Col)
DNF Randy Wilkinson (Vin)
DNF Arno Van Der Zwet (Ned)
DNF Jhoan Caicedo (Col)
DNF Denis Bojarkin (Ger)
DNS Orano Andrews (Vin)
DNS Mickaël Stanislas (Fra)
DSQ Vicente Sanabria (Cub)



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