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September 28/00 2:32 am - Fisher Chat, Olympic Commentary, Perras, Women's XC Rankings

Posted by Editor on 09/28/00

Gary Fisher Chat

We had a chat with Gary Fisher (founder of Gary Fisher mountain bikes, one of the founders of mountain biking in Marin Country, California) at Interbike, and it turns out that he is going to be in Toronto this weekend for the Canadian trade show. Unfortunately, with such short notice we could not put together a live chat in time, however, Gary has agreed to answer a bunch of questions from our readers.

So, post your questions for Gary in the Forums, under the thread titled "Gary Fisher Chat" and we will get to as many of them as possible next Monday afternoon between 3:30 and 4:30 pm. Ask him about the Olympics, Paola Pezzo, bike design, etc. (Note: we and Gary reserve the right to ignore questions that are unsuitable.)

Olympic Comments

Curt Harnett has posted an excellent commentary on the Olympic road races in the Forums, called Olympic Answers.


Dominique Perras (Phonak) finished 14th in a race in Avegno, Switzerland last weekend.

UCI Rankings - Women's XC

Post Olympic rankings for the cross-country. A few shuffles at the top because of the Olympics (just participating gets you some points). Canada, USA, Switzerland and Germany all have 3 riders in the top 20. No changes at all in the top 7, but Chrissy Redden (Gary Fisher-Saab) gets bumped from 8th to 9th by her Australian team mate Mary Grigson.

1Blatter, BarbaraSUISCOTT1485 points
2Sydor, AlisonCANVOL-CA1216
3Dunlap, AlisonUSATEAMGT1135
4Dorland, CorineNEDBE-ONE1091
5Daucourt, ChantalSUITREKVW1039
6Epifanova, AllaRUSVOL-CA1031
7Fullana, MargaESPSPECZD1030
8Grigson, MaryAUSGARY-F978
9Redden, ChrissyCANGARY-F960
10Spitz, SabineGER913
11Matthes, RuthieUSATREKVW908
12Pezzo, PaolaITAGARY-F884
12Villeneuve, SophieFRA884
14Florit, JimenaARG878
15Zu Putlitz, HeddaGERBE-ONE825
16Trombley, AnnUSA798
17Marunde, ReginaGER766
18Henzi, PetraSUI743
19Baylis, AnnaAUS701
20Sinclair, TrishCAN673
27Tomlinson, LesleyCAN599
31Augustin, AudreyUSA502
36Premont, Marie-HeleneCAN451
38Kain, ShariUSA440
46Dorion, MelanieCANFORDEV365
49Chorney, AmberCANFORDEV324
54Vanlandingham, ShonnyUSA269
56Reeves, GretchenUSA258
57Quick, RhondaUSA255
60Hall, GinaUSA252
62Koerber, WillowUSA245
64Mason, LanieUSA237
65McQuaid, MelanieCAN231
70Greene, LeslieCAN222
73Marshman, ReneUSA207
77Bisaro, KiaraCAN195
78Robichaud, LindaCAN189
93Chorney, EronCAN155
93Lloyd, RachelUSA155
93Eggertsen, TeresaUSA155
98Emmett, KelliUSA152
100Platt, ChristineCAN148
109Haywood, SusanUSA134
112Richardson, CarmenUSA131
126Scheiber, MichelleCAN109
130Bernier, MarisolCAN105
134Smith, KimberleyUSA100
150Holmgren, LisaCAN85
164Townsend, ClaireCAN72
168Hall-Patch, ClareCAN70
172Dansereau, MarnieCAN68
181Grain, GinaCAN60
186Brainard, GoldenUSA58
188Potvin, GinaCAN57
191Butler, AmandaCAN56
191Stroh, WeatherlyUSASCHWIN56
195Waldner, CharleneCAN55
214Henderson, DoreaUSA47
219Grande, AnnUSA46
221Walter, SandraCAN45
230Lunstead, MelissaCAN44
234Yew, AnnCAN42
241Tipler, AmyCAN41
241Dalton, JanieUSA41
255Bergen, AndreaCAN38
264Pippin, NikkiUSA37
270Dickson, LisaCAN36
274Marcoux, JulieCAN35
280Simms, WendyCAN34
280Ellis, SaraUSA34
293Lawrie, SelenaCAN32
298Laycock, TaraCAN30
306Emmerman, JulieUSA29
312Demars, JessicaCAN28
325McConneloug, MaryUSA26
325Neben, AmberUSA26
325Busching, NancyUSA26
339Sanders, JulieCAN24
339Drumm, HeleneUSA24
354Drew, EricaCAN21
354Zambrana, KatherineUSA21
361Kotval, KirstenCAN20
361Moore, CatherineUSA20
370Wemp, SuzanneCAN19
381Belcher, BarbaraCAN18
387Kabush, DanelleCAN17
387Brode-Clarke, ZaraUSA17
387Matthews, JanUSA17
400Brown, JennyCAN16
403Schmeichel, JenniferCAN15
403Lovejoy, JilayneUSA15
403Wilson, KristinUSA15
403Scheufele, TinaUSA15
419Jones, AlisonCAN13
419Crawford, ChandraCAN13
419Carroll, EllenUSA13
419Allen, ShellyUSA13
419Bolden, LeesaUSA13
442Mueller, MarleyUSA12
442Anderon, LorienUSA12
442Duncan, CarolineUSA12
450Fedyna, MargCAN11
450De Wolfe, KarenCAN11
450Starko, NikolaCAN11
450Boekel, RachelCAN11
450Walberg, CatherineUSA11
450Fournier, SamiUSA11
450Ragan, JenniferUSA11
450Hausan, BethUSA11
472Morris, RachelCAN10
472Madsen, TinaCAN10
472Cogger, ChristineCAN10
472Long, MagenUSA10
472Barnholt, KerryUSA10
472Ramos, AmberUSA10
480Kassel, NikkiCAN9
480Kellett, AmandaCAN9
480Trimble, SueCAN9
480Boldry, JenniferUSA9
480Murphy, LindaUSA9
480Tupa, ShannonUSA9
501Petit, NadineCAN8
501Wellman, TwilaUSA8
510Feldmann, MartinaCAN7
510King, HeatherCAN7
510Haskins, LisaCAN7
510Nuse, HollyCAN7
510Reimer, JenniferCAN7
510Schroeder, AnnieCAN7
510Connolly, DanielleUSA7
510Duncan, LaurieUSA7
510Wheeler, CandyUSA7
510Robertson, CheyenneUSA7
538Thompson, PennyCAN6
538Handford, MarthaCAN6
538Nicholson, SamanthaCAN6
538Mandrell, ChristinUSA6
538Malenkovich, KyiaUSA6
552Healy, AnnaCAN5
552Ritchie, AlyssaCAN5
552Lloyd, NathanUSA5
552Fleckenstein, Mary AnnUSA5
552Bounds, BrandyUSA5
552Vardaros, ChristineUSA5
581Behme, SueUSA4
581Warfel, AlisonUSA4
589Uhlmann, JoanneCAN3
589Hanson, KatieCAN3
589Chwalinski, VivianUSA3
610Pendrel, CatherineCAN2
610Anderson, Marie AngeUSA2
620Germain, EmilieCAN1
620Cruickshank, LauraCAN1
620Ketene, SuzieCAN1
620Kenny, TiffanyUSA1
620Soddemann, ClaudiaUSA1


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