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October 16/00 10:36 am - Canadian Flagbearer, Lots of 'Cross!

Posted by Editor on 10/16/00

Cyclist Chosen as Canadian Flag Bearer

Gary Longhi, a 36 year old Montrealer, has been chosen as the flagbearer for the Canadian team in the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Paralympic Games, which began Wednesday in Sydney, Australia.

Longhi is the defending champion in the 5 kilometre time trial, and also won bronze in the 20 kilometre road race at Atlanta. He competes in the cerebral palsy category (he suffered a severe head injury and was in a coma after a motorcycle injury in 1983).

Carter Cruises on a Real 'Cross Course
(courtesy Steve Lund)

Carter Hovey, Victoria's cross specialist, won the third race in the Redline Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000 race series. On a course that once again favored Cyclo-Cross bikes, Hovey led from the start and later praised the organizer for "putting on a real cross race, on a great cyclo-cross course". In fact 4 of the top 5 riders in the A Group were on Redline Cyclo-Cross bikes. The course, behind the Princess Mary Restaurant, on Victoria's inner harbor featured 2 difficult run ups and a mix of pavement and gravel road that allowed for fast and exciting racing on a course with multiple spectator spots.

The Redline Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000 series wraps up next weekend, details of the final race can be found at

Results, Redline Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000
Race # 3, October 15, 2000

A Group, 45 min plus 3 laps (Top 5)
1 Carter Hovey Redline 58:38
2 Dan MacDonald Basic 1:00:30
3 Peter Odegaard Kona 1:01:15
4 Troy Woodburn 1:01:36
4 Brad Issel Peninsula Cycles 1:02:56
5 Dan Molgat-Roy Bike Cellar -1 lap

B Group, 30 min plus 3 laps (Top 5)
1 Dave Mathew 45:03
2 Martin Demidow 45:48
3 Mike Achuff 46:40
4 Julian Subda 48:17
5 Brian Payne -1 lap

Top Woman
Claire Townsend Rocky Mountain 46:21

Cycledelia Cyclo-cross Series - Saskatchewan
(courtesy Denise Eberle, SCA)

Race 3: Diefenbaker Park

A Race (50 min + 1 lap)
1 Menno Hubregste Saskatoon 55:35
2 Shawn Bunnin Saskatoon 57:59
3 Newell Hedstrom Saskatoon 1:00:17
4 Adam Coates Saskatoon 1:01:34
5 Bob Hawboldt Saskatoon 55:36 (+1 lap)
6 James Spooner Saskatoon 56:30 (+1 lap)
7 Jimmy Oneschuk Saskatoon 58:35 (+1 lap)
8 Scott Taylor Saskatoon 59:27 (+1 lap)
9 Michael Bacon Saskatoon 55:46 (+2 laps)
10 Mark Russell Saskatoon 56:46 (+2 laps)
11 Carl Bunnin Saskatoon 57:54 (+2 laps)
12 Shannon Hood Saskatoon 58:55 (+2 laps)
13 Cheryl Brooke Saskatoon 56:41 (+3 laps)
14 Brenda Reid Saskatoon 56:44 (+3 laps)
DNF Cory Forrest Waskesiu
DNF Dan Tomczak Saskatoon

B Race (35 min + 1 lap)
1 Kyle Halstead Saskatoon 49:14
2 Bonnie Gratton Saskatoon 49:15 (+1 lap)
3 Tracy Rennie Saskatoon 53:34 (+1 lap)
4 Martha Guy Saskatoon 49:59 (+2 laps)
DNF Sarah Morris Saskatoon

Next Race: Provincial Championships, 22 October 2000, Victoria Park

Cyclocross Grand Prix of Port Hope
(courtesy Rob Naish)

Port Hope, Ontario
October 15, 2000

Sponsored by - Proform Cycle,, Bicycles Plus

71 Starters

Senior Men
1 Josh Hall True North/KHS
2 Peter Morse Trek/Kiro
3 Jon Barnes Ind.
4 Chris Hansen KHS
5 Tom Skinner Bike Depot
6 Alex Vaughn Mad Dog Racing
7 Brook McArther Bike Depot
8 Andrew Hickman Mississauga
9 Travis Brown Cobourg CC
10 Colin Campbell Ind.
11 Enrico Traini Mississauga
12 Robert Mann KHS
13 Piers Davidge Mississauga
14 Jamie Parrot Bay Cycle
15 Scott Doreman Queen City
DNF David Currie CCC
DNF Roderick Smit KHS

Masters A
1 Christopher Paton Mississauga
2 Scott Buschlen Brampton CC
3 Daniel Salter D'ornellas
4 Greg Cavanagh Mississauga
5 Ian Starke Ind
6 Derek Koops Cycle Patrick
7 Brian Priebe Waterloo CC
8 Scott Doel KHS
9 Reed Russell Uxbridge CC
10 Nigel MooChoy Ind
11 Dean Peddle Ind
12 Don MacPhail Festival City
13 Mike Vantil CCC
DNF Paul Quesnel Ind
DNF Chris Yeates CCC
DNF Grzeg Kosiacki Polonus CC

1 Kim Davidge Elita
2 Leigh Hobson Charles Schwab
3 Larissa Pelletterio Ind.
4 Anita Waymen Ind.
5 Julia Farrell Kiro
6 Leslie Greene GT Canada
7 Barbara Brzezicki FlyGurlz
8 Diana Joness Trailhogs
9 Prisca Natterer Ind.
DNF Tara Mulder Kiro

Junior/Cadet Women
1 Helena Coney High County/Epic
2 Laurelle Cox Oakridge CC

Junior Men
1 Ryan Roth Woodstock
2 Jason Kriek Waterloo
3 Derek Zandstra Bay Cycle
4 Daniel Skinner Bike Depot
5 Matt Douglas Bay Cycle
6 Martin Lazarski Sobe - Headshock
7 Zack Harris Beta/Proform
8 Philip Edamura Trail Blazers
9 Kyle Rothwell Ziggys
10 Jason Locklin Ind
11 Zac Winn Beta
DNF Eric Batty Bay Cycle
DNF Steve Amos Waterloo CC

Cadet Men
1 Berek Cox Oakridge Fat Tire
2 Ryan Deboer Mississauga
DNF Charles Cabardos Ind.

Masters (40+)
1 Rob Cheskey Hamilton CC
2 Glen Laycock Ind
3 Randy Brown Hamilton CC
4 Paul Skinner Bike Depot
5 Pierre Perrin Schwinn
6 Robert C. Galbraith Ind.
7 Herb Hunter Uxbridge
8 Will Winn Uxbridge
9 Francis Mortow Hamilton CC
10 Harold Osborne Hamilton CC

Cyclo-cross au Mont Habitant, Quebec
(courtesy Michel Thibeault)

Résultat chez les Seniors hommes: Mathieu Toulouse (24ans et 90ièmes au classements Général UCI XC en vtt) a remporté la coupe du Québec de cyclo-cross ce samedi au Mont Habitant, devant Ben'J (20ans) l'ex-Champion Québécois junior de cyclo-cross en 1997 et 1998.

1-Mathieu Toulouse (Ford-Devinci)
2-Ben'J Thibeault (La Cordée)
3-Christophe ???
4-Sébastien Delorme (Benoît la source du sport)
5- Ian Carbonneau (Gary-Fisher)
6-Frédéric Auger (La boutique du vélo)


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