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April 1/17 20:42 pm - Volta Limburg Classic: Canuel wins

Posted by Editoress on 04/1/17

Karol-Ann Canuel took her first win in Boels-Dolmans colours at the Volta Limburg Classic on Saturday. The Canadian launched repeated attacks during the final hour of racing before soloing across the finish line.

"I saw this race as a good opportunity to get in some good intensity," said Canuel. "I was pretty active in the race because of that.

Boels-Dolmans fielded a three-rider squad for the first edition of the women’s Volta Limburg Classic. Canuel lined up alongside Kasia Pawlowska and Jip van den Bos.

"Basically everyone that’s healthy and not doing Flanders did this race instead," said Canuel. "It was a smaller field with some younger riders. Sunweb was there and so was the Marianne Vos team."

The 130-strong peloton set off from Diepstraat for the 100-kilometre day.

"The women’s race borrowed from the men’s course," explained Canuel. "We did three loops of 19 kilometres with two climbs and then four small loops around a six-kilometre circuit. That part was pretty flat. Then it was one more big lap, with the two climbs, and one last little lap."

The race unfolded relatively sedately on the first three laps around the large circuit. An attack on the first lap of the small circuit inspired the first selection.

"We missed that at the beginning," said Canuel. "I couldn’t quite catch it to cover, but I managed to bridge across. That was the break of the day. We all rolled."

Lacking the raw speed needed to out-sprint the group of nine, Canuel knew she would want to make her move over the climbs in the larger loop.

"I attacked on the last climb," Canuel said. "It was about 15 kilometres from the finish. We were five then. I attacked again on the small circuit because I didn’t want to sprint. It didn’t work, but at 1.2 kilometres, another girl attacked. We got away, and then I attacked her before the finish to come across the line solo…ish."

Canuel had a three-second gap on Riejanne Markus (WM3 Energie) over the line in Eijsden. Liane Lippert (Team Sunweb) rounded out the podium.

"I’m really happy," Canuel said. "It may not be the biggest race but a win is a win. I was feeling pretty good, and I’m confident for the next races."
Report courtesy Boels-Dolmans

Eijsden to Eijsden, 104.4 km
1 Karol-Ann Canuel (Boels-Dolmans) 2:40:18
2 Riejanne Markus (WM3 Energie) at 0:03
3 Liane Lippert (Team Sunweb) 0:04
4 Aafke Soet (Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil Cyclingteam) 0:08
5 Nicole Steigenga ( s.t.
6 Esther Van Veen (Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil Cyclingteam) 0:27
7 Ilona Hoeksma (Individueel) 0:57
8 Evy Kuijpers (Jan van Arkel) 0:58
9 Dani Christmas (Jos Feron Lady Force) s.t.
10 Jip Van Den Bos (Boels-Dolmans) 3:11
11 Julia Soek (Individueel)
12 Valentina Scandolara (Individueel)
13 Sabrina Stultiens (Individueel)
14 Henrietta Colborne (
15 Kirsten Peetoom (Maaslandster Veris CNN) all s.t.
16 Sari Saarelainen (Maaslandster Veris CNN) 3:15
17 Anna Kiesenhofer (Individueel)
18 Nina Buijsman (Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil Cyclingteam)
19 Kylie Waterreus (Maaslandster Veris CNN)
20 Katarzyna Pawlowska (Individueel)
21 Anne De Ruiter (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen)
22 Danique Braam (Jan van Arkel)
23 Fien Delbaere (Individueel)
24 Emmy Thelberg (Equano Cycling Team)
25 Willeke Knol (Individueel)
26 Rotem Gafinovitz (Individueel)
27 Lara Defour (Autoglas Wetteren)
28 Juul Hubert (WV Breda - Ladies - Cyclingteam)
29 Sanne Bouwmeester (WV De Kannibaal)
30 Caroline Thorvik Olsen (Jos Feron Lady Force)
31 Noa Jansen (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen)
32 Nike Beckeringh (Jan van Arkel)
33 Kristi Ruud (Autoglas Wetteren)
34 Estefania Pilz (Autoglas Wetteren)
35 Eva Jonkers (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen)
36 Amanda Jamieson (Individueel)
37 Nancy Van Der Burg (Jos Feron Lady Force)
38 Loes Adegeest (NWVG-UPLUS)
39 Céline Van Houtum (Jos Feron Lady Force)
40 Vibeke Dybwad (Individueel)
41 Marissa Baks (
42 Sarah Borremans (Autoglas Wetteren)
43 Lisa Ehrberg (Jos Feron Lady Force)
44 Bianca Lust (ARC Ulysses / WV West Frisia / HRTC Hoorn)
45 Robin Driehuijs (Texielstad - DJR - Women Cycling Team)
46 Mareille Meijering (WV De Kannibaal)
47 Bonne Knibbe (
48 Maaike Boogaard (TWC De Kempen) all s.t.
49 Senna Feron (Jos Feron Lady Force) 3:23
50 Hanneke Mulder (WV Breda - Ladies - Cyclingteam)
51 Elina Van Der Linde (ARC Ulysses / WV West Frisia / HRTC Hoorn)
52 Esra Tromp (Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil Cyclingteam)
53 Pernilla Van Rozelaar (ARC Ulysses / WV West Frisia / HRTC Hoorn)
54 Paulien Rooijakkers (Parkhotel Valkenburg - Destil Cyclingteam) all s.t.
55 Melissa Van Der Peet (Restore Cycling Team) 3:50
56 Desiree Ehrler (Maaslandster Veris CNN)
57 Tessa Hoogma (WV Breda - Ladies - Cyclingteam)
58 Aagtje Dijkman (Individueel)
59 Lisa Robb (Sparkassen Girls Team Leipzig)
60 Leonie Lubbinge (WV De Kannibaal)
61 Kristine Kofman (Individueel)
62 Laura Van Regenmortel (Restore Cycling Team)
63 Christel Van Loo (Maaslandster Veris CNN)
64 Delphine Brits (Equano Cycling Team)
65 Inge Mostert (Restore Cycling Team) all s.t.
66 Rozemarijn Ammerlaan (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen) 3:55
67 Angelique Wammes-Bouwman (WV Breda - Ladies - Cyclingteam) 3:58
68 Julie Van De Velde (Individueel) 4:41
69 Floor Weerink (Individueel) 5:22
70 Paulien Koster (NWVG-UPLUS) s.t.
71 Britt Teunissen (TWC De Kempen) 5:37
72 Lonneke Uneken (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen) 5:40
73 Ingrid Tempert ( 5:42
74 Maaike Schakenbos (Individueel)
75 Tessa Bergsma (NWVG-UPLUS)
76 Minke Bakker (Restore Cycling Team)
77 Britt Knaven (Team Nederland Junior-vrouwen) all s.t.
78 Veronique Rap (WV Het Station) 5:45
79 Jacqueline Postma (ARC Ulysses / WV West Frisia / HRTC Hoorn) s.t.
80 Anne Marijn Van Der Graaf (NWVG-UPLUS) 5:48


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