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October 21/00 9:28 am - Paralympics, U.S. Super Cup Back, 24 Hrs of Moab

Posted by Editor on 10/21/00

Paralympics - Sydney, Australia

1 USA (FERNANDES Pamela, WHALEY Alphonso) 1:08.997 Gold (WR)
2 Germany (FUCHS Michaela, RATZKE Jan) 1:10.154 Silver
3 Italy (VALENTE Silvana, DI SOMMA Fabrizio) 1:10.750 Bronze
4 Australia (FISHER Christine, WOLFE Russell) 1:11.539
5 Australia (MODRA Kieran, MODRA Kerry) 1:11.603
6 Canada (COURNOYER Julie, CLOUTIER Alexandre) 1:11.677
7 Italy (COSTA Claudio, BORTOLOTTO Serenella) 1:11.699
8 USA (MILLER Lori, WILLIAMS Kenneth) 1:11.707

U.S. Super Cup Returns from the Dead

The organizers of the U.S. Super Cup cyclo-cross series announced its cancellation at the Interbike trade show in September, citing lacking of sponsorship dollars. His announcement jolted the industry, who have been paying more and more attention to this branch of the sport, as interest has grown over the past few years, and Mongoose stepped in at the last minute to keep a shorten series going. The series has been reduced to 4 events, including the National Championships.

November 4 /5 - Boulder, Colorado
November 18 - Boston, Massachusetts
December 9 - Chicago, Illinois
December 17 - Overland Park, Kansas (National Championships)

24 Hours of Moab 6th Annual Mountain Bike Team Relay
(courtesy Granny Gear Productions)

October 14th & 15th, 2000

Top Finishers by Race Class

1. Team #6-Sobe/Headshok 20 laps finishing at 1:05:42
Eric Jones, Shonny Vanlandingham, Peter Swenson, Amber Neben
2. Team #7-Cane Creek/Zeal 19 laps finishing at 12:18:45
Gretchen Reeves, Jay Henry, Michael Janelle, Willow Koerber
3. Team #4-Schwinn-Jamba Juice 17 laps finishing at 12:17:43
Dave Chase, Matt Gersib, Leah Trapp, Danielle Heinrichs

1. Team #62-Wilson, Dawes 15 laps finishing at 1:06:00
2. Team #8-Stamstad, John 15 laps finishing at 1:12:55
3. Team #40-Hamilton, Andrew 14 laps finishing at 12:00:10

1. Team #39-Haywood, Sue 11 laps finishing at 12:05:39
2. Team #36-Lawson, Kerry 11 laps finishing at 1:16:45
3. Team #38-Tower, Janice 11 laps finishing at 1:38:45

1. Team #191-Oops! I Did It Again! 18 laps finishing at 12:17:16
Cris Fox, Bart Gillespie
2. Team #59-Mrazek/Deschutes Brewery 18 laps finishing at 12:48:12
Jeff Burnard, Chris Decker
3. Team #50-BSR Sports Peas & Weenies 18 laps finishing at 1:00:00
Bob Weiner, Amon Pease

1. Team #74-Hub of Aspen 20 laps finishing at 1:01:57
Charlie Tarver, Charles Eckart, Mike Scanlen, Butch Peterson
2. Team #75-Juicy Hogs 19 laps finishing at 12:23:45
Joel Mischke, Gavin Seedorf, Chuck Coyle, Todd Carver
3. Team 19 laps finishing at 12:37:16
Bill Daley, Gary Thompson, Stash Bankston, Ken Husbands

1. Team #88-Ketchup 16 laps finishing at 12:37:47
Becca Blay, Cloe Shelton, Summer Stewart, Cariza Arce
2. Team #89-South Mondo She Devils 16 laps finishing at 1:17:25
Susan Grandjean, Kathy Parent, Jane Keyes, Sarah Tescher
3. Team #87-Bad Betty 15 laps finishing at 1:11:42
Denise Rayer, Lynette Klein, Annie Webster, Carmen Bastek

1. Team #142-John William Bomber Builders 18 laps finishing at 12:33:36
Alex Hamory, Adam Smith, Rob McRae, Jason Foote, Renee DuPree
2. Team #189-Tour the Peaks 18 laps finishing at 12:35:17
Robert Ames, Amy Harris, Circ Toepel, Vic Marlow, Mark Sechler
3. Team #146-Steem/Health Performance 18 laps finishing at 1:10:05
Ed Morandi, Richard Picot, Fred Porter, Scott Newton, Molly O’Gorman
4. Team #172-Royale With Cheese 17 laps finishing at 12:48:30
Kenny Bradley, Jeff Work, Chip MacLaren, Keith Hofreiter, Sonja Evers
5. Team #167-Pedal Power/Channel Point 17 laps finishing at 1:15:30
Jonathan Nordby, Dan Wieland, Greg Keller, Kathleen Swart, Mark Emeis

1. Team #338-Zoom Splat 18 laps finishing at 12:50:10
Scott Harris, Justine Ochoa, Ben Wagenman, Sean, McCourt
2. Team #331-Wasatch 18 laps finishing at 1:13:26
Matt Sutton, Line Dempsey, John Rogers, Zep Tittensor
3. Team #314-Taint Misbehavin 17 laps finishing at 12:09:40
Brent Van Bueren, Randy Blough, Kevin McCurdy, Dave Adam
4. Team #245-No Mo & the Rockets 17 laps finishing at 12:14:06
Gavin Gonzales, Darren McCaulley, Ryan Weibel, Clay Cravens
5. Team #289-Quattro 17 laps finishing at 12:19:59
Erik Zingler, Clay Stevens, Bryan Bergman, Chris Jacobson

1. Team #349-Sisters of the Saddle II 14 laps finishing at 12:14:45
Lauren Barros, Ashley Patterson, Tricia Petzold-Paisley, Heidi Dahlgren
2. Team #346-Juliana 14 laps finishing at 12:47:32
Elayna Caldwell-Grim, Dana Enos-Price, Karen Roitz, Mary Monroe
3. Team #341-Do-"Gu"-Dolls 14 laps finishing at 1:19:08
Erika Garcia, Melanie Garcia, Mori Pantezzi, Megan Moore

1. Team #371-Vet-X 18 laps finishing at 12:39:14
Bart Adams, Ed Chauner, Eric Jones, Paul Quinlan
2. Team #365-Pedal Power/Marmot Electric 18 laps finishing at 12:53:24
Bruce Kelly, Ronan Murray, John Cummins, Jergen Smith
3. Team #73-Home Slice 17 laps finishing at 12:06:00
Don Keller, Dave Anderson, Anthony Anderson, Scott Fiedler

1. Team #374-Margarita Mamas 14 laps finishing at 12:23:25
Susan DiBiase, Rhonda Swenson, Carol Tucker, Kim Rider
2. Team #376-Toxic Shock 13 laps finishing at 12:49:45
Angie Cline, Kerry Dalen, Kim Bear, Jeanette Brasher
3. Team #372-Flower Power 11 laps finishing at 12:56:20
Barb Cline, Pam Hanlon, Janice Greene, Lauren Sweezey

1. Team #381-South Beach Bombers/Return of Taint 17 laps finishing at 12:36:20
Paul Gotthelf, Gary Plath, Jerry Mullihin, John Armstrong
2. Team #377-Azimoto 16 laps finishing at 12:54:56
Seth Dawson, Scott Lideen, John Schaefer, Rich Bauer
3. Team #379-Old Home Boys 15 laps finishing at 12:01:50
Brent Petersen, Roger Gillespie, Nick Reece, Steve Miller

1. Team #383-Dank 15 laps finishing at 12:42:15
Alex Hagman, Mark Welgos, Jeff Anderson, Jesse Durance
2. Team #382-Chili Peppers 14 laps finishing at 12:40:14
Matt James, Chris Clifford, Nick Rothacher, Justin Welch
3. Team #387-Y-Riders 13 laps finishing at 12:00:06
Torin Priem, Kjel Peterson, Nick Berlin, Owen Lewis

1. Team #388-Bicycles Unlimited 14 laps finishing at 12:09:55
Isaac Smilowitz, Bob Owen, Dave Bennett, Roy Hoyt
2. Team #353-Full Sail Big Beers 13 laps finishing at 12:45:22
Dave Farmer, Mario Washko, Mike Floyd, Chip Wernig
3. Team #390-Other, Other White Meat 13 laps finishing at 1:42:10
Scott Moody, Glen McDaniel, Mike McFarland, Scott Hendrickson

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