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October 23/00 10:09 am - XTerra, Ontario MTB, 'Cross, Banquet, BMX, Fall Paris-Roubaix

Posted by Editor on 10/23/00

XTerra - Maui, Hawaii

October 22, 2000

1. Kerstin Weule 3:07:04
2. Melanie McQuaid 3:09:17
3. Uli Blank 3:17:32
4. Karen Masson 3:17:40
5. Jenny Tobin 3:18:40
6. Jody Purcell 3:19:52
7. Cheri Touchette 3:22:03
8. Lesley Tomlinson 3:23:05
9. Ariane Gutknecht 3:24:54
10. Lorraine Barrows 3:25:35
18. Tara Llanes 4:01:48

1. Michael Tobin 2:30:53
2. Mike Vine 2:33:10
3. Michael Pigg 2:33:43
4. Wes Hobson 2:35:08
5. Ned Overend 2:37:28
6. Jim Archer 2:40:19
7. Erik Burgan 2:41:06
8. Kerry Classen 2:42:35
9. Pat Brown 2:43:42
10. Peter Reid 2:44:06

20. Andreas Hestler 2:54:04
27. Robin Dutton 2:57:04
52. Kelly Guest 3:09:04

Ontario University MTB Race Series
(courtesy David Wright)

University Cup Race #4 - The Final Race

Location: London Ski Club / Boler Mountain, London Ontario

Date: Oct 21/2000


"Perfect; but even better!" That's how one University of Waterloo student described the last race of the 2000 University Cup race series held at the London Ski Club on Sat. You would have had a hard time finding someone who would have disagreed. It was a picture perfect fall day in Southern Ontario with the leafs at their brightest, sun shining, not a cloud to be seen and a warm feel to the crowd. It was also 22 degrees Celsius. Smiles, laughter and bike talk were in the air. Mid-terms could wait..for

The students and alumni of the Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council put on a great fun series this year that covered 4 different venues across Ontario. The series was set up to introduce university students to the sport of mountain bike racing with an enphasis on welcoming the firstimer and also providing so great racing for the more advanced racers. If you are reading this and you are from an Ontario university and would like more info please visit the University of Toronto Mountain Bike Club webpage (address below) and go to the OUMRC link.

Race #4 Results:

Men's A
1Michael DennisGuelph1:34:08
2John Glynn-MorrisQueen's1:34:32
3Duane EppQueen's1:35:22
4Jamie LewisQueen's1:35:28
5Brendan MacintoshU of T1:36:52
6Tim CarletonLaurentian1:38:46
7Adam LucasU of T1:38:49
8Walt BaylessU of T1:40:11
9Joel AllanU of T1:42:07
10Brad ReiterWaterloo1:42:57
11Michael MorrisonGuelph1:46:03
12Jamie SculthorpeQueen's1:47:38
13Sean KoningsQueen's1:47:39
14Rob PenfoldU of T1:53:53
15Gordon MorrisonMac1:55:12
16Raymond TseWestern1:59:40
17Brett MacCannellWestern2:03:20
18Chris KennedyU of Tdnf
19Grant SinclairU of Tdnf
20Ian RobertsonU of Tdnf
Women's A
1Samantha YamadaQueen's1:38:48
2Eding MvilongoQueen's1:39:54
3Cate DmitriewU of T1:39:55
4Celine ForehtU of T1:43:34
5Jacqueline JozaQueen's1:51:49
6Amanda TheraultTrent1:53:27
7Mary-Ellen AshU of T1:59:59
Men's B
1John MorrellQueen's0:53:49
2Kevin CymbalistyQueen's0:54:51
3David AchtemichukQueen's0:57:37
4Martin KangQueen's0:58:11
5Joel ZieglerWaterloo0:59:18
6Carlo ObillosU of T0:59:58
7Erik BuckinghamWaterloo1:00:04
8Andrew JamesU of T1:00:14
9Bill BrightU of T1:00:30
10Nick JardelezaU of T1:00:34
11Graham MurrayU of T1:00:47
12Martin CieslakU of T1:01:54
14Rhain LouisU of T1:03:44
15Mathew CorniesGuelph1:04:10
16Eric van BeurdenU of T1:05:10
17Evan GroenkeU of T1:07:25
18Vidal AbadU of T1:07:29
19Stephen NusbaumWaterloo1:07:41
20Marc RobinU of T1:10:50
21Chris ScottWaterloo1:12:03
22Mathew LeeU of T1:13:29
23Scott MathersWaterloo1:13:56
24TJ HallU of T1:14:00
25Gordon WeaverGuelph1:26:20
Warren SchickWaterloodnf
A. MazucaU of Tdnf
Women's B
1Krista BrodhurstU of T1:06:11
2Carla Nanka-BruceQueen's1:08:23
3Tara GillU of T1:08:43
4Michelle ZulianiQueen's1:10:49
5Amy DawsonWaterloo1:16:08
6Bonnie ShepherdQueen's1:18:04
7Amanda CoxU of T1:18:10
8Ashley ClarkQueen's1:20:38
9Tara NichollsU of T1:23:57
10Janice HughesU of T1:27:14
11Tara Hurly1:34:52
12Tabatha SoltayU of T1:36:48
13Bonnie DongU of T1:42:01
Penny ColquhounU of Tdnf
Antonia GawelU of Tdnf
Amy FlexmanQueen'sdnf
Christine ClancyU of Tdns

Complete results at: University of Toronto Mountain Bike Club -

Good luck on your exams!!

David Wright: Chairperson, Ontario University Mountain Bike Race Council

Redline Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000 - Victoria
(courtesy Steve Lund)

The final race in the Redline Victoria Cyclo-Cross 2000 Series took place on Sunday (October 22). Local cross hero Carter Hovey lead pretty much from the start of the Men's A Race to take his second victory in as many weeks. Andrew Pinfold, making his first cross appearance of the season, overcame an early crash to move up into second place, and be the only rider not lapped by the hammering Hovey. The course was a fast 1.2 km with many of the fastest riders lapping in just over 3 minutes, cross bikes were once again advantageous. Thanks to all participants and sponsors (Redline, Physical Culture, The Bike Cellar Bicyclitis Princess Mary Restaurant) for helping to revive cyclo-cross racing in Victoria, next year's series will feature new courses (and this years best) and at least one sanctioned event.

Final draw prizes will be made later this week (thanks to Canada Customs)
check for draw prize results and an open contest for any cyclo-cross racer (OK any cyclist can enter).

Race # 4
A Group, 60 min plus 1 lap (Top 5)
1 Carter Hovey Redline 1:02:13
2 Andrew Pinfold Ital Pasta 1:04:45
3 Dan MacDonald Basic -1 lap
4 Troy Woodburn - 1 lap
5 Drew MacKenzie - 1 lap

B Group, 45 min plus 1 lap (Top 5)
1 Dave Mathew 48:56
2 Mike Achuff 49:54
3 Martin Demidow 50:08
4 James Pauly 51:02
5 Brian Payne -1 lap

Top Woman 45 min plus 1 lap
1 Gina Grain Physical Culture 50:06
2 Claire Townsend Rocky Mountain 51:21

Complete results posted at

Biker Banquet 2000 - Ottawa

Everything is in place for the 9th Annual Biker Banquet, to be held Saturday, November 4th at Camp Fortune in Chelsea Quebec. The evening aims to unite the various cycling communities and clubs in the Ottawa area while focussing on thanking all the supporters and builders who made for another great cycling season. Past events have brought together road racers, mountain bikers, time trialists, triathletes, and sportif riders for an evening of good food, a few drinks, and few more drinks. Last year 180 people had the honor of having sport legend Pierre Harvey be the guest speaker. Biker Banquet 2000 will enjoy the company of Superstar traithlete Sharon Donnelly as our special guest and will jam late into the night as Julian Hine and Lucas Curran will be in charge of the Karoeke machine. Proceeds from this year's event will be going to the "Fire Relief Fund" that has been set up to help West Quebec Wheeler James Brooks, of the Bike Leather Company, rebuild his fire ravaged home. Everyone is welcome. Tickets are $30 and can be found at area bike shops or through John Large

Paris-Roubaix Fall Ride - Toronto

Someone (anonymous) has sent a link to a map page showing the start location for the Paris-Roubaix race Mike Barry runs (scheduled for November 26th):

BMX 2001 Schedule
(courtesy Kevin O'Brien)

The Canadian BMX Association has sent us a 2001 schedule.

2001 CBA Wild West National Series

March 3-4 Can-Am Nationals (Indoor) Abbotsford, BC (near Vancouver)
April 14-15 Easter Classic Kamloops, BC
May 19-20 Ice Breaker Nationals Airdrie, AB
June 30-July 1 Maple Leaf Nationals Grand Forks, BC
August 4-5 Stampede Nationals Calgary, AB
September 1-2 Grand National Silver Star Mtn, BC

website address:

CBA Annual General Meeting

The Canadian BMX Association invites you to their Annual General Meeting.

Dates: November 17-19, 2000
Location: Richmond, BC
Venue: Best Western Richmond Inn

Board of Director Positions Available: Vice-President, Secretary
Please send all correspondence to:
CBA Head Office,
Box 2080,
Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0
(250) 442-2217

'Cross Superprestige #1 - Belgium

1 Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank 1:01:50
2 Bart Wellens (Bel) Spaarselect at 1:02
3 Marc Janssens (Bel) 1:10
4 Daniele Pontoni (Ita) 1:41
5 Tom Vannoppen (Bel) 1:43
6 Gerben De Knegt (Ned) Rabobank 1:46
7 Kipcho Volckaerts (Bel) 2:20
8 Christophe Morel (Fra) 2:39
9 Peter Van Santvliet (Bel) Spaarselect 2:51
10 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) 2:57

Series Standings
1 Richard Groenendaal (Ned) Rabobank 30 points
2 Bart Wellens (Bel) Spaarselect 25
3 Marc Janssens (Bel) 21
4 Daniele Pontoni (Ita) 18
5 Tom Vannoppen (Bel) 16


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