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June 3/17 8:22 am - Ellsay Family Clean Sweep at Cameron Law Time Trial

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/17

It was a family affair for Courtenay B.C.'s Nigel and Gillian Ellsay as the brother and sister act took the elite men's and women's EnergyLab Dallas Road Time Trial titles.

Nigel, racing for Silber Pro Cycling shaved Curtis Dearden's 6:28 course record by two seconds to finish ahead of Rally Cycling Adam DeVos who was second in 6:31 and last year's winner Trek Red Truck Racing Kyle Buckosky who was third in 6:38.




 Nigel Ellsay - photo Greg Descantes


Gillian, racing for Team Colavita/Bianchi, finished in 7:30 while Maple Ridge's TaG Cycling Racing Team Maggie Coles-Lyster was second in 7:32 and Victoria's Broad Street Cycle Megan Rathwell was third in 7:37.




Gillian Ellsay - photo Greg Descantes


Both Ellsays will carry the Robert W Cameron Law Cycling Series leaders’ Jersey into the second race of the weekend's action, the Schwalbe Cycling Classic in Metchosin tomorrow. The Robert W Cameron Law Cycling Series will wrap up Sunday with Russ Hay’s Grand Prix, Tim Hortons Timbit Challenge and Broad Street Fixed Gear Criterium at the BC Legislature.

One hundred and twenty-two riders in all competed in the 5K scenic course along Victoria’s spectacular waterfront, which will be the backdrop for the 2018 and 2019 Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships p/b Lexus.

Report Courtesy Sharon White


Women (Cat 1/2/3), 5 km
1 Gillian Ellsay (Team Colavita | Bianchi) 7:30.6
2 Maggie Coles-Lyster (TaG Cycling Race Team) 7:32.2
3 Megan Rathwell (Broad Street Cycles) 7:37.0
4 Callie Swan (TaG Cycling Race Team) 7:42.2
5 Erin J Attwell (Trek Red Truck Racing) 7:44.4
6 Janna Gillick (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 7:50.9
7 Holly Simonson (Trek Red Truck Racing) 7:52.1
8 Sarah Van Dam (Tripleshot Cycling) 7:54.3
9 Anika Todd (Trek Red Truck Racing) 7:54.4
10 Anna Talman (Trek Red Truck Racing) 7:56.8
11 Emma Lujan (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 7:57.4
12 Suzanne Hamilton (Cyclery-4iiii) 8:01.3
13 Brenna Pauly (Tripleshot Performance Team) 8:08.5
14 Richele Frank (Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA) 8:11.1
15 Anna Gabrielle Traxler (Trek Red Truck Racing) 8:11.6
16 Abbey Mcgill (Edmonton Juventus CC) 8:16.1
17 Saskia Kowallik (Victoria Wheelers) 8:21.1
18 Deborah Snell (Victoria Wheelers) 8:31.2
19 lauren Marshall (Mighty Cycling) 8:36.6
20 Amanda Mcrae (Independant) 8:52.7
21 Fiona Vernon (Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA) 8:54.5
22 Sarah Carter (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 8:58.3
DNS Jess Daniels (Steed Cycles)
>Men (Cat 1/2), 5 km
1 Nigel Ellsay (Silber Pro Cycling) 6:26.5
2 Adam De Vos (Rally Cycling) 6:31.1
3 Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing) 6:38.5
4 Warren Muir (The Lead Out Project) 6:41.9
5 Alexander Murison (Trek Red Truck Racing) 6:46.4
6 Robert Gutgesell (Trek Red Truck Racing) 6:46.8
7 Ty Andrews (Trek Red Truck Racing) 6:47.2
8 Emile De Rosnay (Broad Street Cycles) 6:47.5
9 Nigel Kinney (Langlois Brown Racing) 6:47.8
10 Dylan Davies (Langlois Brown Racing) 6:53.3
11 Mitchell Ketler (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 6:56.1
12 Brendan Armstrong (Trek Red Truck Racing) 6:56.9
13 Von Winkelmann (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 6:57.0
14 Nick Monette (Victoria Wheelers) 6:57.1
15 Ben Katerberg (TaG Cycling Race Team) 6:57.4
16 James Grant (TaG Cycling Race Team) 6:58.2
17 Kurt Penno (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 6:59.3
18 Ethan Palamerek (The Lead Out Project) 7:00.6
19 Chris Macleod (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:01.8
20 Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo) 7:02.1
21 Connor Toppings (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:02.2
22 Andrew Davidson (The Lead Out Project) 7:04.2
23 Normand Richard (North Coast Lumber1 p/b Giant White Rock) 7:06.5
24 Mark Grant (TaG Cycling Race Team) 7:07.2
25 Cameron Fitzmaurice (TaG Cycling Race Team) 7:14.8
26 Brendan Cowley (North Coast Lumber1 p/b Giant White Rock) 7:16.3
27 Kellen Viznaugh (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:16.8
28 Adam Attwell (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:17.8
29 Patrick Riddell (North Coast Lumber1 p/b Giant White Rock) 7:20.0
30 Jake Cullen (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:20.2
31 Erik Diertens (TaG Cycling Race Team) 7:20.9
32 Andrew Russell (Victoria Wheelers) 7:21.1
33 Joshua Kropf (Smart Savvy+ / Garneau U23 Cycling Team) 7:24.9
34 Sean Henry (North Coast Lumber1 p/b Giant White Rock) 7:30.0
35 Jake Gaucher (The Lead Out Project) 7:30.1
36 Aidan Livesey (The Lead Out Project) 7:34.5
37 Amiel Flett-Brown (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 8:09.6
DNS Wilson Tran (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNS Harrison Bailey (Storck CCN Development Team)

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