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June 7/17 16:18 pm - Les Mardis cyclistes de Lachine #1

Posted by Editoress on 06/7/17

Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) won the first edition of Lachine's Mardis cyclistes 40th anniversary season on Tuesday night. No less than 111 riders took the start of the first race of the season, which took place under cool temperatures.



Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis) had to fight throughout the evening to finish second.



Former pro François Parisien, (Cycle Devinci,) showed that he could still hold his own against the youngsters.



Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) takes the win over Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis)



Podium: Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis) and Henrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe-Devinci)


'It's been great tonight. The form is good at the moment, I had a great competition at the weekend in Charlevoix," said Naud. "Jean-François' [Laroche] team had a good train in the final sprint. I took his wheel and I went out well to win it at the finish."

Jean-François Laroche (Cycles Régis) was the favourite, as he tries to win a seventh overall title. "It was a rock and roll race. The pace was slow and I did not go out well in the sprint. But Pierrick must be given credit, he had good legs."'

The evening had begun badly for Laroche. He was involved in a crash with a dozen other riders on the seventh lap, one of several crashes. However, he was able to regain the peloton after a free lap.


Elite Men
1 Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) 140 pts
2 Jean Francois Laroche (Cycles Régis) 122
3 Michel Henri (Cycles Dupuis) 109
4 Hendrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe-Devin) 101
5 Charles Andre Bilodeau (Cycles Régis) 75
6 Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau Québécor) 64
7 Stephen Keeping (Transports Lacombe-Devin) 54
8 Charles-Étienne Chrétien (Iamgold) 51
9 Jesse Cabon (VC QUILICOT-BIEMME) 27
10 Francois Chabot (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 25
11 Julien Brazeau Seguin (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 19
12 Gabriel Drapeau Zgoralski (Team Novo Nordisk) 19
13 Antoine Ippersiel (Stingray/Trek par Ultime) 17
14 Pierre-Olivier Boily (Cycle Régis) 17
15 Nicolas Cote (IBike) 15
16 Michael Dalterio (Veloselect) 15
17 Antoine Dalterio (Espoirs Laval Primeau Vélo) 13
18 Nickolas Zukowsky (Silber Pro-Cycling) 13
19 Maxime Vives (Cycles Devinci) 11
20 Didier Godbout (Vélo-Station) 10
21 Phil Marceau (Indépendants) 8
22 William Goodfellow (Veloselect) 7
23 Francis Izquierdo Bernier (Transports Lacombe-Devin) 7
24 Marc Allard (Indépendant-RP) 6
  Jean Philippe Venne (Cycles Dupuis) 5
  Alexandre Dion (Cannondale/ABC Cycles) 5
  Sacha Cantor (IBike) 5
  Shawn Turcotte (Veloselect) 5
  Antoine Fabry (Omnipod-ThePACK) 5
  Martin Gilbert (Cycles Régis) 5
  Paul Blanc Paque (Cycle Régis) 5
  Robin Plamondon (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo) 5
  Benjamin Martel (Indépendant-RP) 5
  Kianoush Missaghi (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 5
  Alexandre Nadeau (Cycles Régis) 5
  Alexandre Gaumont (Cycle Régis) 5
  Francois Parisien (Cycle Devinci) 5
Elite Women
1 Raphaele Lemieux (IBike) 65 pts
2 Dafne Theroux Izquierdo (Desjardins Ford) 53
3 Emma Delisle (Stingray/Trek par Ultime Vélo) 41
4 Andreanne Murdaca (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur) 25
5 Laurie Jussaume (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur) 17
6 Emma Bedard (SAS-MACOGEP SAS-MAC) 7
7 Adriane Provost (SAS-MACOGEP SAS-MAC) 7
  Amelie Bruneau (Cyclery-4iiii Team) 5
  Genevieve Coulloudon (Peppermint Cycling Team) 5
  Julie Desrochers (DAC Jet - Stelvio) 5
  Gabrielle Matte (Néron Sprint) 5
  Emilie Brisson (Vélo-Station) 5
  Laurie Coulombe (Peppermint Cycling Team) 5
  Corinne (Coco) Helbig (Ma Bicyclette) 5
  Veronik Bastien (Peppermint Cycling Team) 5
  Safia Genereux Khali (Peppermint Cycling Team) 5
  Emilie Mercier , (Peppermint Cycling Team ) 5
  Michele Bastien (Peppermint Cycling Team) 5
  Camille Bedard (Neron sprint) 5
  Genevieve De Champlain (Maglia Rosa) 5

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