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June 9/17 21:29 pm - Hayman Classic: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 06/9/17

Hayman Classic opens to rave reviews

Under blue skies and a fresh wind the 2017 edition of the Hayman Classic opened Friday to rave reviews from cyclists and coaches.

The first event a mass start hill climb saw the 96 registered riders work their way through 10 kilometres of relatively easy roadway before turning sharply onto a twisting ascent with grades of 15 to 20 per cent over 650 metres (younger riders) and 900 metres (older riders).

Giuseppe Carone of Hamilton Ont-based NCCH finished first in the U17 category but conceded that he suffered for his victory.

"That hill was pretty tough" said the 16-year-old from Ancaster Ont. "At first I was with a few other guys and then the pace went up and my heart rate went through the roof. It was steep."

Those sentiments were echoed by Isabelle Orsler who described the climb as difficult but noted that the overall event presented an unusual challenge for her – it was her first road race.

Orsler 13 from Bragg Creek Alta can normally be found on a mountain bike but on Friday she was part of race peloton taking turns at the front. She described the experience as a "bit confusing" though it ended well and now she's looking forward to the remainder of the competition.

"I just need to make sure I keep calm and don't slow down" said Orsler who rides for Synergy Racing.

Trina Irving coach of the U-Kon Echelon Team faced an usual challenge too. Irving travelled to the Okanagan from Whitehorse with a team of four riders but it wasn't until 1 a.m. Friday that they finally got into bed.

Still she was pleased with her team's performance on only six hours of sleep and was effusive in her praise for the Hayman Classic and its contribution to building young minds and bodies.

"I want people to be healthy. I want people to have goals and I want people to have confidence.

So as much as it's about cycling it's about developing the whole person." Also on hand for the Hill Climb was local cycling great Evan Guthrie a road racer as well as a mountain bike champion. He is currently the points leader in the Canada Cup Mountain Bike series.

Growing up in Peachland B.C. he said there were no events like the Hayman Classic to promote the development of young talent.

"It's pretty inspiring to see this¨" he said of Friday's event. "This looks like a pro race here and this is for kids ... and hopefully we see a lot of these kids grow up and become the next generation of racers for Canada."

The Hayman Classic continues through Sunday.


Stage 1 results

U 19 / 17 Boys
1 Ethan Palamerek (AB) the lead out project - U19 0:20:33.2
2 Giuseppe Carone (ON) NCCH elite p/b MGCC - U17 at 0:05.8
3 Jacob Rubuliak (BC) red devils - U17 0:13.0
4 Brock Hoel (BC) Balance Point Racing - U17 0:23.1
5 Thomas Schellenberg (BC) Independant - U19 0:27.9
6 Kurt Penno (BC) TRT p/b Mosaic Homes - U19 0:30.2
7 Sean Richardson (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 s.t.
8 Lars Lof (AB) CycleMeisters/Bow Cycle - U19 0:38.7
9 Nathan Bishop (BC) Connondale pb Fortius - U17 0:41.3
9 Jacob Gaucher (AB) The Lead Out Project - U19 s.t.
11 Axel Froner (ON) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting - U17 0:46.8
12 Jayke Janssen (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle - U19 0:55.2
13 Conor Martin (BC) TaG cycling race team - U17 s.t.
14 Jackson Kinniburgh (AB) bicisport - U17 s.t.
15 Quinn Storey (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 s.t.
16 Isaac Van Der vliet (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team - U19 1:00.1
17 Alex Webb (AB) Juventus - U17 1:02.8
17 Aidan Livesey (AB) the lead out project - U19 s.t.
19 Baili Guidi (BC) Fulgas Racing - U19 1:06.7
20 Talon Vale (BC) NA - U19 1:08.9
21 Evan Russell (BC) TaG Race Team - U17 1:13.4
22 Christopher Heinemann (AB) Juventus - U17 1:19.1
23 Evan McBeath (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 1:22.7
24 Michael Meade (BC) Cannondale pb fortius - U19 1:27.2
25 Aedan Crocker (BC) Triple Shot Youth Cycling - U17 1:38.6
26 Tamatea Westby (BC) Independent - U17 1:40.1
27 Caleb Bender (BC) Dr. Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycle - U17 1:41.7
28 Thomas Hargreaves (AB) bicisport - U19 1:46.5
29 Mathieu Meurer (AB) Juventus - U17 1:52.8
30 Adam Attwell (BC) Smart Savvy+ Garneau - U19 2:04.6
31 Jack Sirman (ON) NCCH p/b Dec Express - U17 2:19.2
32 Ethan Ogrodniczuk (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 2:22.3
33 Gavin Bowen (USA) Bowen Sports Performance - U17 2:57.2
34 Peyton Wiebe (AB) CSI Cyclemeister Bow Cycle - U17 2:59.4
35 Connor Hobbs (BC) Red Devils - U17 s.t.
36 Marc Gauvin (AB) Synergy Racing - U17 5:55.9
37 Quinn Fedor (ON) Team Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting - U17 6:27.0
38 Colton Blaney (BC) Red Devils - U17 6:53.7
39 Mikael Goh (AB) Edmonton Juventus CC - U17 10:25.7
DNF Sydney Flageole-Bray (ON) NCCH ELITE P-B MGCC - U17
DNF Eric Worman (BC) Red Devils - U17
DNS Riley Pickrell (BC) Tripleshot - U17
DNS Eric Inkster (BC) cannondale p/b Fortius - U17
U 19 / 17 Girls
1 Elisabeth Gin (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 0:27:23.8
2 Sarah Van Dam (BC) Tripleshot Youth - U17 at 0:11.0
3 Caitlin Wallin (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 0:16.6
4 Kaitlyn Rauwerda (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC - U19 0:19.2
5 Victoria Slater (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC - U17 0:30.6
6 Abbey McGill (AB) Juventus Edmonton CC - U19 0:38.5
7 Bronwen Campbell (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 0:47.4
8 Ainsley Black (ON) NCCH p/b D.E.C. Express - U19 0:51.5
9 Jaxon Slaney (BC) Red Devils Cycling Academy - U17 1:15.0
10 Casey Garrison (BC) Tripleshot - U17 1:19.8
11 Megan Barnes (BC) Tripleshot Cycling - U17 1:27.5
12 Kate Matson (BC) Team Cannondale - U17 1:32.3
13 Emma Lazenby (ON) NCCH p/b DEC Express - U17 1:36.0
14 Samantha Hargreaves (AB) bicisport - U17 1:46.9
15 Kathleen Turbitt (ON) NCCH - U17 2:19.1
16 Linnea Uunila (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17 6:41.7
DNF Elle Bush (BC) Cannondale pb Fortius - U17
DNF Maia Matson (BC) Team Cannondale - U17
DNF Phoebe HIll (ON) NCCH - U19
DNF Micaiah Besler (SK) TaG Cycling Race Team - U19
U 15 Boys
1 Liam Langford (ON) Kallisto-FCV pb Peloton Contracting - U15 0:22:48.9
2 Manu Moore (BC) DEVO pb Fortius - U15 at s.t.
3 Erik Haaheim (BC) Red Devils - U15 s.t.
4 Joel Worman (BC) Red Devils - U15 s.t.
5 Sasha Bishop (BC) DEVO pb Fortius - U15 0:07
6 Finlay MacEwen (ON) Kallisto FCV pb Peloton Contracting - U15 s.t.
7 Ian Reinke (ON) NCCH - U15 0:13.6
8 Quentin Cowan (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle - U15 0:18.7
9 Lincoln Hoel (BC) Balance Point Racing - U15 0:20.5
10 Noah Rubuliak (BC) red devils - U15 0:22.4
11 Lukas Bonkowski (AB) Juventus - U15 0:33.3
12 James Needham (BC) Balance Point Racing - U15 0:38.3
12 Griffen Hart (BC) Tripleshot Cycling - U15 s.t.
14 Connor Bosenberg (BC) Tripleshot - U15 s.t.
15 Campbell Parrish (BC) DEVO pb Fortius - U15 0:54.7
16 Liam Sargent (BC) Tripleshot - U15 1:19.8
17 Remy Garrison (BC) Tripleshot - U15 1:28.4
18 Reid Kinniburgh (AB) bicisport - U15 2:10.3
19 Oscar Setterington (YT) Independent - U15 3:11.1
20 Cameron Hobbs (BC) Red Devils Cycling Academy - U15 4:59.8
21 Tristan Crocker (BC) Triple Shot Youth Cycling - U15 5:31.4
DNF Clayton Chapman (YT) U Kon Echelon - U15
DNS Isaac Bergen (BC) Red Devils - U15
U 15 Girls
1 Ana Large (BC) Balance Point Racing - U15 0:24:03.7
2 Isla Walker (BC) Tripleshot Cycling - U15 at 0:02.2
3 Josie Welbourn (BC) DEVO pb Fortius - U15 0:05.4
4 Lilly Ujfalusi (BC) Devo pb Fortius - U15 0:11.7
5 Astrid Wuerr (BC) DEVO p/b Fortius - U15 0:14.7
6 Isabelle Orsler (AB) Synergy Racing - U15 0:17.2
7 Annie Wyminga Scott (AB) Juventus Cycling Club - U15 0:34.6
7 Veronica Porter (YT) U Kon Echelon - U15 s.t.
9 Ava irving-staley (YT) u kon echelon - U15 0:41.9
10 Alisha Lilley (BC) Devo - U15 0:45.3
11 Mollie Fraser (YT) U Kon Echelon - U15 1:39.0


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