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June 10/17 22:21 pm - Master Criterium Road Championships results

Posted by Editoress on 06/10/17

Results from the Masters Road Championships - Criterium

Master B Men, 38 laps
1 Daniel Wood (AB) Independent 0:53:00
2 Steve Mckee (ON) Wheels of Bloor at 0:02
3 Graham Fox (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:02
4 Gabriel Reid (Bel) Independent 0:02
5 Maurice Worsfold (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:03
6 Craig Debellefeuille (AB) Cyclemeisters / Bow Cycle 0:03
7 Chris Worsfold (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:04
8 Rolston Miller (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club 0:04
9 Curtis Schlossberger (BC) Pro City Racing 0:05
10 Kevin Ford (BC) Independent 0:05
11 Andrew Attwell (BC) Tripleshot Cycling Club 0:07
12 Masa Higuchi (AB) biciSport Calgary CC 0:07
13 Mark Sherman (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:07
14 Dean Broomham (BC) Fulgas 0:08
15 Allan Prazsky (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:09
16 Jon Watkin (BC) Russ Hay's Accent Inns Cycling p/b Scotiabank 0:09
17 Quinn Anderson (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:10
18 Dave Johnson (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:10
19 Jonathan Wood (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:11
20 Rory Mcadams (BC) 0:14
21 Jon Bula (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:28
22 Mike Elliston (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:33
23 Vince Marcotte (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:34
24 Dan Schmit (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:35
25 Paul Krzywicki (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling -1 lap
DNF Michael Robertson (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNF Graham Clarke (BC) Atomic Racing
DNF Jesse Gough (BC) Pro City Racing
DNF Julian Base (BC) Capa Tosta
DNF David Bellman (BC) Independent
DNF Mark Sherboneau (ON) Ride With Rendall
DNF Roger Lee (BC) Langlois Brown Racing
DNS Tristen Chernove (BC) Langlois Brown Racing
Master E Women, 27 laps
1 Lora Genaille (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:44:47
2 Jennifer Bell (ON) Thunder Bay Cycling Club -1 lap
Master F Women, 27 laps
1 Carolyn Russell (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:44:27
2 Katya Masun (ON) at 0:04
3 Carol Deavy (ON) Independent 0:19
4 Solveig Stoebe (BC) Independent 0:20
5 Berglind Hafsteinsdottir (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:21
6 Shannon Baerg (BC) Island Racing Club p/b Robert Cameron Law 0:22
7 Chantal Gosselin (ON) Independent 0:23
8 Gail Wozny (AB) Juventus CC 1:19
DNF Chantal Lauzon (BC) Steed Cycles
Master C Men, 33 Laps
1 Uli Mayer (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 48:13
2 Ian Scott (ON) Wheels of Bloor at 0:10
3 Neil Davies (BC) Jubilee Racing 0:10
4 robert Orange (QC) Juventus CC 0:11
5 Greg Cavanagh (ON) Independent 0:11
6 Peter Toth (AB) Independent 0:12
7 Tony Wakelin (BC) IRC p/b Robert Cameron Law 0:12
8 Greg Inkster (BC) VO2min 0:12
9 Paul Taylor (BC) Island Racing Club p/b Robert Cameron Law 0:13
10 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:14
11 David Lyall (BC) United Velo 0:15
12 lorenzo Caterini (NS) Craftsman Construction 0:16
13 Rob Smith (AB) Central Alberta CC 0:16
14 George Irwin (AB) Juventus CC 0:17
15 Bill Burtnik (AB) Juventus CC -7 laps
16 Drew Hemmingson (BC) Independent -9 laps
DNF Lorne Dmitruk (AB) Juventus CC
DNF Ian Melhado (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius
DNF Liam Rourke (AB) Hardcore CC
DNF Steven Mcauley (BC) Independent
DNF Lance Adamson (AB) Juventus CC
DNF John Tani (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Kevin Coghlan (AB) Velocity
DNF Craig Fraser (AB) DDA p/b Calgary Cycle
DNF Kevin Rokosh (AB) Juventus CC
DNF Zsolt Lorincz (BC) Independent
Master D Men, 33 laps
1 alex Szirmai (BC) Independent 48:26
2 Horacio Chaves (BC) Independent at s.t.
3 John Langley (BC) Fulgas 0:02
4 Brian Marsh (BC) Grand Forks Cycling Club 0:02
5 Chris Cameron (BC) Mid Island Velo Association -17 laps
6 Willem Van Den Berg (BC) Independent -25 laps
7 Clive Burke (AB) Juventus CC -25 laps
8 Bob Mclaren (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius -27 laps
9 Paul Christopher (BC) Tripleshot Cycling Club -28 laps
DNF David Johnston (AB) Independent
DNS francis Buys (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
Master A Men, 41 laps
1 Andrew Davidson (AB) The Lead Out Project 56:38
2 Cory Jay (PE) Craftsman Construction at 0:10
3 Nicholas Rowe (BC) Independent 0:40
4 Michael Goodman (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:41
5 Steve Savage (BC) Steed Cycles 0:42
6 Jeffrey Werner (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:42
7 Taylor Little (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:43
8 Jeroen Rijken (BC) Independent 0:43
9 Alan Zoller (BC) Fulgas 0:43
10 Jerome Mcnicoll (QC) Cannondale/ABC Cycles 0:43
11 Matt Billinghurst (BC) Pro City Racing 0:45
12 Michael Dawson (BC) Pro City Racing 0:46
13 Brett Boniface (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 0:46
14 Geoff Watts (BC) Steed Cycles 0:50
15 Ryan Clarke (BC) Pro City Racing 0:51
16 Paul Moffat (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 1:12
DNF Neil Brown (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNF Johannes Mallie (BC) United Velo
DNF Christian Frandsen (BC) Fulgas
DNF David Miller (AB) Independent
DNF Alex Hui (BC) Pro City Racing
DNF Gregory Toth (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNF John Rescigno (ON) Thunder Bay Cycling Club
DNS Wai-Ben Wong (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling


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