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November 4/00 6:33 am - National Cyclocross Championships, Tour of Okinawa

Posted by Editoress on 11/4/00

2000 Cyclocross Nationals

Racing starts at 11:00 am local (1:00 pm EST) with the Junior men (40 minutes) today, followed by the Junior & Master Women at 12:30 pm (2:30 pm EST). The forecast is 10C and mainly sunny, however, there is expected to be a good breeze blowing, so it could be quite chilly. We will begin our on-site reporting at about 10:30 am local.

Report from Cyclocross Nationals

The start times have been pushed back from the original schedule. Junior and Masters women and will go at 12:30 local time and the Junior men will race at 2:00 pm local time. The Junior and Masters women are very small fields. Just 3 junior women (Rachel and Rebecca Morris of Alberta and Cydney Gailbrath of Ontario) and 2 masters women are signed on to start. There will be no National Championship awarded for either event.

The Junior men on the other hand will have a fairly large field. Registration does not close for another hour and there are already 15 signed in. There is representation from 3 provinces (as required for a national Championship to be awarded).

The day started out cloudy, but the sun is now shining. The temperature is about 5 degrees C. The course is flat, dry and will likely be fast.

Report from Cyclocross Nationals

As racing started and the riders were 3/4 of the way through lap 1, no one rider had established any sort of a lead.

As they started lap 2, Ontario rider Cydney Gailbraith has moved decisively into the lead and has put nearly a minute between herself and the closest chaser.

The 3 laps should be covered in about 30 minutes (this is the estimate of the chief official Wayne Pomario).

The sun is now out and the temperature is 12 degrees C.

Other notes:

Andreas Hestler has entered the debate of who will win tomorrows Senior Men's race. His pick is Carter Hovey.

Current National Senior women's Champion Chrissy Redden will not defend her title

Galbraith still in the lead

As they start the 3rd and final lap, Ontario rider Cydney Gailbraith is maintaining her lead. Second rider in the overall is Saskatchewan's Sara Robbins (master).

Galbraith wins

Ontario rider Cydney Gailbraith easily won the Junior Women's Cyclocross race. Second place was Rachel Morris, with Rebecca Morris taking 3rd.

Cydney Gailbraith will be a rider to watch in the future. A first year Junior, just 16 years old, she won the Ontario Trillium Cup (road), was 2nd overall in the Ontario Mountain Bike Cup Series (O-Cup), was 4th at the MTB Nationals and 8th at the road Nationals.

Sarah Robbins of Saskatchewan won the Masters Women and was 2nd overall.

Junior Women
1. Cydney Gailbraith (Campbellford, ON) Kona-Bicycleworks 36:25
2. Rachel Morris (Red Deer, AB) Independent 39:23
3.. Rebecca Morris (Red Deer, AB) Independent 41.08

Masters Women
1. Sarah Robbins (Saskatoon, SK) Team Saskatchewan 37:18
2. Susan Sutherland (Calgary, AB) Eurotech Cycle 40:20

Junior Men's Race

The start of the race was very fast. At the 3/4 mark 5 riders, including Shawn Bunnin (Saskatchewan Provincial Champion), Gergely Hegedus (Alberta Provincial Champion), Buck Miller (Ontario) James Kriek (Ontario) and Ryan Roth (Ontario) were off the front.

Lap 2: It was Roth, Bunnin, .Hegedus and Miller with Kriek at 40 seconds.

Lap 3: Hegedus and Roth had dropped Bunnin (10 seconds back) and Miller (?).

Lap 4: Hegedus and Roth had been rejoined by Bunnin.

Lap 5 (final lap): Hegedus and Roth have again dropped Bunnin. The rest of the pack is now well back.

The winner of this race will be able to call himself the National Champion. There were 16 starters and there are 3 provinces represented, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The Junior Men's National Cyclocross Champion is....... Ryan Roth of the Woodstock (Ontario) Cycling Club. Gergely Hegedus and Roth stayed together to the end. As they came out of the woods and started to set up to sprint fore the finish, Hegedus caught his pedal and his gears jammed. Roth rode in for the win.

Shawn Bunnin of Saskatchewan takes third. All results are unofficial. Full results whan available.

Junior Men Complete Results

1. Ryan Roth (ON) Woodstock Cycling Club 46:53
2. Gergely Hegedus (AB) Team Alberta 46:56
3. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Saskatoon Cycledelia/Trek 47:37
4. Buck Miller (ON) St. Catharines Cycle Club 48:21
5. Marc Bomhoff (AB) Lethbridge HEadwinds 48:34
6. Jay Acheson (AB) Sports Shack Croakers 48:48
7. James Kriek (ON) Waterloo CC/Flying Dogs 49:41
8. Peter Steenaerts (AB) Eurotech Cycle 49:59
9. Steve Amos (ON) Waterloo CC 52:22
10. Carl Morrison (AB) Sports Shack Croakers 52:00
11. Jamie Sparling (AB) Olympic Oval-the Bike Shop 53:37
12. Damian Stachura (AB) Sports Shack Croakers 54:34
13. Jimmy Oneschuk (SK) Team Saskatchewan 55:55
14. Kegan Eastmead (AB) Sports Shack Croakers 57:43
15. Ryan MacKenzie (AB) Olympic Oval-the Bike Shop - 1 lap
16. Greg Drew (AB) Olympic Oval-the Bike Shop - 1 lap

Tour of Okinawa
Courtesy Bruce Wenting

CCA has asked me to manage the team attending this UCI 1.5 event on Nov 12. Our team for the 50 km womens' race is Victoria's Cybil Digustini and veteran Anne Samplonius.

Last year's race winner Mark Walters is not available for this year's event,however Canada will be represented by a strong team consisting of Svein(say Swane)Tuft of Langley BC, Corey Lang of Langley BC, Jacob Erker of Calgary Alta, Glen Rendall of Ottawa Ont, The mens race is a 200 km held concurrently with the womens' race as well as a large citizens' race/ride.


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