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July 9/17 7:08 am - Tour de Delta: Stage 2: Ladner Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/17

American Justin Williams Wins Ladner Criterium on Canadian Olympian’s Borrowed Bike

Kiwi Star Holly Edmonston Takes Women’s Race

Men's Race
Normally when a cyclist discovers their bike has a mechanical issue and they can’t use it to ride, they simply get it fixed before the race. However, what if the mechanical issue can’t be fixed at all – and the problem is that a vital piece of equipment on the bike isn’t allowed to be used?

That was the scenario facing Justin Williams at the beginning of the Ladner Criterium on Saturday night as part of BC Superweek and the Tour de Delta. The Race Commissaires informed the riders that Cycling Canada’s rules dictate that disc brakes are not allowed in road competitions. It left Williams without a bike to ride – until he looked to Cyclance Cycling teammate Joelle Numainville. Turns out there must have been some luck in that bike, as Williams sprinted to victory in the same race Numainville won just one year ago.

“They told us on the line we couldn’t ride the bike, so it was a little bit of a surprise,” said Williams. “She was just so great in letting me use hers, she just pointed to her bike and was like, ‘You want it?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, that’d be great.’”


Justin Williams Wins


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The 28-year-old Williams was second in Ladner last year and really pushed Numainville’s bike to the limit on the last lap – including the tires. He finished the 60-lap, 54-kilometre race in one hour, 13 minutes, and 25 seconds.

“We have a great tire sponsor in Vittoria. I just really trust them. Honestly, I don’t even think about it because they’ve been so great throughout the season,” the ten year pro and Los Angeles resident said.

The last few laps of the race were hectic, with a number of attacks coming from both teams and individual riders, including second place finisher John Murphy (Holoweski | Citadel Cycling Team) and third place finisher - and Murphy’s teammate - Tyler Magner. Williams was able to hold them off though.

“I’m grateful that guys gave me respect and on the last lap I was on the right wheel. Going into the second to last corner, Magner let a little gap open and maybe he was going to take a run at Murphy, maybe he was going to let him roll, but I just couldn’t take that chance,” Williams explained. “After everything that happened before the race, I really wanted it. I shot Magner’s inside, which I normally wouldn’t do but it felt like the right thing in the moment.

With three wins at the Tour de Delta last year and three Canadian National Road Race Championships (2015, 2013, 2010), Numainville has  done pretty well on her bike – now if only she can get it back from Williams. He might not be so eager to part with it after Saturday’s win in Ladner.

Women's Race
Already a decorated cyclist in her homeland of New Zealand, Holly Edmonston is on her way to making a name for herself at BC Superweek after winning the 2017 Ladner Criterium on Saturday night. The 21-year-old Kiwi sprinted ahead of a large pack on the last lap to claim the 40-lap, 40.5 kilometre race in a time of one hour, one minute, and eight seconds.

On the last corner before the finish line, it seemed like Edmonston and her Cycling New Zealand team came out of nowhere to put themselves in the mix to be atop the podium – and it worked. “We just went for it on the inside of the back straight, managed to get around the corner first and then I just gunned it,” she explained.



Holly Edmonston wins ahead of Kirsti Lay



Photo gallery


The race progressed slower than Friday’s BC Superweek and Tour de Delta opener, the MK Delta Lands Criterium, due to the caliber of the field, which is among the strongest ever at this event, and a tactical approach from the riders and teams. However, the last lap came down to a sprint, in which Edmonston’s team drew upon their extensive track experience when they saw the door open.

“Definitely, we actually treated it like an elimination race most of the time!” exclaimed Edmonston.

Montreal’s Kristi Lay made it to the podium for the second straight night at BC Superweek after winning the MK Delta Lands Criterium. The 29-year-old Lay – a former elite speed skater - looked like she was riding for a teammate during the final lap, but her Rally Cycling cohort Allison Beveridge didn’t quite make it to her wheel.

“It was a bit crazy, the last lap there, everyone was gunning for the second to last turn because you want position (going into the final turn). With Rally, we have such great sprinters and anything I can do to get them into position (I will),” said Lay, who won gold at the 2015 Pan-Am Games, silver at the 2016 World Championships and 2015 Pan-Am Championships, and bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics and 2015 World Championships for Canada. “Sometimes it doesn’t work in a race, but you’ve got to just keep going to the finish and it worked for us!”

The riders were well aware that the first 39 laps were a bit methodical, and as a result, the final lap was breakneck. Aussie Josie Talbot, riding for ISCorp p/b Progress, wound up just behind Edmonston and Lay in third place. Talbot had only three teammates in the race, so it was tough for them to tackle attacks from powerhouses like Rally, Trek Red Truck, and The Cyclery – 4iiii. The lack of numbers affected their ability to build a team strategy for the final lap.

“We were just trying to work off the other teams to be honest because we’re a smaller squad. It was so hectic that last lap, I didn’t know if I was even going to be in the sprint, but I’m pretty stoked to make it through all that traffic on the last straight,” said Talbot, who won the junior team pursuit world title and two bronze medals at the 2014 Junior Track World Championships.

BC Superweek and the Tour de Delta continues on Sunday with the White Spot | Delta UCI 1.2 Road Race. The women’s race starts at 9:30 am while the men begin at 1 pm.
Report Courtesy Brian Wiebe, BC Superweek



Results from the Ladner Criterium - the second race of BC Superweek and the Tour de Delta held in Delta BC on Saturday July 8th

Pro/1/2/3/ Women
1 Holly Edmondston (NZl) Cycling New Zealand 1:01:08
2 Kirsti Lay (Can) Rally Cycling
3 Josie Talbot (Aus) ISCorp p/b Progress
4 Joelle Numainville (Can) Cylance Cycling Team
5 Allison Beveridge (Can) Rally Cycling
6 Elizabeth Williams (Aus) Hagens Berman | Supermint
7 Michaela Drummond (NZl) Cycling New Zealand
8 Sarah Coney (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty all s.t.
9 Karlee Gendron (Can) Rise Racing 1:01:10
10 Rachel Langdon (GBr) ISCorp p/b Progress
11 Devaney Collier (Can) Independent
12 Anna Booth (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team
13 Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling
14 Lindsay Rachetto (USA) Hagens Berman | Supermint
15 Racquel Sheath (NZl) Cycling New Zealand
16 Chloe Mcintosh (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team
17 Jamie Gilgen (Can) Rise Racing
18 Meghan Grant (Can) Independent
19 Caroline Baur (Sui) ISCorp p/b Progress
20 Jessica Mundy (USA) Colavita - Bianchi
21 Monica Volk (USA) Rally Cycling
22 Bryony Botha (NZl) Cycling New Zealand
23 Marie-Soleil Blais (Can) Independent
24 Beth Ann Orton (USA) Point S Racing
25 Kendelle Hodges (Aus) Colavita - Bianchi
26 Starla Teddergreen (USA) Hagens Berman | Supermint
27 Hannah Shell (USA) ISCorp p/b Progress
28 Heidi Franz (USA) Keller-Rohrback Cycling Team
29 Julie Kuliecza (USA) Hagens Berman | Supermint
30 Helena Coney (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
31 Eloise Vaughan (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team
32 Margot Clyne (USA) UBC Cycling Team
33 Janna Gillick (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
34 Annie Foreman-Mackey (Can) Sho-Air Twenty20
35 Catherine Ouellette (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
36 Kirstie James (NZl) Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes
37 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
38 Alexandra Burton (USA) Point S Racing
39 Rachel Canning (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
40 Anne-Marije Rook (USA) Keller-Rohrback Cycling Team
41 Suzanne Hamilton (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
42 Miriam Brouwer (Can) Rise Racing
43 Nicole Pressprich (USA) Keller-Rohrback Cycling Team
44 Kristen Kit (Can) Broad Street Cycles
45 Mary Maroon (USA) JAKROO presented by CHROME INDUSTRIES
46 Amelie Bruneau (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
47 Erin J Attwell (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
48 Emily Newsom (USA) Team Elevate Racing
49 Anika Todd (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
50 Elyse Fraser (NZl) Cycling New Zealand
51 Mallory Miller (USA) Point S Racing
52 Lily Williams (USA) Rally Cycling
53 Grace Anderson (NZl) Independent all s.t.
54 Emma Lujan (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling 1:01:18
55 Dafne Theroux-Izquierdo (Can) Desjardins-Ford 1:01:18
56 Megan Heath (USA) Rally Cycling 1:01:18
57 Ashley Barson (Can) Rise Racing 1:01:19
58 Allyson Gillard (Can) Desjardins-Ford 1:01:22
59 Jennifer Gerth (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 1:01:24
60 Carrie Cartmill (Can) Rise Racing s.t.
61 Emily Flynn (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii 1:01:25
62 Alizee Brien (Can) Independent 1:01:26
63 Stephanie Chase (USA) Point S Racing s.t.
64 Holly Simonson (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing 1:02:26
DNF Kinley Gibson (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
DNF Sara Giovannetti (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
DNF Rebecca Cohen ()
DNF Jessica Daniels (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Haley Gill (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Kassandra Kriarakis (Can) Rise Racing
DNF Anna Talman (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
DNF Anna Gabrielle (Gabby) Traxler (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
DNF Sophia Andrews (USA) Point S Racing
DNF Rebecca Stephens (Aus) CBR Women's Cycling Team
DNF Sagal-Maria Kahn ()
DNF Lora Genaille (Can) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNF Isabella Bertold (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
DNF Kat Enns (Can)
DNF Pam Troyer ()
DNF Ivy Audrain (USA) Independent
DNF Ione Johnson (NZl) Independent
DNF Aliya Traficante (Chico) Independent
DNF Cara Machacek (USA) Keller-Rohrback Cycling Team
DNS Ariane Bonhomme (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
DNS Gillian Carleton (Can) The Cyclery - 4iiii
DNS Joyce Spruyt (Can) Rise Racing
DNS Michele Schaeffer (USA) Trek Red Truck Racing
DNS Nicolle Bruderer (Gua) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
DNS Madeleine Park (NZl) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
DNS Jennifer Tetrick (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
DNS Fiona Vernon (Can) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNS Erin Ruttan (Can) Keller-Rohrback Cycling Team/td>
Pro/1/2 Men
1 Justin Williams (USA) Cylance Cycling Team 1:13:26
2 John P Murphy (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
3 Tyler Magner (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
4 Ryan Macanally (Aus) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
5 Ryan Primeau (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
6 Pier-Andre Cote (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
7 Felix Cote-Bouvette (Can) Garneau Quebecor
8 Jure Rupnik (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
9 Jean-Simon D'anjou (Can) Garneau Quebecor
10 Brad Huff (USA) Rally Cycling
11 Pierrick Naud (Can) Rally Cycling
12 Elliott Doyle (Can) Garneau Quebecor
13 Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling
14 Hendrik Pineda (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
15 Wolfgang Brandl (Ger) Movistar Team Ecuador
16 Curtis White (USA) Rally Cycling
17 Simon-Pierre Gauthier (Can) Garneau Quebecor
18 Ryan Aitcheson (Can) First Internet Bank Cycling
19 Liam White (Aus) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Cycling Team
20 Evan Murphy (USA) Toronto Hustle
21 Alberto Covarrubias (Mex) Stradalli Safetti
22 William Myers (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
23 Shane Kline (USA) Rally Cycling
24 Sam Bassetti (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
25 Liam Magennis (Aus) New South Wales Institute of Sport
26 Jordann Jones (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock all s.t.
27 Chris Ernst (Can) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Cycling Team 1:13:32
28 Ed Veal (Can) Real Deal Racing 0:00:00
29 Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Garneau - Easton Cycling
30 Kurt Penno (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
31 Dan Wood (Can) Independent
32 Simon Ouellet (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
33 Alexander Murison (GBr) Trek Red Truck Racing
34 Stephen Keeping (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
35 Nate Freed (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
36 Thorsten Askervold (USA) Storck CCN
37 Miguel Bryon (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
38 Emile Jean (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
39 Harrison Bailey (Aus) Storck CCN
40 Jordan Gilmore (NZl) Independent
41 Alexander Amiri (Can) Smart Savvy+
42 Florenz Knauer (Can) Stradalli Safatti
43 Kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
44 Todd Satchell (Aus) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Cycling Team
45 Oliver Evans (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
46 Brendan Armstrong (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
47 Anton Varabei (Can) Toronto Hustle
48 Benoit Boulay (Can) Toronto Hustle
49 Lukas Conly (Can) Smart Savvy+
50 Maurice Worsfold (Can)TaG Cycling Race Team
51 Peter Foerster (Ger) Stradalli Safetti
52 James Grant (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
53 Chris Prendergast (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
54 Cameron Fitzmaurice (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
55 Amiel Flett-Brown (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
56 Justin Mauch (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
57 Max Rubarth (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
58 Ronaldo Gonzalez (USA) Veloselect Racing Team
59 Sam Boardman (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
60 Christian Bernard (Can) Independent
61 Quinn Anderson (Can) Mighty Riders Cycling
62 Adam Holcombe (Can) Gastown Cycling Racing Reds all s.t.
63 Hugo Jones (NZl) Cycling New Zealand 1:13:42
64 Trevor O'donnell (Can) Toronto Hustle 1:13:42
65 Lucas Taylor (Can) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Cycling Team
66 Allan Satchell (Aus) Kallisto FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Cycling Team
67 Jeffrey Kemp (Can) Capa Tosta all s.t.
68 Ty Andrews (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing 1:13:46
69 Adam Lefebvre (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock 1:13:46
70 Tom Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling
71 Olivier Brisebois (Can) Garneau Quebecor
72 Jeroen Rijken (Can) Independent
73 Antoine Fabry (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
74 Robert Gutgesell (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
75 Travis Samuel (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
76 Brad Bradford (Can) Toronto Hustle
77 Brett Wakefield (Can) Team Giant Vancouver
78 Von Winkelmann (Can) Smart Savvy+
79 Erik Diertens (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
80 Chris Harland-Dunaway (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
81 Marc Dupuis (Can) Smart Savvy+ Garneau U23 Cycling Team
82 Alexander Cowan (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
83 Olivier Peloquin (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
84 Kyle Boorsma (Can) Toronto Hustle all s.t.
85 Chris Worsfold (Can)TaG Cycling Race Team 1:13:58
86 Jesse Anthony (USA) Rally Cycling 1:13:59
87 Spencer Downing (USA) Panache Houndstooth Racing 1:14:01
88 Joshua Taylor (AUs) New South Wales Institute of Sport 1:14:04
89 Mark * Grant (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team s.t.
90 Philip Lavery (Irl) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team 1:14:07
91 Ryan Cavanagh (Aus) New South Wales Institute of Sport s.t.
92 Brendan Rhim (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team 1:14:09
93 Andy Scarano (USA) Stradalli Safetti 1:14:12
94 Mac Brennan (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team 1:14:21
95 Oscar Clark (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team 1:14:35
96 Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro Cycling s.t.
DNF Alexis Cartier (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Conor O'brien (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Matt Staples (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Brendan Cowley (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNF Sean Henry (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNF Brandon Jones (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNF Nicholas Jones (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNF Patrick Riddell (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNF Ryan Moore (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
DNF Marc-Antoine Soucy (Can) Garneau Quebecor
DNF Jean-Francois Soucy (Can) Garneau Quebecor
DNF Sherwood Plant (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
DNF Christian Gomes (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
DNF Davide Vigano (Ita) Team Cinelli Chrome
DNF Yuri Hrycaj (Can) Toronto Hustle
DNF Connor Toppings (Can) Smart Savvy+
DNF Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
DNF Wai-Ben Wong (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Duncan Bryson (Can) Victoria Wheelers
DNF Jackson Bocksnick (Can) Victoria Wheelers
DNF Jay Delaney (Can) Capa Tosta
DNF Enrico Traini (Can) FCV Kalistio P/B Peloton Concracting
DNF Shawn Litster (Can) NovaCare Cycling
DNF Tommy Waldeck (Can) OCTTO Cycling Team
DNF Jonathan Braunstein (Can) Independent
DNF Emmanuel Suarez (USA) Independent
DNS Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNS Nigel Ellsay (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
DNS Alexander Fraser-Maraun (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNS Isaac Niles (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNS Normand Richard (Can) North Coast Lumber 1 p.b Giant White Rock
DNS Matt Chatlaong (USA) Herbalife p/b Nature's Bakery - Marc Pro
DNS Bruno Langlois (Can) Garneau Quebecor
DNS Stuart Shaw (Aus) New South Wales Institute of Sport
DNS Timothy Austen (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
DNS Sascha Cantor (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
DNS Alan Dempsey (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
DNS William Goodfellow (Can) Veloselect Racing Team
DNS Clarke Lind (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing
DNS Hunter Grove (USA) Cylance Cycling Team
DNS Scott Law (USA) Cylance Cycling Team
DNS Bryan Lewis (USA) Cylance Cycling Team
DNS Eric Marcotte (USA) Cylance Cycling Team
DNS Karl Menzies (USA) Cylance Cycling Team
DNS Chris MacLeod (Can) Smart Savvy+ U23 Cycling Team
DNS Owen Gillott (Aus) Storck-CCN
DNS Daniel Leberger (USA) Hie Cycling / Velo Vendor
DNS Brett Boniface (Can) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA
DNS Jared Gray (NZl) Independent
DNS Reinder Hoornstra (Can) Independent

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