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November 17/00 12:18 pm - Classifieds Are Up, Biker Poem

Posted by Editor on 11/17/00

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A Cycling Shakespeare?

The following is a poem read by me at the 9th annual Ottawa "Biker Banquet" a celebration of Ottawa's awesome biker community, organized by John Large. Over 200 people this year!

by Julian Hine

Is it for the sore legs with which I awake?
Is it for the easy ride the next day that I take?

Oh why do I race so often on my bike?
What is it about it that I actually like?

Is it the mud in my eyes mixed with salty sweat?
Is it shaving my legs to see the muscles I get?

Maybe dressing up for a ride in that certain way,
Or being out on a ride, feeling "its my day."

It is the absolute love that flows through my chain,
and into my legs and heart, ending all pain.

On race day I am jumpy and nervouse inside,
I never get used to it, I just can't hide.

I eat well and sleep long, and ride on awful days,
I curse in march's drizzle and bake in July's rays.

I spend hours in cars and planes, jump from bed to bed.
A different race every week really makes my spin head!

for seven months of the year, I race all the weekends,
It's a traveling cicus, I have other infected friends.

Sore muscles, funny tanlines,I won't mention saddlesores
Race laundry, travel plans,and many other race chores.

Oh why do I choose to race, it is a choice,
For the days I speak loud, with my legs as my voice.

I choose to be a racer and with love I live the life,
I choose to be a racer and won't trade any of the strife

I will admit that the joy out weighs all the pain,
So here are some of what I have to gain.

Being away from a desk, punchclock or boss with a whip
I get to travel alot, on a fun weekly trip.

I get wind on my back all day on the road,
I got a switchback descent that twisted and flowed.

Coffee in late morning while reading velo-news
New bikes in the spring, and clothing and shoes.

Finishing some days with arms raised up high,
Being surprised with great form and not knowing why?

Great chats with friends as we roll along,
Or riding alone and singing out a song.

Occasionally failing or making a mistake,
And always learning with coach for the next retake.

So here begins another journey,another race season,
I ask myself why, and I easily find a Reason

Peace Be The Journey!


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