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November 18/00 9:54 am - Canadians in France, Saturn 2001

Posted by Editor on 11/18/00

Open des Nations, France

Reports from Canadian national team members Kyle Hudson and Jim Fisher.

Kyle Hudson:

First night of racing complete. Thankfully, as we are all still dead tired, although Jim and I managed to keep our eyes open while on the track today. Unlike yesterday!

Jim won the coin toss to see which of us would do sprints and which would do Keirin the first and third night. Alternating for Saturday nights races. So Jim in the first Keirin ride, managed to keep himself upright, barely. While making his move from the back of the pack was cut off by a French rider, turning 'the fish' into the pinball wizard. He managed to keep himself upright to race another day!

Sprints! Well I must say experience in this event can certainly pay off. Of which I have very little. My first two sprints I think it was my extreme impatience that got the better of me, giving the other rider a 'free ride' to the win. My 3rd ride I felt much more comfortable and rode the race I wanted to ride, but this time being beat simply by a much faster rider, Mickael Bourgain, France.

So this dismal performance put me in the ride for 13-16th place, a four up sprint, a little more my type of sprint. Drawing 4th position on the start line, my preference, I could dangle off the back of the other riders, all in plain view. My strategy, let them mess around with each other and the pace pick up and attack hard. Everything worked as planned I caught them all 'standing still' with a lap and a quarter to go took a convincing lead and held on for the win.

Jim in the 9-16th Keirin final, launched an impressive attack as the pace bike pulled off, leading until a half lap to go when when the others caught up. By the finish Jim was swallowed up, managing to hold on to 15th place. A great effort!

Glen Rendall 15th Win and Out
Alex Cloutier 15th Points race
Glen & Alex 16th Madison

So thankfully evening 1 complete. I think we were all glad to get the first night of racing in, although things did not wrap up until 1am, we now have 18 hours to rest up for round 2!

Until then, au revoir.


Jim Fisher

Well, as all of you are knee deep in snow, Kyle, Alex, Glenn, Kris, Michelle and I are racing one of the biggest pro track races in the World!! It consists of most of the best Europeans, Olympic Medalists, World Champ Medalists, oh, and us. Pretty big competition to say the least!! We are having fun, though. I was doing Keiren, flying lap, and the Elimination. Pretty rough racing, guys full-blown T-boning me all over the place. I am used to it, though. When I lived in the Peg, I was hit with a bus or two. I went for a valiant attempt in the Keiren final, bolting over with just under 2 laps to go, almost making it, but after my gap was closed and got passed by all but 1 in the home straight! So good move, but I sucked....

Kyle did the Sprint tournament, with good control over opponents. Sometimes racing Borgain, you fall short in the jets. He, however took the 13-16th place 4 up final, with a blistering last 1.5 lap from the front and the jet engines sending a smoke screen behind him. Confusion works well. Alex and Glenn had a bit of a learning experience in the Madison, missing a couple exchanges and having it take its toll midway through the race. Glenn showed his sprinting style in the win and out, and Alex had a very tough ride in the blistering fast points race, but he did great! This is extremely high level racing, so we are learning and having fun. Can someone tune my snowboard for me, my mountain training commences the first day I return. Thanks. Till next time, everyone stay well. Jim Fisher.

Saturn Team 2001

Team Sports and the Saturn Corporation are excited to announce the addition of Timex to the support of the proven Saturn Cycling Team. Saturn will renew their strength in cycling by integrating Timex into the Saturn Cycling Team to create a cycling superpower. In keeping with rich cycling tradition, the Saturn Corporation is pleased to take the next step forward in their nine-year involvement with the professional cycling team. By combining forces with Timex, Saturn will continue to escalate their involvement in cycling and further enhance their proven sponsorship success.

After five successful years with the Timex Women's Team, the merger will enable Timex to increase their marketing reach and support of cycling. Christine Johnson, Corporate Sponsorship and Promotions Manager at Timex shares her reason for being the driving force behind joining the two teams, "Due to the proven effectiveness domestically with our involvement in cycling, Timex desires a bigger presence internationally. We feel that joining forces with Saturn will aid both companies in our efforts to capitalize on the potency of cycling in our marketing plans."

A three-year commitment extended by both Saturn and Timex ensures that this enterprise will be one of the most thorough cycling programs to date. Incorporating a men's and women's schedule on four continents will make this the first of its kind. In a move that has positive repercussions in both the cycling and the business world, these two household names will continue to use a cycling platform to expand their reach in both the peloton and the marketplace.

With a schedule focusing on key domestic races, an expanded presence abroad and the increased Women's World Cup Series, a roster of both International and National riders has been selected. Returning to the Team are Michael Barry, 2000 Olympian and three time National Champion Erin Hartwell, First Union Invitational winner Trent Klasna, Harm Jansen, and National Cyclo-cross Champions Frank and Mark McCormack. Newly signed to the Men's roster are Matt Decanio, Pan Am Games Champion Ivan Domingues, Chris Fisher, Tim Johnson, Soren Peterson, and 2000 Olympian Eric Wohlberg. On the Women's side, 2000 Olympian Lyne Bessette, 1996 Olympic double Medalist Clara Hughes, former Hour Record Holder and 1999 World Cup Champion, Anna Millward, former World Champion Petra Rossner, and Suzanne Soyne will all return to the team. Joining them in their assault on the women's peloton will be Kim Bruckner, Kim Davidge, Anke Erlank, and Ina Teutenberg. Directing the team to their many inevitable wins will be Jim Copeland, and retired Timex rider Giana Roberge will manager the team on a day to day basis.


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