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July 19/17 21:54 pm - Cascade Classic: Stage 1, Lay wins

Posted by Editoress on 07/19/17

Kirsti Lay wins the first stage in Oregon
Team mate Poidevin 2nd

Kristi Lay and Sara Poidevin laid a one-two punch on the Cascade Classic today for Rally Cycling, finishing first and second place at the McKenzie Road Race. Allie Dragoo (ShoAir-Twenty20) took third after 88 miles (144km) of racing.




"We wanted to control the pace and put pressure on some of the other teams to draw out some of their bigger riders," Lay said. "With 200 metres to go I jumped off Twenty20's wheel and got to win. My teammates made it work for me."

It was a quiet start to the opening stage of the 38th edition of Cascade Classic, with many riders opting to save their legs for the final climb up to Dee Wright Observatory. When the climb hit, Rally Cycling, Colavita-Bianchi and DNA Racing swapped punches that popped more than half the field off the back.

Less than 20 riders remained with 10 km to go. As the road rose up to meet the lava fields at the top of the mountain, so did the top talent in the 76-rider field.



Kirsti Lay taakes the win


Lay will start stage 2 in the yellow jersey. The Rally rider also leads the QOM classification, so Dragoo will wear the polka dot jersey. Sara Bergen (Rally) is in the green jersey and Poidevin will wear white as the best young rider.

"It's a big week of racing coming up," Lay said. "We have a team where a few riders could wear yellow so we have a lot of cards to play, it's not necessarily just me, so we'll definitely try and put in a strong performance."

In the men's race, Alex Howes, racing this week with the USA National Team, took the win in the final 100m ahead of Paco Mancebo (Hanger 15 Bicycles). Last year's winner, Robin Carpenter (Holowesko) came in third. Howes also picked up the KOM jersey, winning on the cat 2 climb for the finish at McKenzie Pass.

"It was just one pedal after another for that final climb," Howes said. "It's a tricky finish, even though it's uphill, it's pretty fast, and a little sandy. The team did a great job to get me and Kiel Reijnen in position. Kiel just said go at 100m and that's what I did."

The men raced for 107.8 miles, with a cat 4 KOM climb 20 miles into the race. The field was very active as attack after attack came in order to establish a break. It took nearly half the stage before a 14-rider break was finally allowed to escape. Shortly before the only sprint points of the day and the final climb, 5-rider attacked the break and established a new lead group.

"We chased, we didn't get too many time splits honestly, so we were going off feel, trying to figure it out." Carpenter said. Holowesko|Citadel has won the general classification for the past 2 years. "Fortunately, there's always a massive headwind on McKenzie Pass. I knew it would be tough for the break, and I knew that if we got to the bottom of the climb and we had 2 minutes or less, we would probably catch them…we had zero help, none at all (for the chase), so that was especially impressive. I was happy about how I did, even if I didn't win."

Back in the field, race radio communication was breaking up, not able to give out time gaps for some time. Thus, the break enjoyed up to a seven-minute lead.

"Day was a little stressful," Carpenter added. "We let the gap go out a little too much, everybody had a guy up there. It could have been a repeat of what happened a couple of weeks ago at Tour de Beauce where the break gets 20 minutes. It was too bad I couldn't win again but I'm pretty happy to be on the podium."





Howes does not expect to keep the yellow jersey following tomorrow's Skyliners Time Trial.

"Both of these guys are going to take quite a bit of time out of me in the TT tomorrow, realistically," Howes added. "I didn't bring a TT bike up, it didn't fit in my car. Hopefully, that will make this more of an interesting race. We're going to have to be aggressive later on this week."

Howes leads both the GC and the KOM competition, with Greg Henderson (UHC Pro Cycling) leading the sprint points classification, and Santiago Montenegro (Movistar Team Ecuador) leading the Best Young Rider's general classification. Mancebo will wear the KOM jersey for the TT.

Thursday's stage is a 14.3-mile (23 km) out and back individual time trial.



Results from stage 1: McKenzie Pass Road Race in Bend Oregon

Women, 143.7 km
1 Kirsti Lay (MXT Rally Womens Cycling) 4:19:51
2 Sara Poidevin (MXT Rally Womens Cycling) at 0:05
3 Allie Dragoo (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 0:07
4 Margot Clyne (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) 0:16
5 Jasmin Duehring (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) s.t.
6 Jennifer Valente (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 0:19
7 Kaitlin Antonneau (Cylance Pro Cycling) 0:27
8 Stephanie Roorda (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 0:31
9 Emma Grant (Colavita |Bianchi) 0:40
10 Catherine Ouellette (DESJARDINS-FORD) 0:43
11 Tarah Cole (Hagens Berman Supermint)
12 Sara Bergen (MXT Rally Womens Cycling)
13 Heidi Franz (MXT Rally Womens Cycling)
14 Whitney Allison (Colavita |Bianchi)
15 Veronique Bilodeau (DESJARDINS-FORD)
16 Jessica Cerra (Hagens Berman Supermint) all s.t.
17 Julie Emmerman (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 0:47
18 Jennifer Luebke (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 0:56
19 Kathryn Buss (Team Tibco) 1:00
20 Emma Lujan (Trek Red Truck Racing) 1:04
21 Beth Ann Orton (Point S Racing) 1:06
22 Stefanie Sydlik (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 1:27
23 Annie Foreman-Mackey (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 2:00
24 Shayna Powless (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20)
25 Carrie Cartmill (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) both s.t.
26 Breanne Nalder (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 2:27
27 Emily Rodger (Landis/Trek) 2:30
28 Starla Teddergreen (Hagens Berman Supermint) s.t.
29 Elyse Fraser (New Zealand Cycling Team) both s.t.
30 Ryan Levering (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) 2:36
31 Abigail Mickey (Colavita |Bianchi) 2:39
32 Alison Tetrick (Cylance Pro Cycling) s.t.
33 Amy Benner (MXT Rally Womens Cycling) 2:48
34 Katherine Salthouse (Landis/Trek) s.t.
35 Kathryn Donovan (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 3:16
36 Erica Clevenger (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 3:23
37 Nicole Pressprich (Point S Racing) 4:24
38 Anna Gabrielle Traxler (Trek Red Truck Racing) 5:13
39 Holly Edmondston (New Zealand Cycling Team) 5:55
40 Amber Pierce (Colavita |Bianchi)
41 Liza Rachetto (Hagens Berman Supermint) both s.t.
42 Heather Fischer (Team Tibco) 6:00
43 Calle Swan (Trek Red Truck Racing) s.t.
44 Mikayla Harvey (Team Illuminate) 6:03
45 Grace Anderson (Team Illuminate) s.t.
46 Annick Chalier (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) 6:23
47 Summer Moak (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 6:27
48 Jennifer Tetrick (Team Tibco) 6:34
49 Claire Rose (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin) 6:35
50 Alexandra Burton (Point S Racing) 7:15
51 Allyson Gillard (DESJARDINS-FORD) 7:23
52 Erica Allar (MXT Rally Womens Cycling)
53 Mandy Heintz (MXT Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cyclin)
54 Jessica Mundy (Colavita |Bianchi) all s.t.
55 Sofia Arreola Navarro (MXT Sho-Air TWENTY20) 7:27
56 Racquel Sheath (New Zealand Cycling Team) 7:29
57 Amity Gregg (Team Illuminate) 7:34
58 Mallory Miller (Point S Racing) 7:37
59 Dafne Theroux Izquierdo (DESJARDINS-FORD) 8:06
60 Bryony Botha (New Zealand Cycling Team) 8:32
61 Alexandria Millard (Team Illuminate) 10:44
62 Madeleine Park (Team Tibco) 11:31
63 Danielle Morshead (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) 11:40
64 Anna Talman (Trek Red Truck Racing) 12:02
65 Maureen Mcauliffe (Landis/Trek) 12:13
66 Katherine Maine (MXT Rally Womens Cycling) 13:33
67 Gillian Ellsay (Colavita |Bianchi) 14:38
68 Astrid Gassner (Colavita |Bianchi) s.t.
69 Erica Zaveta (Cylance Pro Cycling) 14:47
70 Kendall Ryan (Team Tibco) 16:27
71 Lori Nedescu (Point S Racing) 18:37
72 Georgia Catterick (Team Illuminate) 19:18
73 Allison Beveridge (MXT Rally Womens Cycling) 19:31
74 Christina Bonnington (JVelo Cycling p/b The Freewheel) 26:41
75 Tori Riemersma (Landis/Trek) 52:44
DNF Joelle Numainville (Cylance Pro Cycling)
Men, 173.97 km
1 Alex Howes (USA National Team) 4:02:36
2 Francisco Mancebo Perez (Hangar 15 Bicycles)
3 Robin Carpenter (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b )
4 Gavin Mannion (United HealthCare Professional ) all s.t.
5 Santiag Montenegro Narvaezjimmy (Team Ecuador) 0:03
6 Kiel Reijnen (USA National Team)
7 Robert Squire (Hangar 15 Bicycles)
8 Nigel Ellsay (Silber Pro Cycling)
9 Noah Granigan (CCB Velotooler)
10 Chris Prendergast (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
11 Emerson Oronte (Rally Cycling)
12 Travis Samuel (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
13 Barry Miller (Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54)
14 Robert Gutgesell (Trek Red Truck Racing)
15 Peter Stetina (USA National Team)
16 Eduardo Corte Cordero (Canels - Specialized)
17 Evan Huffman (Rally Cycling)
18 Daniel Eaton (United HealthCare Professional )
19 Cameron Piper (USA National Team)
20 Serghei Tvetcov (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
21 Jack Burke (Aevolo)
22 Rolando Gonzalez Fernandez (Landis/Trek)
23 Alexander Cataford (United HealthCare Professional )
24 Jacob Sitler (CCB Velotooler)
25 Luis Ricar Villalobos Hernandez (Aevolo)
26 Victor Manuel Garcia Estevez (Canels - Specialized)
27 Michael Rodriguez Galindo (Canels - Specialized)
28 Justin Mauch (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -)
29 Chad Beyer (Hangar 15 Bicycles) all s.t.
30 Torey Philipp (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -) 0:17
31 George Simpson (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2)
32 Christopher Jones (United HealthCare Professional )
33 Lance Haidet (Aevolo)
34 Ezekiel Mostov (Aevolo)
35 Joshua Berry (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
36 Cameron Beard (CCB Velotooler)
37 Stefano Barberi (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G)
38 Bayron Patrici Guama De La Cruz (Team Ecuador)
39 Erik Slack (Hangar 15 Bicycles)
40 Liam Magennis (NSW Institute of Sport)
41 Cooper Shanks (Dolce Vita Freewheel p/b SL2)
42 Jefferson Cepeda (Team Ecuador)
43 Logan Owen (USA National Team) all s.t.
44 Philip Lavery (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team) 0:26
45 Ulises Alfredo Castillo Soto (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) s.t.
46 Jason Saltzman (Aevolo) 0:29
47 Wouter Zwart (Landis/Trek) 0:34
48 Gasore Hategeka (Team Rwanda) 0:36
49 Cameron Bronstein (Team Mikes Bikes) 0:37
50 Joseph Lewis (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b ) s.t.
51 Stephen Bassett (Silber Pro Cycling) 0:43
52 Shane Kline (Rally Cycling)
53 Steve Fisher (Hangar 15 Bicycles) both s.t.
54 Ryan Cavanagh (NSW Institute of Sport) 0:46
55 Zachary Nehr (Storck-CCN) s.t.
56 Rene Jean Paul Ukiniwabo (Team Rwanda) 0:48
57 Efren Santos Moreno (Canels - Specialized) 0:52
58 Keegan Swirbul (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) 1:06
59 Cortlan Brown (Hangar 15 Bicycles) 1:13
60 Kaler Marshall (Hangar 15 Bicycles) 1:32
61 Lewis Whiley (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G) 2:03
62 Florenz Knauer (Stradalli Cycle-Safetti) 2:13
63 Phillip Kearns (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brew) 2:19
64 Micah Engle (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2) 2:20
65 Jefferson Alve Cepeda Hernandez (Team Ecuador) 2:24
66 Kent Ross (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brew) 2:41
67 Ryan Oboyle (Project Echelon Racing)
68 Timothy Savre (Project Echelon Racing)
69 Alexander Amiri (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
70 Samuel Boardman (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -)
71 Connor Toppings (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
72 Jacob Albrecht (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -)
73 Cormac Mcgeough (Landis/Trek)
74 Aria Kiani (Team Mikes Bikes)
75 Johnathan Crandall (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brew) all s.t.
76 Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) 2:48
77 Sean Gardner (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2) s.t.
78 Matthew Zimmer (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2) 2:55
79 Brett Wachtendorf (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2) 3:12
80 Greg Henderson (United HealthCare Professional ) s.t.
81 Pier-Andre Cote (Silber Pro Cycling) 3:27
82 Jean-Denis Thibault (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
83 Nicolas Ducharme (Transports Lacombe/Devinci)
84 Gavin Murray (Storck-CCN)
85 Jake Cullen (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
86 Emile Jean (Silber Pro Cycling) all s.t.
87 Julien Gagne (Silber Pro Cycling) 3:39
88 Nickolas Zukowsky (Silber Pro Cycling) 3:50
89 Ben Foster (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G) 4:33
90 Joseph Garey (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Te)
91 Andrew Shimizu (Team Mikes Bikes)
92 Bonaventure Uwizeyimana (Team Rwanda) all s.t.
93 Olivier Peloquin (Transports Lacombe/Devinci) 4:39
94 David Kuhns (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brew) 5:00
95 Laurent Gervais (Aevolo) 5:22
96 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Silber Pro Cycling)
97 Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing)
98 Kyle Stoffan Thornton (Dolce Vita Freewheel p/b SL2)
99 Christopher Wyman (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Te)
100 Sam Andersonmoxley (Team Mikes Bikes) all s.t.
101 Lukas Conly (Smart Savvy+ Garneau) 5:23
102 Tony Baca (Storck-CCN)
103 Jure Rupnik (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
104 Curtis White (Rally Cycling)
105 Benjamin Wolfe (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
106 Joshua Kropf (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
107 Jules Goguely (Storck-CCN)
108 Christopher Harlanddunaway (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -) all s.t.
109 Taylor (T.J.) Eisenhart (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b ) 6:01
110 Henrique Serra (NSW Institute of Sport) 6:30
111 Alexis Benjamin Quinteros Moya (Team Ecuador) 6:42
112 Cory Greenberg (Hangar 15 Bicycles)
113 Charles Bradley Huff (Rally Cycling)
114 Jason Gandziuk (Team Mikes Bikes)
115 Adam Bryfogle (Landis/Trek)
116 Andrew Clemence (Landis/Trek)
117 Adam Roberge (Silber Pro Cycling)
118 Alexander Murison (Trek Red Truck Racing)
119 Dennis Ramirez (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2)
120 Ryan Macanally (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
121 Mario Humberto Zamora Rangel (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Te)
122 Andrew Scarano (Stradalli Cycle-Safetti)
123 Alexis Cartier (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
124 Harrison Bailey (Storck-CCN)
125 Thomas Soladay (Rally Cycling)
126 Eric Hill (Project Echelon Racing)
127 Willem Kaiser (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2)
128 Tanner Putt (United HealthCare Professional ) all s.t.
129 Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) 6:47
130 Brendan Armstrong (Trek Red Truck Racing) 7:50
131 Joseph Bacala (Landis/Trek)
132 Pablo Andres Alarcon Cares (Canels - Specialized)
133 Peter Forster (Stradalli Cycle-Safetti)
134 Leo Yip (Storck-CCN)
135 Jesse Anthony (Rally Cycling)
136 Samuel Bassetti (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -)
137 Steven Davis (CENTRIC GO FAST)
138 Anthony Fitch (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Te)
139 John Janneck (CENTRIC GO FAST)
140 Jose Alfredo Aguirre Infante (Canels - Specialized) all s.t.
141 Jean Claude Uwizeye (Team Rwanda) 10:19
142 Francis Izquierdo Bernier (Transports Lacombe/Devinci) 10:43
143 Cooper Willsey (CCB Velotooler) 10:56
144 Andzs Flaksis (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b )
145 Roman Kilun (Team Mikes Bikes)
146 Mackenzie Brennan (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b )
147 Michael Sheehan (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis)
148 Stuart Shaw (NSW Institute of Sport)
149 Oscar Clark (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b )
150 Mitchell Ketler (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
151 Coulton Hartrich (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G)
152 Taylor Shelden (Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis) all s.t.
153 Dylan Davies (Trek Red Truck Racing) 12:08
154 Cooper Rombold (USA National Team) 12:18
155 Miguel Bryon (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b ) 12:43
156 Rex Roberts (Pacific Premier Bank Cycling Te) s.t.
157 Owen Gillet (Storck-CCN) s.t.
158 Luke Keough (United HealthCare Professional ) 12:47
159 Hendrik Pineda (Transports Lacombe/Devinci) 13:06
160 Joshua Taylor (NSW Institute of Sport) 13:28
161 Adrian Hegyvary (United HealthCare Professional ) 14:40
162 Bryan Gomez (Gateway Harley Davidson/Trek U2) 14:48
163 Dillon Caldwell (USA National Team) 14:58
164 Quinten Kirby (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G) s.t.
165 Jack Duncan (Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/G) 15:49
166 Didier Munyameza (Team Rwanda) 16:59
167 Matt Staples (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team) 17:06
168 Jonathan Penaloza (Herbalife p/b Natures Bakery -) 17:15
169 Brendan Rhim (Holowesko / Citadel Racing p/b ) 17:17
170 Gage Hecht (Aevolo) 17:25
171 Michael Barker (CENTRIC GO FAST) 21:11
172 Zach Morvant (Dolce Vita Freewheel p/b SL2) 23:20
173 Thomas Revard (Project Echelon Racing) 23:41
174 Stephen Wagstaff (Project Echelon Racing) 24:05
175 Jean Bosco Nsengimana (Team Rwanda) 27:20
176 Trevor Connor (Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54) 34:25
177 Timothy Austen (Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54) 38:40
178 Phillip Truppelli (Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54) 43:49
179 Paul Thomas (Team Mikes Bikes) s.t.
180 Normand Richard (Dolce Vita Freewheel p/b SL2) 44:28
181 Cameron Clark (Team Oregon p/b Laurelwood Brew) 44:47
182 Miguel Folch (Landis/Trek) 1:07:27
183 Maxwell Anderson (Project Echelon Racing) s.t.
184 Gorgi Popstefanov (Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54) 1:10:32
185 Sterling Courage Magnell (Team Rwanda) 1:32:32
DNS Ansel Dickey (CCB Velotooler)
DNS Simon Ouellet (Transports Lacombe/Devinci)



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