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August 12/17 19:42 pm - Canada Summer Games: Men criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 08/12/17

Results from the final road event at the Canada Summer Games in WInnipeg, Manitoba



Men's Criterium
Final Points Standings
1 Pier-André Côté (Quebec) 38 pts
2 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Quebec) 27
3 Raphaël Auclair (Quebec) 24
4 Noah Simms (Ontario) 5
5 Jay Lamoureux (British Columbia) 4
6 Kurt Penno (Manitoba) 1
7 Connor Toppings (Alberta)
8 Oliver Evans (Manitoba)
9 Hayden Mayeur (Alberta)
10 Ethan Palamerek (Alberta)
11 Alexander Amiri (British Columbia)
12 Jordann Jones (Ontario)
13 Danick Vandale (Manitoba)
14 Adam Roberge (Quebec)
15 Trevor O'Donnell (Ontario)
16 Chris MacLeod (British Columbia)
17 Brendan Armstrong (British Columbia)
18 Mitchell Ketler (Manitoba)
19 Nickolas Zukowsky (Quebec)
20 Lukas Conly (Saskatchewan)
21 Joshua Kropf (Saskatchewan)
22 Ben Katerberg (British Columbia)
23 Timothy Austen (Ontario)
24 Colin Fowlow (Newfoundland and Labrador)
25 Jacob Gaucher (Alberta)
26 Benjamin Hewins (Nova Scotia)
27 Matthew Kamermans (Nova Scotia)
28 Alex Cormier (New Brunswick)
29 Marc Dupuis (Alberta)
30 Andre Gagnon (Saskatchewan)
31 Paul Tremblay (New Brunswick)
32 Chandler Scott (New Brunswick)
33 Tim Shea (Nova Scotia)
34 Colin Ward (Nova Scotia)
35 Adam Lefebvre (Ontario)
36 Aiden Schenkels (New Brunswick)
37 Willem Boersma (Manitoba)
38 Caleb Bender (Saskatchewan)
39 Ian Hinks (Nova Scotia)
40 André Boudreau (Prince Edward Island)
41 Elijah Louttit (Saskatchewan)
42 John Nicholson (Prince Edward Island)
43 David Jackson (Yukon)
Finish Order
1 Pier-André Côté (Quebec) 1:20:42
2 Raphaël Auclair (Quebec)
3 Marc-Antoine Soucy (Quebec)
4 Noah Simms (Ontario)
5 Connor Toppings (Alberta)
6 Oliver Evans (Manitoba)
7 Jay Lamoureux (British Columbia)
8 Hayden Mayeur (Alberta)
9 Ethan Palamerek (Alberta)
10 Kurt Penno (Manitoba)
11 Alexander Amiri (British Columbia)
12 Jordann Jones (Ontario)
13 Danick Vandale (Manitoba) all s.t.
14 Adam Roberge (Quebec) 0:08
15 Trevor O'Donnell (Ontario) 0:18
16 Chris MacLeod (British Columbia) 0:25
17 Brendan Armstrong (British Columbia) 0:48
18 Mitchell Ketler (Manitoba) 0:48
19 Nickolas Zukowsky (Quebec) 0:56
20 Lukas Conly (Saskatchewan) 1:53
PUL Reagan Mills (Prince Edward Island)
PUL André Boudreau (Prince Edward Island)
PUL David Jackson (Yukon)
PUL Colin Fowlow (Newfoundland and Labrador)
PUL Joshua Kropf (Saskatchewan)
PUL Elijah Louttit (Saskatchewan)
PUL Caleb Bender (Saskatchewan)
PUL Andre Gagnon (Saskatchewan)
PUL Marc Dupuis (Alberta)
PUL Jacob Gaucher (Alberta)
PUL Willem Boersma (Manitoba)
PUL Alex Cormier (New Brunswick)
PUL Chandler Scott (New Brunswick)
PUL Aiden Schenkels (New Brunswick)
PUL Paul Tremblay (New Brunswick)
PUL Tim Shea (Nova Scotia)
PUL Ian Hinks (Nova Scotia)
PUL Matthew Kamermans (Nova Scotia)
PUL Colin Ward (Nova Scotia)
PUL Benjamin Hewins (Nova Scotia)
PUL Ben Katerberg (British Columbia)
PUL Timothy Austen (Ontario)
PUL Adam Lefebvre (Ontario)
DNF Julien Roussel (New Brunswick)



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