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November 24/00 10:18 am - Another BC Cyclist Hit, Burnaby Velodrome, Muenzer, Postal, Teams

Posted by Editor on 11/24/00

Another Car-Bike Incident in B.C.

You're probably starting to think it's not safe to ride in BC

Gina Grain had a woman attempt a left turn on top of her on Wed, Nov 15. The brand new Redline Cross bike is totaled, the front brake was actually embedded in the car door, but Gina was relatively unharmed. Minor concussion and a few stitches, nothing a good MTB racer can't handle.

On a good note, she was well enough to travel to Portland to be introduced as a new member of the Professional Women's road team the next day. Gina joins returning BCer Leah Goldstein, on Gina will be riding most of the big one day races in the US next year as's designated sprinter. A position she earned with the team after her third place in last year's National Crit and strong sprinting in the GP Canada (in which she rode for

Steve Lund

Burnaby Velodrome

Stephanie Hannos has sent a copy of the Burnaby Velodrome newsletter. You can download the PDF Here. As she points out: "It is the only covered North American velodrome."

The velodrome will be holding its Annual General Meeting at 8:30 pm on December 6th.

Muenzer Tribute

We ran across this page at the site for the law firm where World Track Championship silver medallist (and Sydney Olympian) Lori-Ann Muenzer works. It is good to see a firm supporting an athlete who works for them.

French Open Official US Postal Investigation

French authorities have announced that there will be an official investigation into the allegations of doping on the US Postal team of Lance Armstrong. The rumour mill has been active, ever since reports of suspicious materials found in US Postal garbage during the Tour were released. French journalists had the materials analyzed and, although nothing was on the banned substance list, there was enough to lead the french justice department to call for an investigation. There has been no response from US Postal at this time.

Tour de Tuscon, Arizona

Gord Fraser (Mercury) finished second in a sprint finish to James Carney in the premier 177 km race, with Kent Bostick third at 2 seconds. This was in a field of 2762! Greg Lemond finished 4th in the 50 km event.

Team News

Be One has announced their roster for 2001, with returning riders Michael Pascal (Fra, DH), Bas de Bever (Ned, DH) and Corinne Dorland (Ned, XC) being joined by Oscar Saiz (Esp, DH), Ludovic Dubau (Fra, XC) and Annabella Stropparo (Ita, XC). Stropparo comes from the now woman-less Volvo-Cannondale squad, Saiz from Subaru-Specialized and Dubau from Marin. Pascal is ranked 4th in the world, de Bever is 7th, Saiz 10th, Dorland 7th and Dubau 12th. This is a very powerful squad.

La Grave de Peille, France (Nov. 23 2000)- The Vouilloz Racing Team announced today the names of its new riders: Julien Poomans,a 19 year old, who resides in Grimaud, France and Julien Camellini, a 16 year old ,who resides in Eze, France. Both are some of the most promising French downhillers, and adding them will allow the team to develop long term goals.

Julien Poomans was noticed this year in Spain when he won the Junior Men's Downhill at the Mountain Bike World Championships. "Being a member of the Vouilloz Racing Team is for me an honor. Stephane's and Nicolas's professionalism and experience will benefit me this year during training and races. Being on the team will be a great advantage for this new season." says Julien. Julien has a great passion for cycling and motor sports (he also rides a MX bike). Julien started racing with BMX , but an elbow fracture lead him to change disciplines and try mountain biking. "Julien proved that we can count on him for the big races. Furthermore, his physical potential has not been fully developed, so he has great room for improvement" adds Stephane Girard, Team Manager.

Being only 16 years old, Julien Camellini is considered by many as a successor to Vouilloz, Pascal, or Barel. He proved himself this year during international races, with a second place at the Junior European Championships and a fourth place at the Junior World Championships. "With two more years as a junior, Julien can have serious expectations for international races, and we will make sure that all the advantages are on his side" explains Stephane. Julien seems very excited about his new team : "I'm very happy to join the Vouilloz Racing Team. I will get the greatest equipment and a high quality of support, which is great motivation" he says. Julien Camellini started mountain biking at 10 years old. His dad, being a bike shop owner, put Julien on a bike shortly after birth. To diversify his training, Julien rides motorcross, BMX and plays tennis.

"This year we wanted to give a chance to the young guns. Our goal is to invest in young talents and provide them with high quality support; equipment, training and race management. This professional attitude is the best way for the riders to reach their highest level," explains Stephane Girard. "Our sponsors support our goals, so I think we are going in the right direction".

Nicolas Vouilloz, founder and main rider of the team, is satisfied with the team's goals. "In working with younger riders, I am sharing my knowledge and experience. I like this new role! Poomans and Camellini both have great potential. With myself and both Juliens" we are a dynamic team and great results will follow.

For any information or inquiry about Vouilloz Racing Team, please visit

Visser en super forme pour sa première course de la saison

Silverstar, Colombie-Britannique (DIAPO) - La neige était abondante dans la vallée de l'Okanagan où était disputée la première Coupe continentale de ski de fond. Le peloton de coureurs était d'aussi bonne qualité que la neige, aux dires du skieur Guido Visser. " Vraiment, les meilleurs Canadiens et Américains sont présents. Je suis d'autant plus satisfait de mes résultats!"

L'athlète de St-Ferréol-les-Neiges a pris le 11e rang du 10 kilomètres classique, mais surtout, il n'a été devancé que par deux Canadiens. " C'est ma meilleure course en deux ans! En plus, j'ai tendance à commencer de façon mollo mes saisons de ski, c'est encourageant! Après les différentes sessions d'entraînement, j'étais 7e au pays. Jamais je ne m'attendais à remonter autant, si tôt en saison", de dire Visser, visiblement enchanté.

Visser a besoin de bons résultats s'il veut réintégrer les rangs de l'équipe nationale et participer aux circuit de la Coupe du monde, meilleure porte d'entrée pour les Jeux olympiques de Salt Lake City en 2002. " Je dois être parmi les sept premiers Canadiens pour aller en Coupe du monde. Je ne devrais pas avoir trop de difficultés, mais ce que je vise vraiment, c'est la premier rang au pays." Pour ce faire, Visser devra battre son coéquipier Donald Farley, troisième aujourd'hui, et Robin McKeever, qui a fini en septième place.

Chez les dames, l'Albertaine Beckie Scott l'a emporté haut la main, devançant de près d'une minute sa plus proche poursuivante, l'Américaine Kempel.

Caroline Larose
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