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September 14/17 20:51 pm - Adam de Vos wins in Austria

Posted by Editoress on 09/14/17

Adam de Vos stormed to the biggest victory of his young career on Sunday as he burst from a five-man breakaway to win the International Raiffeisen Grand Prix in Judendorf, Austria. He was followed across the line by Sepp Kuss in eighth to give Rally Cycling two riders in the top ten.

“I’m pleased to be able to start our Europe trip with a win,” said de Vos. “It gives us confidence going into some tough races. Personally taking a win in Europe is a significant accomplishment and confirms I've made good progress physically and tactically this season. The course was tough, so attrition was a big factor. I just kept making groups over the two climbs until it was six riders halfway through the last lap. I played my cards right in the sprint, and it paid off!”

The tough 185.4-kilometre course started and finished in the Austrian village of Judendorf. Over nine laps on a 20-kilometre loop, the race featured two climbs per lap, challenging the riders from the start. De Vos laid the foundation for his victory by riding aggressively and made the elite selection in the closing laps. Behind, the peloton broke apart as the chase intensified. On the final ascent, the peloton completely shattered with Kuss charging over the top in the front. Without an organized chase, the day’s winner would come from de Vos' group. In the sprint for the line, de Vos outkicked Tadej Pogacar (ROG - Ljubljana) and Patrick Gamper (Tirol Cycling Team) to take his first victory on European soil. From the remnants of the peloton, Kuss drove to the line 25 seconds later to finish eighth.
Rally Cycling

Judendorf-Straßengel circuit, 185;4 km
1 Adam de Vos (Can) Rally Cycling 4:32:49
2 Tadej Pogacar (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana
3 Patrick Gamper (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team
4 Marcel Neuhauser (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
5 Mattia Bais (Ita)
6 Marek Canecky (Svk) Amplatz - BMC all s.t.
7 Markus Freiberger (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team 0:18
8 Sepp Kuss (USA) Rally Cycling 0:25
9 Riccardo Zoidl (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
10 Matteo Fabbro (Ita)
11 Sebastian Schönberger (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team
12 Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut) Amplatz - BMC
13 Federico Canuti (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord all s.t.
14 Matic Groselj (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana 0:28
15 Filippo Fortin (Ita) Tirol Cycling Team 0:34
16 Gasper Katra?nik (Slo) Adria Mobil
17 Ziga Jerman (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana
18 Alessandro Pessot (Ita)
19 Matej Mugerli (Slo) Amplatz - BMC
20 Lukas Meiler (Ger) Team Vorarlberg
21 Colin Joyce (USA) Rally Cycling
22 Matthias Krizek (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team
23 Jesse Anthony (USA) Rally Cycling
24 Markus Eibegger (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels all s.t.
25 Helmut Trettwer (Ger) WSA - Greenlife 0:38
26 Manuel Bosch (Aut) Team Vorarlberg
27 Sebastian Baldauf (Ger) Team Vorarlberg
28 Radoslav Rogina (Cro) Adria Mobil
29 Ziga Groselj (Slo) Adria Mobil
30 Andrea Calza (Ita)
31 Izidor Penko (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana all s.t.
32 Felix Barker (GBr) 0:45
33 Maximilian Kuen (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team s.t.
34 Jure Golcer (Slo) Adria Mobil 0:48
35 Alberto Giuriato (Ita) s.t.
36 Emerson Oronte (USA) Rally Cycling 3:41
37 Christian Mager (Ger) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 4:58
38 Dominik Hrinkow (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang 8:07
39 Benjamin Brkic (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team 8:07
40 Nicola Genuin (Ita) 10:15
41 Dusan Rajovic (Srb) Adria Mobil 12:57
42 Hans-Jörg Leopold (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
43 Stefan Pöll (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
44 Gerd Fidler (Aut) Amplatz - BMC
45 Lukas Schlemmer (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
46 Ziga Horvat (Slo) Adria Mobil
47 Aljaz Prah (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana
48 Andreas Walzel (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang
49 Lubos Malovec (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
50 Michael Konczer (Aut)
51 Martin Mahdar (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
52 Marko Pavlic (Slo)
53 Giacomo Venturini (Ita) all s.t.
DNF Rok Korosec (Slo) Amplatz - BMC
DNF János Zsombor Pelikán (Hun) Amplatz - BMC
DNF Andreas Umhaller (Aut) Amplatz - BMC
DNF Thomas Umhaller (Aut) Amplatz - BMC
DNF Markus Wildauer (Aut) Tirol Cycling Team
DNF Daniel Auer (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
DNF Daniel Lehner (Aut) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
DNF Matthias Mangertseder (Ger) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
DNF Jannik Steimle (Ger) Team Felbermayr - Simplon Wels
DNF Marco Friedrich (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
DNF Matthias Grick (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
DNF Stefan Kolb (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
DNF Timon Loderer (Ger) WSA - Greenlife
DNF Jodok Salzmann (Aut) WSA - Greenlife
DNF Zsolt Dér (Hun) Team Vorarlberg
DNF Martin Meiler (Ger) Team Vorarlberg
DNF Florian Gaugl (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang
DNF Andreas Graf (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang
DNF Paul Redtenbacher (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang
DNF Nils Friedl (Aut) Hrinkow Advarics Cycleang
DNF Samuel Appeltauer (Aut)
DNF Alexander Führer (Aut)
DNF Petr Lechner (Cze)
DNF Timo Stidl (Aut)
DNF Stefan Mastaller (Aut)
DNF Stefan Matzner (Aut)
DNF Lukas Winter (Aut)
DNF Michael Gaubitzer (Aut)
DNF Paul Hopfgartner (Aut)
DNF Mario Kienzl (Aut)
DNF Peter Ochsenhofer (Aut)
DNF Eric Polansek (Aut)
DNF Martin Steiner (Aut)
DNF Moran Vermeulen (Aut)
DNF Christian Haas (Aut)
DNF Daniel Knapp (Aut)
DNF Daniel Reiter (Aut)
DNF Clemens Rumpl (Aut)
DNF Christoph Schösswendter (Aut)
DNF Michael Sprenger (Aut)
DNF Lukas Stoiber (Aut)
DNF Philipp Wurm (Aut)
DNF Ettore Carlini (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Francesco Petrini (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Pietro Di Genova (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Angelo Raffaele (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Fabio Tommassini (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Angelo Vitiello (Ita) D'Amico - Utensilnord
DNF Martin Haring (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Jozef Palcak (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Adrián Foltán (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Jan Andrej Cully (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Samuel Oros (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Martin Vlcák (Svk) Dukla Banska Bystrica
DNF Gorazd Per (Slo) Adria Mobil
DNF Andrea Borso (Ita) Adria Mobil
DNF Ziga Rucigaj (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana
DNF Tilen Finkst (Slo) Rog - Ljubljana
DNF Thomas Zanotto (Ita)
DNF Nicola Venchiarutti (Ita)
DNF Robert Jenko (Slo)
DNF Primoz Obal (Slo)
DNF Tim Roskar (Slo)
DNF Simon Cibej (Slo)
DNF Fabio Camerin (Ita)
DNF Benjamin Biasia (Ita)
DNF Cristian Spagni (Ita)
DNF Vlad Iacobenco (Mda)
DNF Luka Cotar (Slo)
DNF Matic Katra?nik (Slo)
DNF Filip Kvasina (Cro)
DNF Tadej Logar (Slo)
DNF Fran Majoli (Cro)
DNF Jaka Primozic (Slo)
DNF Luka Pajek (Slo)
DNF Matic Veber (Slo)
DNF Gregor Matija Cerne (Slo)
DNF Jakob Smid (Slo)
DNF Martin Kozelj (Slo)


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