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November 18/17 21:15 pm - Major Taylor Cross Cup: van den Ham and Clark Podium on Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 11/18/17

Neither cold, nor lightning, nor torrential rain would stay these athletes from the completion of the first day of the 2017 Major Taylor ‘Cross Cup at the Indy Cycloplex in Indianapolis. Epic weather was the story of the day.

After some heavy storms and strong winds, there were many rain delays in Indianapolis, which  hosted a second year of UCI cyclocross events with points on the line for juniors and elite riders for USA Cycling's Professional Cyclocross Calendar (ProCX). Riders scurried to their cars for cover midday and waited to hear word that the races would continue after severe storms ripped through central Indiana. The UCI Junior 17-18 Men and Elite Women races were merged together, with the Elite Men immediately following. Races were shortened to 30 minutes and 50 minutes, respectively, with little daylight remaining.

Elite Women
In the Elite Women Category 2 race, 16-year-old Katie Clouse (Alpha Bicycle Co.-Groove Subaru) of Littleton, Colo. took the holeshot and stayed in the front of the pack for the majority of the race. A gap was created early by the top three riders, with Clouse setting the pace with local-favorite Emma Swartz (Marian University Cycling Team) and Sunny Gilbert (Van Dessel Factory Team) of Ballwin, Mo.

It came down to the barriers near the finishing stretch. Gilbert had a clean mount while Clouse seemed to have missed a pedal. Gilbert rode onto the pavement to capture her second ProCX win of the year. Clouse was only one second back, for her third podium of the year. Swartz finished out the podium in third.

"Well, it was muddy, and there were some off cambers that were challenging and technical," said Gilbert. "The pre-ride didn't really do too much for me. The course changed so much after that torrential downpour. A lot of times I got off the bike without being forced to, but is was a lot of fun. Being able to change the lead back and forth with Katie, and really mix it up with her was a lot of fun."

Gilbert said she has fun in these conditions, which may provide a little edge in the rain and mud. "You spend more time with your equipment, and thinking about what's the tire pressure, what kind of tires (to use). In the end, you just get out there and ride the best you can," said Gilbert about the rain and wind and more rain. "I enjoy these conditions, which makes me maybe a little of a gluton for punishment."

Junior Men
The Junior 17-18 Men started minutes after the women, making for a chaotic race. Connecticut-native Lane Maher (Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team) established his lead early and passed the entire women's field for his third win of the ProCX season.

"The beginning was a little chaotic with the (weather) delays. At the start line I was definitely cold. The legs didn't feel too great the first half lap," said Maher, who sits third overall in the ProCX standings for Juniors 17-18." About half way through the first lap I attacked and the legs opened up. I just kept pushing and got into my own rhythm. I perform better when it is a little colder and when the conditions are pretty heavy. So today was good. Once I got warmed up, I was going good."

He was pushed from behind by Sam Noel (Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld Devo Team) and Canadian Junior Champ Tyler Clark (KMS Cycling - Killington Mountain School). The two juniors fought for the final two spots on the podium, with Noel opening a small gap to secure second. Clark was third.

Elite Men
The gun went off for the Elite Men race and Gage Hecht (Alpha Bicycle Company - Groove Subaru) smoked the field of 32 riders to take the holeshot. He never looked back, extending his lead on every lap.

"From the start it was a bit weird, because of all the delays. This course was so muddy, you want a chance to pick your own line," Hecht said. "I got the holeshot, luckily, and I was super happy about that. There were a few times throughout the race that I crashed. I was picking myself up quite often. I was definitely loosing concentration the last few laps, I think I was tired. And it was getting dark. Luckily I had a buffer to keep me (in front)."

About half way through the race it was evident that Eric Thompson (M Speed Wax) and Michael van den Ham (Garneau - Easton Cycling P/B Transitions Lifecare) would battle for second place. The two men were back and forth all race, but Thompson was able to create a slight gap coming into the final stretch of pavement and secure eight seconds at the line over the newly-crowned Canadian National Champion, van den Ham.

Hecht was glad to get his third ProCX win in the books. "It was a great day," he added. "The Alpha guys in the pit were helping to keep the Donnelly tires clear of mud. I was trying to pit as much as possible, so pretty much every half lap I was trying to come into the pit. A few times I didn't. You just get a lighter bike out of it. So if you can shed a pound or two, that was definitely a huge help."


Elite Men, 6 laps
1 Gage Hecht (USA) Alpha Bicycle Company - Groove 0:57:30
2 Eric Thompson (USA) M Speed Wax at 0:41
3 Michael van den Ham (Can) Garneau-Easton p/b Transitions Lifecare 0:49
4 Travis Livermon (USA) Maxxis/Shimano 2:18
5 Allen Krughoff (USA) Krughoff Racing 2:18
6 Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA) Gillespie Eye Care/Setcoaching/ 3:24
7 Merwin Davis (USA) Cycle-Smart Inc. 4:02
8 Andrew Dillman (USA) Think Green 4:24
9 Caleb Swartz (USA) Marian University Cycling Team 4:44
10 Isaac Niles (Can) Garneau-Easton p/b Transitions Lifecare 6:20
11 Andrew Giniat (USA) Pony Shop Cx Team 7:09
12 Brody Sanderson (Can) Centurion Next Wave 7:30
13 Cade Bickmore (USA) Marian University Cycling Team 7:30
14 Skyler Mackey (USA) Kccx Elite Cyclocross Team 8:39
15 Dylan Postier (USA) Garneau-Easton P/B Transitions -1 Lap
16 Samuel Kieffer (USA) Red Kite Coaching -1 Lap
17 Michael Larson (USA) Team Handmade -1 Lap
18 Tyler Cloutier (USA) Transitions Lifecare P/B Garneau -2 Laps
19 Jordan Villella (USA) Cycle Smart -2 Laps
20 Scott Albaugh (USA) 3T/Q+M -2 Laps
21 David Reyes (USA) Tenspeed Hero -3 Laps
22 William Sheftall (USA) Spirited Cyclist -3 Laps
23 Jon Okenfuss (USA) L5Flyers -3 Laps
24 Tyler Curtis (USA) Spin Racing -3 Laps
25 Jacob Huizenga (USA) Chicago Cuttin Crew -3 Laps
26 Jonah Meadvancort (USA) Lindenwood University -3 Laps
27 Nicholas Beirne (USA) Marian University Cycling Team -3 Laps
28 Ian Megale (USA) Team Upcycle Boise -3 Laps
29 Evan Hartig (USA) Borah Factory Racing -3 Laps
30 Taylor Kruse (USA) Red Kite Coaching -4 Laps
DNF Eli House (USA) Marian University Cycling Team
DNF Jordan Snyder (USA) @Bicyclerealtor/Ero Verge Sport
DNS Joshua Johnson (USA) Team Neighborlink
DNS Brannan Fix (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co.-Groove Subaru
DNS Jacob Fetty (USA) Cycle Smart
Junior Men, 3 laps
1 Lane Maher (USA) Hot Tubes Development Cycling 0:28:33
2 Sam Noel (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld at 0:49
3 Tyler Clark (Can) KMS Cycling - Killington Mountain 1:04
4 Dylan Kerr (Can) Angry Johnny’S Evolution P/B Norco 1:22
5 Gregory Gunsalus (USA) Ap Junior Development P/B Corner 1:52
6 Colton Woods (Can) Trek Store Cc 3:21
7 Torin Bickmore (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 3:32
8 Nathan Knowles (USA) All Spoked Up 3:39
9 Thomas Francisco (USA) Papa John'S Racing Team 3:47
10 Camden Brooks (USA) Hands-On Cycling P/B Guerciotti 3:52
11 Ethan Jedlicka (USA) Asu Devo 4:26
12 Enzo Allwein (USA) Team Handmade 4:26
13 Anthony Bailey (USA) Cycleworks 4:36
14 Jack Zakrajsek (USA) Lake Geneva Youth Camp Cycling 6:18
15 Juan Gonzalez (USA) Sammys Racing 6:46
16 Amai Rawls (USA) Team Louisville 8:02
17 William Seitz (USA) Keenz P/B Mission Source Juniors 0:10:54
DNS Alex Morton (USA) Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld
Elite Women, 3 laps
1 Sunny Gilbert (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 0:33:44
2 Katie Clouse (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co. - Groove at 0:01
3 Emma Swartz (USA) Marian University Cycling Team 0:48
4 Jennifer Malik (USA) American Classic Pro Cyclocross 1:16
5 Erica Zaveta (USA) Garneau-Easton 1:29
6 Lily Williams (USA) Pony Shop Cx Team 1:38
7 Katherine Santos (USA) Marian University Cycling Team 2:03
8 Kristen Legan (USA) Evol Devoelite Racing 2:54
9 Danielle Arman (USA) Tenspeed Hero 3:23
10 Raylyn Nuss (USA) Maplewood Bicycle 3:33
11 Maria Larkin (USA) The Meteor P/B Allied 4:10
12 Corey Coogan Cisek (USA) The Fix Studio 4:11
13 Anna Megale (USA) Team Upcycle Boise 4:11
14 Philicia Marion (USA) American Classic Pro Cyclocross 4:39
15 Carol Seipp (USA) Orion Racing P/B K'Ul Chocolate 4:47
16 Turner Ramsay (USA) Alpha Bicycle Co.- Groove 4:58
17 Anya Malarski (USA) Renewed Cyclocross / Transitions 5:14
18 Michelle Hance (USA) Team Heroes 5:49
19 Leslie Ethridge (USA) Topo Designs Cycling Club 6:34
20 Alijah Beatty (USA) Marian University Cycling 6:50
21 Eliza Grégoire (USA) Yokohama Racing 7:19
22 Tess Cunningham (USA) Paradise Garage Racing 8:58
23 Ashley Zoerner (USA) Marian University Cycling 9:20
DNS Victoria Steen (USA) Lady Gnar Shredders



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