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June 3/18 7:03 am - Canadian Masters RR Championships results

Posted by Editoress on 06/3/18

Seven Road Titles Awarded at Masters Nationals

Seven national titles were awarded on Saturday at the 2018 Global Relay Masters Road Championships in Metchosin, where the strategy that seemed to work was to outlast, rather than outrace the others.  The course's unrelenting and unyielding hills has made this second leg of the Robert W. Cameron Law Cycling Series p/b Jim Pattison Lexus infamously known as a race of attrition.

Montreal's Dominic Chalifoux, racing for Trek-GPL, claimed the Men's 40-49 title with a "lot of patience" and help from Langlois and Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta riders. "They are very strong teams so I stuck with them," he said. The Quebecois rider won his second Masters title in a row and thoroughly enjoyed the Metchosin gruelling terrain.

"I came here four weeks ago so rode a few laps and knew it was a really tough course," he said. "It's a beautiful course."

"My strategy was to survive," said Anne-Julie Dudemaine of Banff, Alberta, who won the Women's Masters 30-39 70-kilometre race in 2:28:46. "I wanted to keep at the front and respond to any attacks."

Carolyn Russell, racing for Vancouver's Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta, won the 40-49 Women's Masters competition, working with team mate Richele Frank, to get the win. "It's a real technical course," said Russell, who also took the 2017 Global Relay Canadian Masters Cycling Championship title in Vancouver. "We tried to stay at the start of the pack and just tire people out. Riders just started dropping out."

Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club's Andrew Neale claimed the 60+ Men's title. He fed off Robert Anderson throughout the race then broke off at the end to take the win. Neale just started racing last year - picking up fifth in the Nationals last year and winning last weekend's 2018 BC Time Trial title. Testament to the culture of the sport that you can excel at any age at any time.

While the morning wave of racing featured riders getting a little help from their friends, the afternoon's Men's 30-39 and 50-59 races (110-kilometre and 90-kilometre, respectively) featured brotherly love.

Squamish's Jamie Sparling won the Men's 30-39 Masters title, but used some family team work with his younger brother Jeff who stayed with him most of the race.

Sparling made his move right near the 100-kilometre mark. "I knew that the other guys wanted medals, so I took advantage of this dynamics and left them (to fight it out)."

In winning the 50-59 Men's Master, Hewdog Racing's Chris Worsfold, kept a low profile until the very end. "I wanted to mitigate my efforts and try to be invisible the whole way so I could wait for the sprint."

He too had familial support - his twin brother, Maurice, nursing a bad cold, worked with him in the early going. "Mo (Maurice) helped me today, so I'll help him out in the crit tomorrow."

Report courtesy Sharon White


Results from the Canadian Masters Road Race Championships held in Victoria BC

Master Men 40-49, 110 km
1 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-GPL) 3:00:50
2 Jon Bula (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
3 Steve Mckee (Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision)
4 Gabriel Reid (Independent)
5 Eugene Hahn (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club)
6 Brian Green (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club)
7 Stephen Hunt (Independent)
8 Nicolas Proulx (Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii)
9 Jason Proche (bicisport)
10 David Gerth (Langlois Brown Racing) all s.t.
11 Ian Auld (Soul Sportif) 0:17
12 Dan Schmit (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta-PUBY Graham Fox) s.t.
13 Mike Elliston (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:38
14 Jeff Kowalenko (Peloton Cycling p/b 1:53
15 Stéphane Tran (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) s.t.
16 Eric Hung (Steed Cycles) 2:12
17 Paul Beard (Langlois Brown Racing) 2:18
18 Darren Volger (Independent) s.t.
19 Quinn Anderson (Mighty Cycling) 2:26
20 Peter Mogg (Mid Island Velo Association) 6:28
21 Troy Delfs (Peloton Racing p/b s.t.
22 Richard Martin (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 12:20
23 Matthew Brown (Fulgas) s.t.
24 Tristen Chernove (Langlois Brown Racing) 12:23
25 Shane Savage (Independent) s.t.
26 Nathan Walsh (Riverway Dental Racing) 13:06
27 Cam Mctavish (Academy Endurance Club) 13:10
28 Andy Pitre (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 16:20
29 Wade Luksay (Riverway Dental Racing) 20:07
30 Marc Brazeau (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais) 23:14
DNF Matthew Cox (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Lazarus Difiore (Arrowsmith Bikes)
DNF Neil Evans (Rundle Mountain CC)
DNF Sean Lunny (Rock City Cycles)
DNF Vincent Marcotte (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Charles Nelson (Eschappee Victoria Breakaway Cycling)
DNF Daniel Nelson (Juventus Cycling Club)
DNF Michael Robertson (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Dan Wood (Independent)
DNF Johnathan Wood (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Martin Farnham (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Erik Bakke (Deadgoat Racing)
DNS Jason Binab (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNS Dalton Fayad (Fresh Air Concept)
DNS Graham Fox (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNS Paul Krzywicki (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Master Men 60+, 70 km
1 Andrew Neale (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 2:15:26
2 Robert Anderson (CAL-NAT'S Racing Team) 1:04
3 Horacio Chaves (Independent) 5:15
4 Colin Funk (Escape Velocity pb Fortius) 5:16
5 David Johnston (United Cycle) 5:43
6 John Langley (Fulgas)
7 Karol Paniak (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club) both s.t.
8 Joe Barrett (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 5:46
9 John Warnock (Independent) 11:31
10 Sylvan Adams (Power Watts - MDT) 14:00
11 Gregory Patychuk (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 15:04
12 Roy Quade (Independent) 16:00
13 L John Alexander (Independent) 16:39
14 Willem Vandenberg (Whistler Cycling Club) 18:26
15 Barton Bourassa (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 47:08
DNF Paul Mitchell (Independent)
DNF Pat Ferris (Blizzard Bike Club)
DNF Derek Tripp (Island Racing Club p/b Robert Cameron Law)
DNS Chris Cameron (Mid Island Velo Association)
DNS Ted Feenstra (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
Master Women 30-39, 70 km
1 Anne-Julie Dudemaine (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:28
2 Kendra Fergusson (Watt Riot Cycling) at s.t.
3 Lianne Leblond (Gastown Cycling Association) 4:10
4 Shauna Telford (Edmonton Road & Track Club) 4:12
DNF Jennifer Bell (Independent)
DNF Amy L Jackson (Thunder Bay Cycling Club)
DNF Nancy St-Hilaire (Edmonton Road & Track Club)
Master Women 40-49, 70 km
1 Carolyn Russell (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 2:26:40
2 Richele Frank (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) at 6:30
3 Haley Block (Cycledelia) 15:58
DNS Julie Van Veelen
Master Women 50+, 70 km
1 Dawn Heinemeyer (Calgary Crankmasters Cycling Club) 2:37:36
2 Lorrie Baildham (MIVA) at 0:02
3 Elka Strohschein (Juventus Cycling Club) 0:04
4 Louise Wallace (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 8:50
5 Barbara Davies (Jubilee Cycle)
5 Jo-Anne Mcgowan (Peloton Racing p/b
5 Carol Quade (Independent)
5 Anna Bonga (Independent)
5 Mary Griffin (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Shelagh Machin (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Gail Wozny (Juventus Cycling Club)
Master Men 30-39, 110 km
1 Jamie Sparling (Tantalus Bikes p/b Toby Fanny Pack Racing) 2:57:05
2 Andrew Davidson (The Lead Out Project) at 0:52
3 Richard Costello (Steed Cycles)
4 Jeffery Muise (Framework Racing Team)
5 Andrew Russell (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) all s.t.
6 Scott Lundy (Serious Cycling) 1:02
7 Nick Friesen (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 7:48
8 Jeffrey Werner (Langlois Brown Racing) 8:09
9 Cory Jay (Craftsman Constrction) 8:11
10 Alan Zoller (Fulgas) 8:14
11 Drummond Lawson (Steed Cycles) 8:16
12 Shawn Bunnin (Deadgoat Racing) 8:18
DNF Matt Billinghurst (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Dylan Hughes (Bicisport)
DNF Christopher Lai (SplitMango Racing)
DNF Taylor Little (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Jesse Manner (Independent)
DNF Andrew Mccartney (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF David Miller (SplitMango Racing)
DNF Paul Moffat (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Benjamin Moore (Independent)
DNF Nicholas Rowe (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Jeff Sparling (Toby Fanny Pack Racing)
DNF Ross Wilson (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNS Devon Norris
DNS Steven Petrar (Fulgas)
DNS Steve Savage (Steed Cycles)
DNS Michael Wegner
Master Men 50-59, 90 km
1 Chris Worsfold (Hewdog Racing) 2:36:32
2 Mark Sherman (Langlois Brown Racing)
3 Steve Bachop (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
4 Uli Mayer (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
5 Richard Loney (Fulgas)
6 Ron Amos (Hammer/53x11)
7 Todd Moore (Independent)
8 Paul Taylor (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
9 Stephen Mundy (PRW (Pedalhead Road Works))
10 Brian Countryman (Velocity CC)
11 Hugh Trenchard (Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team) all s.t.
12 Don Larsen (Independent) 0:24
13 Roger Lee (Langlois Brown Racing) 3:28
14 Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision) 3:44
15 Garth Campbell (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 3:46
16 Robert Savin (bicisport) 4:10
17 Andre Lamarche (Trek-GPL) 4:19
18 Craig Fraser (Peloton Racing p/b 4:26
19 Bart Gould (Steed Cycles) 7:08
20 Daniel Bubis (Woodcock Cycle Works) s.t.
21 Peter Stevenson (Independent) 8:16
22 Ian Fillinger (Todds Cycling Club) 9:56
23 Greg Cote (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 12:46
24 Mick Bryson (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 16:06
25 Chris White (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 16:15
26 Alek Laursoo (Steed Cycles) 16:17
27 Stephane Dodier (Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii) 18:08
28 Steve Harris (The Radical Edge) 18:24
29 Lloyd Westby (Independent) 22:03
DNF Andrew Attwell (Victoria Breakaway)
DNF Graham Barron (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF James Barry (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Paul Berry (Independent)
DNF Dean Giesbrecht (Independent)
DNF Dan Hunka (Juventus Cycling Club)
DNF Scott Jardine (A+L Get Active)
DNF David Lyall (United Velo)
DNF Emil Marcetta (V02Min)
DNF Pedro Elgueta Peralta (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Mike Ridout (Mike Ridout)
DNF Rob Smith (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)
DNF Chris Squire (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Richard Stark (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF John Taylor (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Daniel Therer (Trek-GPL)
DNF Phill Vermette (CRC)
DNF Tony Wakelin (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Maurice Worsfold (Hewdog Racing)
DNF Christopher Wright (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF Danny Lowndes (Pro City Racing)
DNS Bruce Copeland (Juventus Cycling Club)
DNS George Irwin (Juventus Cycling Club)

Individual Time Trial results


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