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June 4/18 11:16 am - Canadian Masters Criterium Championships results

Posted by Editoress on 06/4/18

The 2018 Global Relay Canadian Masters Cycling Championships concluded in Victoria, BC, on Sunday with the Criterium, where seven new champions were crowned on a day that featured pesky winds and rains, three-year-old tykes to 60-plus year-olds on bikes, and excitement at the Russ Hay's Grand Prix.

The women's Masters racing at this last day of the Robert W. Cameron Law Cycling Series p/b Lexus combined all age groups, mixing a field where anything could happen.

"It was a really close race," said Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta's Carolyn Russell, who picked up her second 40-49 women's national title. "Everyone was really competitive in all the age categories. Anyone could have won today - it came right down to the last corner."

Edmonton's Shauna Telford took the 30-39 women's title, agreeing that it indeed was a tough one. "It was a very tactical race and I worked with Gail (Wozny) throughout the race." Wozny, also from Edmonton, won the 50+ women's title.

Indicative of the durability of cycling as a lifelong sport, race organizers had to re-jig the morning's schedule to split the 50-59 and 60+ men's field.

Daniel Therer of Saint-Adele, Quebec, won the Masters Men's 50-59 Crit race after taking a bit of a rest at Saturday's road race. "I'm not much of a hill climber so stopped at 50K so I could focus on the Crit."

Therer, who holds 1983 team pursuit and 2010 Crit national titles, said the race was very controlled and he knew the sprint would come at the last corner where he leaned on some other Quebec riders to help.

In the 60+ Men's race, Chris Cameron's strategy was to hang on to a fast pace and make his move. It worked and gave him the win. "I stayed with Andrew (Neale) for the early attacks as he is stronger. But he helped set me up for the finishing sprint."

This assistance from Neale, Saturday's 60+ road race champion, helped Cameron make up for a shoe miscue. "I missed the road race yesterday as I left my shoes in Nanaimo," Cameron explained. "So I was highly motivated to do well today as I would never live that down."

Langlois Brown Racing's Vincent Marcotte took a surprise win in the finishing sprint of the Men's 40-49 race. Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta's riders controlled most of the race but Marcotte pulled off a wicked move in the last corner to get the win.

"I've been waiting a long time to hear that," he said when introduced as one of the Global Relay Canadian Masters Men's champions.

Almost 200 kids aged 3 to 10 registered for the Tim Hortons Timbit Challenge. The rain kept some of the kids away but about 130 of the braver ones took to the street for what is increasingly becoming the fan-favourite of the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series.

The afternoon belonged to the non-Masters riders - and the women's Cat 1-3 event belonged to Broad Street Cycles' Megan Rathwell.

With five laps to go, Rathwell led a group of three into a cat and mouse game, with Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes' Callie Swan and Glotman Simpson's Janna Gillick in pursuit. With two laps to go, Holly Simonson, bridged onto the end to join her team mate Swan, hoping to steal a win.  Trek Red Truck Racing played it perfectly but couldn't hold off a brilliant surge by Rathwell who ultimately kept her cool and had the legs to broach the win.

Her strategy to hold off such a strong attack? "I saw Holly bridging up so I just kept going."

This win gives Rathwell five Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series wins in six years - the others being for Metchosin's Road Race Classic.

The men's Cat 1-2 elite race was an aggressive one with attack after attack after attack.

The last lap was set up to be a free-for-all but Trek Red Truck Racing's Alexander Murison kept himself in the crosshairs of all the teams until his last assertive sprint.

"I could see the gaps," the 2017 Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race crit winner said. "Every team had a rider up there."

Much of the aggressive play came from breaks from Hewdog Racing's Brendan Cowley, Langlois Brown Racing's Nigel Kinney and Patrick Riddell but the real force came from brilliant pressure from some of the young 'uns - 20-year-old Independent rider Alexander Amiri (second place), and 17-year-olds Cannondale p/b Fortius's Eric Inster and Cycling BC's Riley Pickrell, showing that the future of cycling is in good hands.

With more than 500 cyclists, three full days of racing and tremendous support from sponsors, the city of Victoria, District of Oak Bay and Metchosin, and an incredible crew of volunteers under Race Director Jon Watkin's leadership, the book on the 2018 Global Relay Masters Cycling Championships / Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series p/b Lexus can be closed for another year until it all starts again when Greater Victoria hosts this national milestone event in 2019.


Results from the Canadian Masters Criterium Championships held on Sunday June 3rd in Victoria, BC

Master Women, 30-39 - 40 min + 5 laps
1 Shauna Telford (Edmonton Road & Track Club) 0:54:58
2 Anne-Julie Dudemaine (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) at s.t.
3 Janelle Bellerive 0:05
4 Kendra Fergusson (Watt Riot Cycling) 0:06
5 Jennifer Bell (Independent) 1:31
6 Nancy St-Hilaire (Edmonton Road & Track Club) -2 laps
7 Amy L Jackson (Thunder Bay Cycling Club) -2 laps
DNS Lianne Leblond (Gastown Cycling Association)
Master Women 40-49 - 40 min + 5 laps
1 Carolyn Russell (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:54:58
2 Shannon Baerg (Island Racing Club p/b Robert Cameron Law) at s.t.
3 Julie Van Veelen (Independent)
Master Women 50+ - 40 min + 5 laps
1 Gail Wozny (Juventus Cycling Club) 0:54:58
2 Heather Simonson (Tripleshot Cycling Club) at s.t.
3 Anna Bonga (Independent) -2 laps
4 Donna Stokes (Independent) -2 laps
DNS Barbara Davies (Jubilee Cycle)
DNS Carol Quade (Independent)
Master Men, 50-59 - 40 min +5 laps
1 Daniel Therer (Trek-GPL) 0:47:41
2 Uli Mayer (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
3 Maurice Worsfold (Hewdog Racing)
4 Chris Worsfold (Hewdog Racing)
5 Andrew Attwell (Victoria Breakaway)
6 Paul Taylor (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) all s.t.
7 Mark Sherman (Langlois Brown Racing) 0:01
8 Chris Squire (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
9 Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision)
10 Stephane Dodier (Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii)
11 Pedro Elgueta Peralta (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
12 Craig Fraser (Peloton Racing p/b all s.t.
13 Roger Lee (Langlois Brown Racing) 0:02
14 Garth Campbell (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 0:03
15 Hugh Trenchard (Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team)
16 Tony Wakelin (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) both s.t.
17 Paul O'Callaghan (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 0:04
18 George Irwin (Juventus Cycling Club)
19 Steve Bachop (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
20 Rob Smith (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)
21 Scott Jardine (A+L Get Active)
22 Richard Stark (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) all s.t.
23 Greg Cote (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 0:05
24 Emil Marcetta (V02Min) 0:07
25 David Lyall (United Velo)
26 Bart Gould (Steed Cycles) both s.t.
27 Iain Hay (Riverview Dental Racing) 0:08
28 Andre Lamarche (Trek-GPL) 0:17
DNF Mark Sherman (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF John Brown (Independent)
DNF Robert Savin (bicisport)
DNF Paul Taylor (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Lloyd Westby (Independent)
DNF Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision)
DNF Dean Giesbrecht (Independent)
DNF Brian Countryman (Velocity CC)
DNS Stephen Mundy (PRW (Pedalhead Road Works))
DNS Brad Head (Broad St Cycles)
DNS Ian Fillinger (Todds Cycling Club)
Master Men 60+ - 30 min + 5 laps
1 Chris Cameron (Mid Island Velo Association) 0:37:38
2 Horacio Chaves (Independent) at s.t.
3 Andrew Neale (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 1:00
4 Ritchie Hughes (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) s.t.
5 James Wallace (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 0:12
6 Sylvan Adams (Power Watts - MDT) 0:24
7 Doug Doyle (Mid Island Velo Association) 3:57
7 John Warnock (Independent) s.t.
9 John Langley (Fulgas) 4:27
10 James Holtz (Sidney Velo Cycling Club) -1 lap
11 James Holtz (Sidney Velo Cycling Club) -1 lap
12 Frank Hershman (United Velo) -1 lap
DNF David Johnston (United Cycle)
DNS Paul Mitchell (Independent)
DNS Roy Quade (Independent)
Master Men, 40-49 - 50 min +5 laps
1 Vincent Marcotte (Langlois Brown Racing) 0:58:17
2 Dan Wood (Independent) at 0:01
3 Craig Holden (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
4 Jesse Gough (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
5 Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-GPL) all s.t.
6 Jon Bula (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:02
7 Jay Delaney (Capa Tosta)
8 Quinn Anderson (Mighty Cycling)
9 Eugene Hahn (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club)
10 Brian Green (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) all s.t.
11 Steve Mckee (Wheels of Bloor / Autostyle Collision) 0:05
12 Troy Delfs (Peloton Racing p/b 0:06
13 Gabriel Reid (Independent) ST
14 Richard Martin (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) both s.t.
15 Paul Beard (Langlois Brown Racing) 0:08
16 Dan Schmit (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta-PUBY Graham Fox) 0:09
17 Mike Elliston (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:09
18 Tony Winter (Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team) 0:10
19 Graham Fox (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:16
20 David Gerth (Langlois Brown Racing) 0:30
21 Michael Robertson (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta-PUBY Graham Fox) 0:33
22 Dave Johnson (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) s.t.
23 Jay Gundzik (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:34
DNF Neil Evans (Rundle Mountain CC)
DNF Jason Binab (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Marc Brazeau (Les Rouleurs de l'Outaouais)
DNF Matthew Brown (Fulgas)
DNF Tristen Chernove (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF Kevin Ford (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Ian Hilts (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNF Daniel Nelson (Juventus Cycling Club)
DNF Wes Ochtwa (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNF James Sage (Rock City Cycles)
DNF Bill Semrau (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Garth Thomson (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNF Stephen White (Tripleshot Cycling Club)
DNF Johnathan Wood (Langlois Brown Racing)
DNS David Diebolt (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNS Craig Bosenberg (Eschappee Victoria Breakaway Cycling)
DNS Paul Krzywicki (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
DNS Cam Mctavish (Academy Endurance Club)
DNS Nicolas Proulx (Cannondale Echelon p/b 4iiii)
DNS Peter Mogg (Mid Island Velo Association)
Master Men, 30-39 - 50 min +5 laps
1 Cory Jay (Craftsman Constrction) 0:52:45
2 Nicholas Rowe (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) at s.t.
3 Jeff Sparling (Toby Fanny Pack Racing) 1:00
4 Jeffrey Werner (Langlois Brown Racing) s.t.
5 Andrew Davidson (The Lead Out Project) 2:00
6 Scott Lundy (Serious Cycling) s.t.
7 Jeffery Muise (Framework Racing Team) 0:03
8 Andrew Mccartney (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 0:08
9 Taylor Little (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta) 0:09
10 Andrew Russell (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) s.t.
11 Jamie Sparling (Tantalus Bikes P/B Toby Fanny Pack Racing) 0:21
12 Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 0:55
13 Michael Dawson (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club) 1:22
14 Michael Goodman (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 2:09
15 Jeroen Rijken (Jeroen Rijken) s.t.
DNF Christopher Lai (SplitMango Racing)
DNF Nick Friesen (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNF Alex Hui (Pro City Racing)
DNF Damian Dollisson (SplitMango Racing)
DNF Vinko Poldrugovac (Independent)
DNF David Miller (SplitMango Racing)
DNS Alan Zoller (Fulgas)
DNS Matt Billinghurst (Victoria Breakaway Cycling Club)
DNS Paul Moffat (Pender Racing p/b Bicicletta)
DNS Steve Savage (Steed Cycles)
DNS Steven Petrar (Fulgas)
DNS Michael Wegner (Independent)

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