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July 15/18 10:56 am - Roth and Jackson Take Wins at Tour de White Rock Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/15/18

Two-Time Canadian National Champion Ryan Roth Claims Tour de White Rock Criterium Win

2015 Canadian National Criterium Champion Alison Jackson Wins Women’s Race

The race was anything but normal at the Choices Markets Criterium on Saturday to kick off the Tour de White Rock presented by Landmark Premiere Properties. With more than half of the 60-lap, 60 kilometre race remaining, Hermann Radteam rider Christopher Hatz, who cleaned up a ton of primes at Wednesday’s Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix, jumped ahead of the peloton in a solo break. It caused a reaction from Rally Cycling’s Eric Young and Silber Pro Cycling veteran Ryan Roth.

Both Young and Roth saw Hatz go up the road and countered. The three stayed away from the pack until the 27th lap when they lapped the field. Hatz had some intel from his teammate Florenz Knauer on which riders were a threat coming into BC Superweek, knowing that Rally and Silber would be two of the biggest.

"Florenz already told me who I should watch. First, I made it alone, but then Eric and Ryan joined me. It worked quite well, we had a good group and I didn't expect that we'd lap the field so fast," said Hatz.

With three laps to go, the race announcers signaled for the field to sprint for all positions after third place, leaving Hatz, Roth and Young to battle for the top three spots on the podium. It didn’t go according to plan as a crash in the peloton on the back side of the course on the final lap caused Hatz to go down, Young to leave the course to avoid it, and Roth to sail through the gap and take the win.

"I was just marking Eric and Chris, knowing that we would separate ourselves anyway and then the crash happened, I was just behind it and happened to weave through, so it was just luck," said Roth, who was 2012 Canadian National Road Race Champion.

Despite things being a bit chaotic on the final four laps, the second-place finish continues an impressive stretch for Young, as he has now been on the podium for seven of the eight races thus far at BC Superweek, including four wins. He used the knowledge of what Hatz did in Gastown to counter the breakaway early on.

"I didn't really want Hatz up there without one of our guys, so I just got on it. It turned into a good move with Ryan up there too, then we all contributed, drilled it hard, and about halfway through the race caught the back. I was excited, it's a fun way to race, you only get to lap the field with just two other guys occasionally. I was looking forward to the finish, but it didn't really pan out."

Roth, who won the Tour de White Rock Road Race in 2016 and came fifth last year, and his Silber team has had a bit of a roller coaster at BC Superweek this year. "We had two of our best guys crash on the first weekend and they didn't race until today, so luck goes both ways. Tomorrow is a super hard race and I'm looking forward to it."

Women's race
TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank only had two riders in the field at Saturday’s Tour de White Rock presented by Landmark Premiere Properties Choices Markets Criterium, but it was one of their riders atop the podium for the sixth time at BC Superweek as Vermillion, Alberta’s Alison Jackson sprinted to get the win. Jackson did a ton of work for teammate Kendall Ryan at BC Superweek, but with Ryan back home preparing to head to race in Europe, it was Jackson’s chance to take the win for her team.

“We had to be really smart and read the race. My teammate Nicky Bruderer just rode her legs out for me and I just waited… had to bridge a few dangerous things, and then she just lit it up hard on the last climb when it was together, and I sprinted like 'The Kendall'!" laughed Jackson, referring to Ryan’s dominance throughout this year’s BC Superweek series, including five wins.

Jackson has traditionally done extremely well at the Tour de White Rock since she first rode it in 2014. That year she won the hill climb, and with Saturday’s victory, now has eight top-five finishes at the event that wraps up BC Superweek. She’s also won the Tour de White Rock omnium three times and is in good shape to take it a fourth time this year.

“White Rock was my first win ever, it got me my first pro contract, and my career really snowballed from there. Races like this where you put the pro women with the local girls are a great opportunity,” said Jackson, who was the 2015 Canadian National Criterium Champion. “I think it's so cool that there were a couple of juniors that are local here riding, they'll learn from this opportunity and soak it in. It's really cool for me to be leading in the Tour de White Rock and we're looking for a good, hard, hot day in the road race tomorrow."

Ariane Bonhomme, a 23-year-old from Gatineau, Quebec riding for Cyclery Racing, came second. Much like Jackson, Bonhomme has raced the Tour de White Rock for several years and learned a lot from the rest of the riders in the field.

"I think we always come here to compete against the big pro teams in North America, so getting on the podium is really exciting, that's what we were looking for all week,” said Bonhomme, who was the 2017 under-23 Canadian national road and time trial champion. “This is our second podium (at BC Superweek) and we're happy about that. It was a hard race and that always gives me an advantage a little bit, so I was really going for it. The team was really supporting me and I'm really happy with their teamwork and it worked out."

Maple Ridge, BC’s Maggie Coles-Lyster is ending BC Superweek with a bang as the 19-year-old finds herself on the podium for the third straight race. She was also third in Friday’s PoCo Grand Prix presented by Dominion Lending Centres, and second at Thursday’s Giro di Burnaby presented by Appia Developments.

"So far this BC Superweek has been my best, I've had two podiums so tonight I was hoping for that win, but my goal was to just come out and race aggressively, follow moves, and see where I could end up."

BC Superweek concludes on Sunday with the Tour de White Rock presented Landmark Premiere Properties Westminster Savings Road Race. The pro women race at 10 am while the pro men take the start line at 10:05 pm. For more information, visit

Brian Wiebe, BC Superweek



1 Alison Jackson (Can) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 0:54:30
2 Ariane Bonehomme Bruneau (Can) Cyclery Racing 0:54:30
3 Maggie Coles Lyster (Can) Macogep-Argon18-Girondins de Bordeaux p/b Mazda
4 Marie-Soleil Blais (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
5 Callie Swan (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes all s.t.
6 Elena Valentini (ITA) T°Red Factory Racing Team 0:54:33
7 Emily Nelson (GBr) Independent s.t.
8 Haley Gill (Can) Rise Racing 0:54:34
9 Ella Harris (NZL) Mike Greer Homes Womens Cycling Team
10 Elizabeth Gin (Can) Cannondale p/b Fortius
11 Emma Lujan (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
12 Frederique Larose Gingras (Can) Macogep-Argon18-Girondins de Bordeaux p/b Mazda
13 Erica Clevenger (USA) Twenty20 Pro Cycling
14 Catherine Ouellette (Can) Cyclery Racing
15 Emily Spence (Can) Mellow Mushroom/Van Dessel
16 Joanie Caron (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
17 Sara Poidevin (Can) Rally Cycling
18 Jasmine Soh (USA) V.C. Cascade
19 Lizzie Stannard (NZl) Rise Racing all s.t.
20 Megan Rathwell (Can) Rise Racing 0:54:38
21 Miriam Brouwer (Can) Cyclery Racing 0:54:40
22 Philippa Sutton (Can) Rise Racing 0:54:41
23 Esta Bovill (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:54:42
24 Michele Schaeffer (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes 0:54:52
25 Olivia Baril (Can) Macogep-Argon18-Girondins de Bordeaux p/b Mazda 0:55:01
26 Gillian Ellsay (Can) Rally Cycling 0:55:02
27 Nicolle Bruderer (Gua) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank s.t.
28 Margot Clyne (USA) UCI WPT: Twenty20 p/b Sho-Air 0:55:06
29 Summer Moak (USA) Rally Cycling 0:55:16
30 Abigail Mickey (USA) Rally Cycling s.t.
DNF Anna Talman (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Holly Simonson (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Isabella Bertold (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Sarah Van Dam (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Holly Henry (Can) Rise Racing
DNF Luce Bourbeau (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Ann-Pascale Ouellet (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Dafne Theroux Izquierdo (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Mary Maroon (USA) Jakroo Racing
DNF Anna Stewart (USA) Jakroo Racing
DNF Jeana Rose (USA) Jakroo Racing
DNF Daniela Deschamps (Can) Jakroo Racing
DNF Amelie Bruneau (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNF Devaney Collier (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNF Emily Flynn (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNF Laurie Jussaume (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNF Sonia Taylor (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Janna Gillick (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Madeline Spangehl (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Libby Arbuckle (NZL) Mike Greer Homes Womens Cycling Team
DNF Suzanna Dupee (USA) Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equator Coffees
DNF Beatrice Le Sauteur (Can) Logica Sport Biemme
DNF Brenna Pauly (Can) Tripleshot Cycling
DNF Irena Ossola (USA) Independent
DNF Caitlin Wallin (Can) Cannondale p/b Fortius
DNS Erin Attwell (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Kate Smith (NZL) Rise Racing
DNS Kassandra Kriarakis (Can) Rise Racing
DNS Kendall Ryan (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
DNS Sara Bergen (Can) Rally Cycling
DNS Heidi Franz (USA) Rally Cycling
DNS Allyson Gillard (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNS Annie Foreman-Mackey (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNS Kinley Gibson (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNS Stella Callaghan (NZL) Hera Everyday Goddess Racing
DNS Lancely Yung (NZL) Hera Everyday Goddess Racing
DNS Michelle Howe (USA) Independent
1 Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro Cycling 1:10:08
2 Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling 1:10:22
3 Christopher Hatz (Ger) Herrmann Radteam 1:10:42
4 John Borstelmann (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One 1:11:52
5 Luke Mudgway (NZL) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team lapped
6 Florenz Knauer (Ger) Herrmann Radteam lapped
7 Steve Fisher (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis lapped
8 Trevor O'donnell (Can) Toronto Hustle lapped
9 Thorsten Askervold (USA) Team California lapped
10 Alexander Murison (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes lapped
11 Joseph Lewis (AUS) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
12 Lukas Conly (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
13 Kurt Penno (Can) Toronto Hustle
14 Ethan Palamarek (Can) Toronto Hustle
15 Alexis Cartier (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
16 Wolfgang Brandl (GER) Movistar Team Ecuador
17 Leo Yip (USA) Team California
18 Mamoru Yoshioka (JPN) Kyoto Sangyo Univ
19 Tristan Guillemette (Can) Team RaceClean
20 Chris Macleod (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
21 Hendrik Pineda (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
22 Tim Savre (USA) Project Echelon
23 Stephen Vogel (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
24 Facundo Gabriel Lezica (Arg) T°Red Factory Racing Team
25 Antoine Ippersiel (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
26 Morgan Schmitt (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
27 Dillon Corkery (Irl) Gerard-DHL
28 Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
29 William Myers (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
30 Anton Varabei (Can) Toronto Hustle
31 Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
32 Gavin Murray (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
33 Kaler Marshall (USA) Hangar 15 Biycles Elite Team
34 Pier-Andre Cote (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
35 Drew Levitt (USA) Groove Subaru Excel Sports
36 Brendan Rhim (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
37 Evan Burtnik (Can) Team RaceClean
38 Nicolas Cote (Can) Velo iBike
39 Adam De Vos (Can) Rally Cycling
40 Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Rally Cycling
41 Bradley Huff (USA) Rally Cycling
42 Emile Jean (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
43 Alexander Amiri (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
44 Nicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
45 Stephen Bassett (USA) Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Marc-Antoine Nadon (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Conor O'brien (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Jayson Valade (Fra) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNF Adam Jamieson (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Marc Antoine Soucy (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Danick Vandale (Can) Silber Pro Cycling
DNF Felix Pelletier (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Jonathan Cassivi (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Felix Boutin (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Guillaume Davidson (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Levi Kramer (USA) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Gabriel Guay (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/b Cromwell
DNF Chris Ernst (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Aidan Caves (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Gabriel Drapeau-Zgoralski (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Michael Foley (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Derek Gee (Can) Team RaceClean
DNF Joshua Kropf (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Jake Cullen (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Mitchell Ketler (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Kellen Viznaugh (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Duncan Bryson (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Graham Lock (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Von Winkelmann (Can) Applewood Garneay p/b Smart Savvy
DNF Benoit Boulay (Can) Toronto Hustle
DNF Noah Simms (Can) Toronto Hustle
DNF Brendan Armstrong (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Jay Lamoureux (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Erik Diertens (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF Mason Burtnik (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNF Sam Boardman (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
DNF Quinten Kirby (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
DNF Robert Pearce (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
DNF Max Rubarth (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Evan Bybee (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
DNF Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
DNF Enrique Serrato (USA) Team California
DNF Callum Gordon (USA) Team California
DNF Amiel Flett-Brown (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Nicholas Diniz (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Ryan Primeau (Can) Velo iBike
DNF Cormac Mcgeough (USA) Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis
DNF Keith Brouillette (Can) Ascent Cycling p/b Neworld Cycle
DNF Marco Cecchinato (ITA) T°Red Factory Racing Team
DNF Piergiacomo Marcolina (ITA) T°Red Factory Racing Team
DNF Tadaaki Nakai (JPN) Kyoto Sangyo Univ
DNF Cade Bickmore (USA) Groove Subaru Excel Sports
DNF Bruno Labelle (Can) Factory Five-thePACK
DNF Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Can) Espoirs Elite Primeau Velo
DNF Dalton Walters (USA) Matrix/RBM
DNF Nicholas Perhala (USA) Monster Media Racing
DNF Philip Short (USA) Nine Lives Carbon Repair
DNF Edward Walsh (Can) T-Palm PCW
DNF Erik Hammerquist (USA) TNCF Legal p/b West End Bikes
DNF Riley Pickrell (Can) Independent
DNF Jack Tanner (USA) Groove Subaru Excel Sports
DNF Zack Jensen (USA) Independent
DNF Daniel Owsiany (Can) Independent
DNF Jackson Duncan (USA) Independent
DNF Jackson Kinniburgh (Can) Bicisport
DNS Jure Rupnik (Can) H&R Block Pro Cycling Team
DNS John Willcox (Can) Team RaceClean
DNS Thomas Schellenberg (Can) Applewood Garneau p/b Smart Savvy
DNS Evan Murphy (USA) Toronto Hustle
DNS Sam Rosenholtz (USA) Toronto Hustle
DNS Clarke Lind (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Michael Van Den Ham (Can) Trek Red-Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes
DNS Patrick Riddell (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Brendan Cowley (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Alexander Fraser-Maraun (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Isaac Niles (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Jackson Bocksnick (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Marc Dupuis (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Adam Holcombe (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Stephen Keeping (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Olivier Peloquin (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Olivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Francis Izquierdo-Bernier (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Grant Koontz (USA) Holowesko|Citadel Cycling Team
DNS Cooper Rombold (USA) Team California
DNS Chad Hall (USA) Team California
DNS Camden Vodicka (USA) Team California
DNS Gera Medina (Mex) Team California
DNS Nigel Kinney (USA) Langlois Brown Racing
DNS Dylan Davies (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
DNS Nicholas Jones (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
DNS Richard Bergeron (Can) Velo iBike
DNS Josh Tyrrell (Can) Velo iBike
DNS Geoffrey Chambers-Bedard (Can) Ascent Cycling p/b Neworld Cycle
DNS Eric Johnston (Can) Ascent Cycling p/b Neworld Cycle
DNS Christopher Gill (Can) Factory Five-thePACK
DNS Antoine Fabry (Can) Factory Five-thePACK
DNS Brett Wakefield (Can) Team Giant Vancouver
DNS Ed Veal (Can) RealDeal | Aquila
DNS Grant Gill (Can) Steed Cycles
DNS Nick Monette (Can) Victoria Wheelers
DNS Jordann Jones (Can) Independent
DNS Zola Mehlomakulu (Can) Independent
DNS Jordan Gilmore (NZL) Independent
DNS Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Ind
DNS Charles-Antoine Forest Leblanc (Can) Desjardins Ford p/b Cromwell


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