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August 5/18 12:57 pm - Chernove Wins Canada's Fourth Gold Medal at Para Road Worlds

Posted by Editoress on 08/5/18

Tristen Chernove of Cranbrook, BC, successfully defended his men's C2 road race world title on Sunday, the final day of competition at the UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships in Maniago, Italy.  Chernove's medal was Canada's fourth gold medal and seventh overall for the Championships, with two silvers and one bronze adding to the total.  Canada finished the world championships ranked fifth overall by world titles..

Chernove, who had won a silver medal in the time trial two days earlier, beat 12 other riders in a field sprint at the end of the 68 kilometre race.  Alejandro Perea Arango of Colombia won the silver medal and Darren Hicks of Australia the bronze.

"I had a ton of confidence coming in here," said Chernove.  "Although I spent a ton of time on the front, I felt like I was in control.  I just wanted to stay safe, pick my line and stay out of hazard's way. I was surging and keeping control of the pace and making the others hurt.  Then it got tactical when I needed to recover for my sprint."

"I knew I'd be sprinting from a slower speed, so I wanted to be first wheel on the final corner on the cobbles.  Went around the Czech rider [Ivo Koblasa] and looked back and saw the Colombian, who was dangerous.  I was able to outsprint him without too much difficulty."

"I pretty much rode to my plan and it came out great.  I came to the Worlds really wanting to win the road race.  I was willing to do anything to win and was super happy the way it turned out."

In other Canadian results, in women's C4, Marie-Claude Molnar of St Hubert, Quebec, finished seventh and Keely Shaw of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, was eighth, while Nicole Clermont of St Denis de Brompton, Quebec, was tenth in women's C5.  In men's C1, Ross Wilson of Edmonton was 14th and in men's C3, Michael Sametz of Calgary was 14th.  Canada's lone entry in the men's Tandem, Daniel Chalifour (Mont-Laurier, QC) and his pilot Jean Michel Lachance (Quebec City, QC) finished seventh.

"The international level in Para-cycling is constantly rising," said Sebastien Travers, Head Para Coach at Cycling Canada.  "I'm glad to see we can keep pace. Our athletes have achieved key performances which have led to high results both in terms of medals and qualification points.  It's above expectations for the level we are currently at.  We come out of this world championships very satisfied with where we are two years from the [Tokyo 2020] Games.  Besides the medals, we're having top-5 and top-8 performances from our newcomers, which shows that our NextGen coaches are doing a great job.


Men C2, 68 km
1 Tristen Chernove (Canada) 1:45:30
2 Alejandro Perea Arango (Colombia)
3 Darren Hicks (Australia)
4 Shota Kawamoto (Japan)
5 Guihua Liang (China)
6 Simon Price (Great Britain)
7 Arslan Gilmutdinov (Russia)
8 Telmo Pinao (Portugal)
9 Ivo Koblasa (Czech Republic)
10 Roger Bolliger (Switzerland)
11 Israel Hilario Rimas (Peru)
12 Aaron Keith (USA)
13 Ewoud Vromant (Belgium) all s.t.
14 Maurice Far Eckhard Tio (Spain) 0:31
15 Wilmar Marulanda Grisales (Colombia) 9:53
16 Eduard Mihaita Moescu (Romania) s.t.
17 Nikolaos Papangelis (Greece) 9:55
18 Cirio De Jesus Molina (Venezuela) 10:00
19 Colin Lynch (Ireland) 13:11
20 Victor Hugo Garrido Marquez (Venezuela) 16:30
21 Guy Van Der Meiren (Belgium) 16:35
22 M. Habib Shaleh (Indonesia) 19:42
DNF Ahmad Mubarak Almansoori (United Arab Emirates)
DNF Loui Rolfe (Great Britain)
DNF Matej Benda (Czech Republic)
DNF Victor Luise De Oliveira Herling (Brazil)
DNS Tryagus Rachman (Indonesia)
Men C3, 68 km
1 Kris Bosmans (Belgium) 1:45:13
2 Fabio Anobile (Italy) at 0:02
3 Sergey Ustinov (Russia)
4 Steffen Warias (Germany)
5 David Nicholas (Australia)
6 Eduardo Santas Asensio (Spain)
7 Stijn Boersma (Netherlands)
8 Finlay Graham (Great Britain)
9 Henrik Marvig (Sweden)
10 Matthias Schindler (Germany) all s.t.
11 Benjamin Watson (Great Britain) 0:09
12 Alexsey Obydennov (Russia) 0:17
13 Diederick Schelfhout (Belgium) 0:19
14 Michael Sametz (Canada) 0:23
Men C1, 68 km
1 Pierre Senska (Germany) 1:49:09
2 Ricardo Ten Argiles (Spain) at s.t.
3 Zhangyu Li (China) 0:03
4 Michael Teuber (Germany) s.t.
5 Giancarlo Masini (Italy) 0:05
6 Mohamad Yusof Hafizi Shaharuddin (Malaysia)
7 Andrea Pusateri (Italy)
8 Todd Key (USA)
9 William Lister (USA)
10 Koen Heuvinck (Belgium)
11 Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez (Spain) all s.t.
12 Weicong Liang (China) 0:35
13 Erich Winkler (Germany) 1:29
14 Ross Wilson (Canada) 3:02
15 Rodrigo Fernando Lopez (Argentina) 11:04
16 David Smith (Great Britain) 11:08
17 Andreas Zirkl (Austria) 11:25
18 Ivan Ermakov (Russia) -1 lap
DNF Marcos Roberto Ribeiro (Brazil)
Women C4, 88 km
1 Shawn Morelli (USA) 1:55:21
2 Hannah Macdougall (Australia) at 0:06
3 Jianping Ruan (China) 1:54
4 Meg Lemon (Australia) 1:57
5 Katell Alencon (France) 5:20
6 Jenny Narcisi (Italy) 5:20
7 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) 5:20
8 Keely Shaw (Canada) 11:25
9 Anna Tikhonova (Russia) -1 lap
10 Lykke Koefoed (Denmark) -1 lap
Women C5, 68 km
1 Sarah Storey (Great Britain) 1:51:13
2 Paula Andrea Ossa Veloza (Colombia)
3 Crystal Lane-Wright (Great Britain)
4 Kerstin Brachtendorf (Germany)
5 Samantha Bosco (USA) all s.t.
6 Anna Harkowska (Poland) 0:05
7 Mariela Analia Delgado (Argentina) 6:02
8 Eleonora Mele (Italy) 6:06
9 Alina Punina (Russia) 9:24
10 Nicole Clermont (Canada) 9:28
11 Mari-Liis Juul (Estonia) 11:10
12 Jennifer Schuble (USA) 14:15
13 Nicole Murray (New Zealand) 15:01
14 Ririn Dwi Asih (Indonesia)
Caroline Groot (Netherlands)
Men B, 108.8 km
1 Spain (Ignacio Avila Rodriguez/Joan Font Bertoli) 2:18:02
2 Poland (Marcin Polak/Michal Ladosz) at s.t.
3 Spain (Adolfo Bellido Guerrero/Noel Martin Infante) 0:26
4 Netherlands (Vincent Ter Schure/Timo Fransen) 0:35
5 Great Britain (Stephen Bate/Adam Duggleby) 0:39
6 Poland (Adam Brzozowski/Tomasz Bala) 0:46
7 Canada (Daniel Chalifour/Jean-Michel Lachance) s.t.
8 Poland (Przemyslaw Wegner/Artur Korc) 0:49
9 Ireland (Peter Ryan/Sean Hahessy) 2:13
10 Netherlands (Stephen De Vries/Patrick Bos) 7:15
11 Colombia (Nelson Javier Serna Moreno/Marlon Perez Arango) 9:09
12 Argentina (Maximiliano Gomez/Sebastian Tolosa) 10:20
13 Germany (Timo Kleinwachter/Peter Renner) s.t.
14 Ireland (Damien Vereker/Dermot Radford) 10:22
15 Japan (Kazuhei Kimura/Takuto Kurabayashi) 10:24
16 Russia (Aleksandr Chiganov/Vladimir Yakovlev) 10:33
17 Belarus (Vasily Shaptsiaboi/Andrei Piutsevich) 11:57
18 Slovakia (Juraj Prager/Jan Gallik) 30:42
20 Belarus (Ivan Herasimchyk/Pavel Padaliak)
21 Argentina (Raul Villalba/Ezequiel Romero)
23 Indonesia (Herman Halawa/Fiar Pradana Diwan)
24 Hungary (Robert Ocelka/Gergely Nagy)
DNF Australia (Kieran Murphy/Lachlan Glasspool)
DNF Spain (Carlos Gonzalez Garcia/Serra Vicente Inocencio)
DNF Indonesia (Gilang Dwicaksono/Sandi Krisnandi)
DNF Netherlands (Tristan Bangma/Cor Van Leeuwen)

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