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September 2/18 4:09 am - Help Support Cyclists Injured in Edmonton Vehicle Collision

Posted by Editor on 09/2/18

On August 11th, a collision occurred during a morning 9th St Cycle-Logic cycling club ride. This horrific collision between a Dodge Ram pickup truck and our club riders took down nine cyclists. Five of the riders required immediate medical attention and of these five riders, three were seriously injured, and two are in critical condition.

This request for donations is made with heavy hearts; the extent of all injuries and the road to recovery, at this time, is unknown for three riders which were involved in the collision.

The funds raised through this page will be used to assist the injured riders with their recovery and the funds will contribute to medical expenses, physical therapy, lost time at work and any additional expenses incurred as a result of the collision. Distribution of the funds will be determined by a small committee as the extent of the injuries and the individual needs become known. Priority of funds will be given to the rider(s) that are in the most critical condition, with the principal idea to give help.

Our commitment to you as a supporter of our Go Fund Me program, is full transparency with regards to utilization of funds, and an update on the progress of the injured cyclists through to the end of this program.

Further, at this point in time, our goal of $250,000 is based upon our current assessment of their requirements for support over the near term. We may extend this program as more information becomes available and will continue to keep you informed throughout the process.

Finally, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the first responders, civilians, family and friends who have supported and are assisting us through this difficult time.

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