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January 2/19 9:59 am - Norwegian Study Reports Bone Density Risk for Cyclists

Posted by Editor on 01/2/19

A Norwegian study of endurance cyclists suggests that they are at risk of low bone mineral density (BMD) due to their involvement in a non-weight-bearing activity.

A total of 19 Norwegian cyclists - 7 female/11 male - participated in the study, which involved using x-rays to measure BMD in the neck, spine and total body. Compared to a group of runners in the same study, the cyclists as a group had lower BMD than the runners, and ten of the cyclists were classified as having low BMD, despite lower body heavy resistance training. The study noted that the lumbar spine and femoral neck regions were particularly affected, and raised the question of osteoporosis risk.

The male cyclists were from UCI Continental and Pro Continental level teams, while the females were national team riders. All riders were between 18 and 35 years old and had competed at an elite level for at least two years. Riders with medical or family history that could affect BMD were excluded from the study.

Read the study Here.


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