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March 8/19 10:52 am - Island Youth Road & Track Series Begins Sunday (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 03/8/19

This Sunday the Island Youth Road & Track Series kicks off with the Broad Street Spring Semi Classic, Caleb Pike Rd, Victoria (Highlands), Sunday, March 10th, at 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Why a New Series?
Racing with others the same speed as you is fun and motivating. But youth riders mature at different rates, and have widely different experience and training. Adults have had ability groups forever, but recently Ontario started running their youth development races by ability vs age. Participation has jumped, and the racing is close and fun. Like Ontario, we have five categories by ability, instead of age. Come race whether you're new or experienced, fit or just getting there. The main idea is packs of similar ability riders so you can test yourself in massed start racing. We put the emphasis on meaningful competition.

Choose Your Category
Riders will choose their own category, based on experience and fitness. And can change it when they see who is lined up beside them (subject to coach panel review). You'll get a number for the series, and coloured tape on your helmet will indicate your final start category. Electronic timing will record every rider, and full results will be posted.

C, D and E categories will have a neutralized first portion (i.e. like a group ride) to let jitters settle, and ride-along coaches to help keep things safe and remind riders of the basics, like drafting, shifting, and shoulder checking. Coaches are also welcome to help riders find the right category; meet us on the start line, and let us know who fits best where.

Please register in advance. It speeds things up on race day and helps other riders see what category they should enter. Yes, you can change it right up until the start, if you think you guessed wrong. Volunteers will help riders change coloured tape, and record which riders start in each group, and get them into our timer Patrick Burnham (COTR, VCL) system. Online registration at

The Course
The course is smooth pavement, rolling, 2.5 km, with 2 x 90 degree corners. It's coned and marshalled, and in a quiet, rural residential area, with only local residential traffic. The neighbours have all been given a notice and all that we talked to are keen on the races there.

The course road shoulders are narrow, so we ask you to park ONLY in the official parking, and walk or bring a bike to go watch the race; about 650m from the parking. Please stand off the pavement to watch. Registration and toilets are also here.

Results & Draw Prizes
Results will be posted on Webscorer as soon as they are ready, same day. Draw prizes will be at the registration area after the race.


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