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March 26/19 21:11 pm - BC Cup Series Leaders Determined at Atomic Long Course

Posted by Editoress on 03/26/19

The 2019 BC Cup p/b Cobotix Road Seriesopener set off this past Sunday, March 24 with over 170 racers taking part in the Escape Velocity Spring Classics race on the challenging Atomic Long Course in Abbotsford, BC.

The staging area was abuzz with excitement, and some pre-race jitters, as the first race in the BC Cup Road Series got underway. As an early spring season race, many riders are still getting into top form but are already showing strong results and times at this stage of the season.

Nick Monette (Mighty Cycling) and Claire Cameron (Fluevog's Crit Nasty) took the top spots in the early BC Cup standings by finishing first in the Men's Cat 1-2 and Women's Cat 1-2 races respectively. Angie Buonassisi (WOWride Cycling Club) came in 1st among Cat 3 Women claiming her second win in as many weeks. Mark Bonar (Jukebox Cycling) took the win in the Cat 3 Men's group while Jeff Werner (Langlois Brown) led all Masters racers.

Cycling BC's Events and Members Services Manager, Cory Ostertag, who was at the event for Cycling BC and as a race participant made the following early season observations. "The Atomic course is a perennial favorite among racers and therefore a fitting start for the 2019 BC Cup. This race was consistent with what we've seen so far this spring; good weather, deep fields, and unpredictable racing. I'm excited to see how these early BC Cup standings evolve as the season continues."

With many more races to look forward to, the BC Cup p/b Cobotix Road Series is off to a flying start. The next race in the series is another Escape Velocity Spring Classics race taking place on Saturday, April 6 at the Bradner Long course in Abbotsford.

The 2019 BC Cup p/b Cobotix consists of a series of races in which riders can accumulate points based on their results from each race. The riders are then ranked in the series standings and the highest placed rider at the conclusion of the final race will be named the overall series winner and awarded the BC Cup series winner's jersey.
Courtesy Jerrick Barroso, Cycling BC

Atomic RR Results

Cat 1/2 Women, 92.16 km
1 Claire Cameron (BC) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 2:33:36
2 Haley Gill (BC) InstaFund La Prima at s.t.
3 Rachel Canning (BC) Levine Law Group p/b 0:03
4 Joanie Caron (BC) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 13:47
5 Caroline Kenning (BC) Mighty Cycling 16:12
6 Krista Matthews (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling -1 lap
7 Pamela Troyer (BC) Mighty Cycling -1 lap
8 Katherine Enns (BC) Mighty Cycling -1 lap
9 Elizabeth Gin (BC) Cannondale -1 lap
10 Carolyn Russell (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings -1 lap
11 Micaiah Besler (BC) Independent -1 lap
Cat 1/2 (Open) 118.48 km
1 Nick Monette (BC) Mighty Cycling 3:03:47
2 Alexander Fraser-Maraun (BC) Hewdog Racing at 0:01
3 Amiel Flett-Brown (BC) Ride With Rendall 0:02
4 Kyle Buckosky (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 0:03
5 Scott Wannop (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:05
6 Patrick Riddell (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:07
7 Grant Gill (BC) Mighty Cycling s.t.
8 Nigel Kinney (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:10
9 Baili Guidi (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:21
10 Alexander Murison (GBR) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes 0:27
11 Sam Horn (BC) Mighty Cycling 1:29
12 Cory Ostertag (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 4:43
13 Sherwood Plant (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 4:59
14 Jackson Bocksnick (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 7:10
15 John Willcox (BC) Ride With Rendall 12:45
16 Zachary Konings (BC) Hewdog Racing
17 Anthony Ferrari (BC) Hewdog Racing both s.t.
18 Jacob Rubuliak (BC) TaG Race Team 21:36
19 Marc Dupuis (BC) Hewdog Racing -1 lap
DNF Drew Hemmingson (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings
DNF Ryan Golbeck (BC) Mighty Cycling
DNF Nick Geddes (BC) Super Vacation
DNF Wilson Tran (BC) Langlois Brown Racing
DNF Ruslan Gadzhiiev (UKR) Hewdog Racing
DNF Duncan Bryson (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club
DNF Titus Chan (AB) Hewdog Racing
DNF Dylan Davies (BC) Langlois Brown Racing
DNF Jem Arnold (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Adam Holcombe (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Wai-Ben Wong (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Sage Deluce (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
DNF Dylan Wiwad (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
Masters (Open) 92.16 km
1 Jeffrey Werner (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 2:27:30
2 Richard Loney (BC) FULGAS CYCLING CLUB at 0:09
3 Paul Moffat (NZL) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings 0:10
4 Richard Costello (BC) Steed Cycles s.t.
5 Vincent Marcotte (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 0:11
6 Matt Usborne (BC) Independent s.t.
7 Wayne Bradford (BC) United Velo 0:12
8 Eugene Hahn (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club s.t.
9 Jon Bula (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings 0:16
10 Quinn Anderson (BC) Mighty Cycling
11 Mike Elliston (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA both s.t.
12 Stephane Tran (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club 0:17
13 Nathan Walsh (BC) Riverway Dental Racing s.t.
14 John Van Der Vliet (BC) Trail Bicycles 0:18
15 Uli Mayer (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling s.t.
16 Kevin De Visser (BC) United Velo 0:19
17 Jeff Davidson (BC) United Velo s.t.
18 Michael Berkeley (GBR) Steed Cycles 0:20
19 Richard Martin (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club s.t.
20 Maurice Worsfold (BC) Hewdog Racing 0:21
21 Chris Worsfold (BC) Hewdog Racing s.t.
22 Matthew Van Nostrand (BC) Fulgas 0:22
23 Marty Heck (BC) Fulgas 0:23
24 Matthew Cox (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:29
25 Eric Hung (BC) Steed Cycles 0:35
26 Shane Savage (BC) Mighty Cycling 1:32
27 Paul Craik (BC) United Velo 3:38
28 Nic Tickner (AUS) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA 4:25
29 Michael Wegner (BC) Langlois Brown Racing 6:50
30 Lorne Lee (BC) Tripleshot Cycling Club 7:09
31 Trevor Mellish (BC) United Velo 8:16
32 Andrew Tuovinen (BC) Just Giver 4PD 17:29
33 Graham Clarke (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings 18:28
34 Alexander Northey (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius 19:08
35 Lindsay Carswell (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 21:05
36 Lance Huber (BC) Fulgas 24:56
37 Thomas Baker (BC) Steed Cycles -1 lap
DNF Graham Fox (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings
DNF Emil-Peter Sosnowski (BC) United Velo
DNS Yan Marineau (BC) Independent
Cat 3 Women, 52.66 km
1 Angie Buonassisi (BC) WOWride Cycling Club 1:35:17
2 Nichola Bendle (BC) Mighty Cycling at 0:01
3 Grace Menning (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team s.t.
4 Lauren Marshall (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:51
5 Jillian Trigg (BC) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 0:54
6 Katie Fitzmaurice (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling s.t.
7 Dierdre Douglas (BC) 0:59
8 sarah Carter (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 1:04
Cat 4 Women, 52.66 km
1 Ashley Yip (BC) Independent 1:43:37
2 Astrid Wuerr (BC) Cannondale 3:34
3 Jacqueline Holmes (BC) Meraloma Bike Club 5:03
4 Kristine Thody (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 8:34
5 Melanie Lee (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 8:59
6 Sandra Schinnerl (BC) Independent 9:04
DNF Hannah Tonneman (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
Cat 3 Men, 92.16 km
1 Mark Bonar (BC) JUKEBOX CYCLING TEAM 2:30:44
2 Carsten Ivany (BC) Team GIANT Vancouver at s.t.
3 Marcus Van Der Sande (BC) Hewdog Racing 2:50
4 Travis Tomlin (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings s.t.
5 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings 2:51
6 Andy Hill (BC) Gastown Cycling 2:52
7 Jesse Klassen (BC) Independant
8 Emmanuel Sanchez (BC) Independent
9 Aedan Crocker (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team all s.t.
10 Mathew Brown (BC) Mighty Cycling 2:53
11 Caleb Bender (SK) TaG Cycling Race Team s.t.
12 Michael Stobart (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 2:55
13 Blair Benjamin (BC) Four Winds Racing p/b Four Winds Brewing 2:58
14 Ryan Olson (BC) Independent 3:01
15 Martin Utley (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings 3:04
16 Andrew Funamoto (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 13:52
DNF Colin Fowlow (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Paul Mccloskey (BC) Mighty Cycling
DNS Kalum Utley (BC) Super Vacation
DNS Quinn Storey (BC) Cannondale
Cat 4 Men, 65.82 km
1 Cody Therrien (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club 1:47:53
2 Mathew Szymanowski (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club at 0:11
3 Samuel Hogman (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Kevin Keresztes (BC) Casual Friday Cycle Club both s.t.
5 Garrett Kryt (BC) Mighty Cycling 0:13
6 Huaien Kong (Chn) United Velo s.t.
7 Evan McBeath (BC) Cannondale 0:14
8 Sebastian Otero (BC) Independent
9 Evan Flater (BC) Independent both s.t.
10 Jordan Behan (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling 0:15
11 Devin Morrison (BC) Independent
12 Viktor Djurasic (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
13 Émile Vogel-Nakamura (BC) Independent all s.t.
14 Kalle Karu (Est) No team 0:17
15 Umran Rahman (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius 0:20
16 Owen Vermeulen (BC) 0:21
17 Angus Kilpatrick (BC) No team
18 Jeffrey Scott (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
19 Michael Kozak (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling all s.t.
20 Matthew Richardson (BC) United Velo 0:24
21 Trevor Kelly (BC) United Velo s.t.
22 Carson McQuarrie (BC) Independent 0:31
23 Gavin Kirkpatrick (BC) Independent 0:33
24 Marc Doucette (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club 6:40
25 Albert Chan (BC) United Velo 6:41
26 Jonn Axsen (BC) Independent 6:42
27 Peter Francis (BC) Mighty Cycling 6:48
28 Corey Laitinen (BC) Independent 8:48
29 Benjamin Schmidt (BC) Team GIANT Vancouver -1 lap
30 Sunil Jagadish (Ind) Audi Cycling Team -1 lap
31 Andrew Nelson (BC) West Coast Cycling -1 lap
32 Darrell Manning (BC) United Velo -1 lap
33 Paul Marcotte (BC) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings -1 lap
34 Parker Swanstrom (BC) Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling -1 lap
35 John Clark (BC) Mighty Cycling -1 lap
36 Tristan Crocker (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team -3 laps
DNF Dave Muhlert (BC) Gastown Cycling
DNF David Mccormick (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Duncan Lanoville (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Mikhail Clarkson (BC) Independent
DNF Timothy Ho (BC) Just Giver 4PD / Richmond Flyers
DNF Emil-Peter Sosnowski (BC) United Velo
DNS Jakub Fisher (BC)
DNS Manu Moore (BC) Cannondale
Cat 5 Men, 52.66 km
1 Lenny Ford (BC) Independent 1:29:56
2 Alex Knott (BC) Independent at 0:01
3 Peter Ferrucci (BC) None 0:02
4 Derek Steel (BC) CVCC 15:27
5 Lachlan Sshotchkiss (BC) Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor Cycling Team -1 lap
Master C/D Open, 52.66 km
1 Bob McLaren (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius 1:29:55
2 Ian Parker (BC) West Coast Cycling at 0:01
3 Chet Whittingham (BC) United Velo 0:04
4 Steve Mckay (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius 0:13
5 Brent Hladchuk (BC) TC Cycling Club Society 4:32
6 Martin Algorta (Bra) Independent 7:45
7 Jeffrey Bell (BC) Independent 11:05
8 Patrick Duffey (BC) United Velo 12:22
9 Bob Shaw (BC) Meraloma Bike Club 18:35
DNS David Roberts (BC) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNS Stuart Lynne (BC) Escape Velocity pb Fortius

Current Standings
Cat 1 2 Women
1 Claire Cameron (Fluevog's Crit Nasty) 200 pts
2 Haley Gill (InstaFund La Prima) 175
3 Rachel Canning (Levine Law Group p/b 155
4 Joanie Caron (Fluevog's Crit Nasty) 140
5 Caroline Kenning (Mighty Cycling) 130
6 Krista Matthews (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 120
7 Pamela Troyer (Mighty Cycling) 115
8 Katherine Enns (Mighty Cycling) 110
9 Elizabeth Gin (Cannondale) 105
10 Carolyn Russell (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 100
11 Micaiah Besler (Independent) 95
Cat 1 2 Men
1 Nick Monette (Mighty Cycling) 200 pts
2 Alexander Fraser-Maraun (Hewdog Racing) 175
3 Amiel Flett-Brown (Ride With Rendall) 155
4 Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 140
5 Scott Wannop (Mighty Cycling) 130
6 Patrick Riddell (Langlois Brown Racing) 120
7 Grant Gill (Mighty Cycling) 115
8 Nigel Kinney (Langlois Brown Racing) 110
9 Baili Guidi (TaG Cycling Race Team) 105
10 Alexander Murison (Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 100
11 Sam Horn (Mighty Cycling) 95
12 Cory Ostertag (Langlois Brown Racing) 90
13 Sherwood Plant (Langlois Brown Racing) 85
14 Jackson Bocksnick (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 80
15 John Willcox (Ride With Rendall) 75
16 Zachary Konings (Hewdog Racing) 71
17 Anthony Ferrari (Hewdog Racing) 69
18 Jacob Rubuliak (TaG Race Team) 66
Cat 3 Women
1 Angie Buonassisi (WOWride Cycling Club) 200 pts
2 Nichola Bendle (Mighty Cycling) 175
3 Grace Menning (TaG Cycling Race Team) 155
4 Lauren Marshall (Mighty Cycling) 140
5 Jillian Trigg (Fluevog's Crit Nasty) 130
6 Katie Fitzmaurice (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 120
7 Dierdre Douglas 115
8 Sarah Carter (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 110
Cat 3 Men
1 Mark Bonar (JUKEBOX CYCLING TEAM) 200 pts
2 Carsten Ivany (Team GIANT Vancouver) 175
3 Marcus Van Der Sande (Hewdog Racing) 155
4 Travis Tomlin (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 140
5 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 130
6 Andy Hill (Gastown Cycling) 120
7 Jesse Klassen (Independant) 115
8 Emmanuel Sanchez (Independent) 110
9 Aedan Crocker (TaG Cycling Race Team) 105
10 Matthew Brown (Mighty Cycling) 100
11 Caleb Bender (TaG Cycling Race Team) 95
12 Michael Stobart (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 90
13 Blair Benjamin (Four Winds Racing p/b Four Winds Brewing) 85
14 Ryan Olson (Independent) 80
15 Martin Utley (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 75
16 Andrew Funamoto (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 71
Masters Men
1 Jeffrey Werner (Langlois Brown Racing) 200 pts
2 Richard Loney (FULGAS CYCLING CLUB) 175
3 Paul Moffat (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 155
4 Richard Costello (Steed Cycles) 140
5 Vincent Marcotte (Langlois Brown Racing) 130
6 Matt Usborne (Independent) 120
7 Wayne Bradford (United Velo) 115
8 Eugene Hahn (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 110
9 Jon Bula (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 105
10 Quinn Anderson (Mighty Cycling) 100
11 Mike Elliston (Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA) 95
12 Stephane Tran (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 90
13 Nathan Walsh (Riverway Dental Racing) 85
14 John Van Der Vliet (Trail Bicycles) 80
15 Uli Mayer (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 75
16 Kevin De Visser (United Velo) 71
17 Jeff Davidson (United Velo) 69
18 Michael Berkeley (Steed Cycles) 66
19 Richard Martin (Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club) 64
20 Maurice Worsfold (Hewdog Racing) 62
21 Chris Worsfold (Hewdog Racing) 60
22 Matthew Van Nostrand (Fulgas) 58
23 Marty Heck (Fulgas) 56
24 Matthew Cox (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 54
25 Eric Hung (Steed Cycles) 52
26 Shane Savage (Mighty Cycling) 50
27 Paul Craik (United Velo) 49
28 Nic Tickner (Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA) 48
29 Michael Wegner (Langlois Brown Racing) 47
30 Lorne Lee (Tripleshot Cycling Club) 46
31 Trevor Mellish (United Velo) 45
32 Andrew Tuovinen (Just Giver 4PD) 44
33 Graham Clarke (PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings) 43
34 Alexander Northey (Escape Velocity pb Fortius) 42
35 Lindsay Carswell (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 41
36 Lance Huber (Fulgas) 40


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