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January 12/98 9:48 am - Cross News from Europe

Posted by Editor on 01/12/98

Cross News from Europe
courtesy of Colin Campbell.

The following are some race results from December and January.

Essen, Belgium, December 20.
Kris Westwood 33
Peter Wedge 34
Paul Spadaccini35

Dutch National Race, December 21.
70 starters.
Kris 12
Peter 19
Paul 27

Dagmersellen, Switzerland, December 26.
Category B Race, Juniors, Non-Elite Seniors and Veterans.
Colin Campbell 34

Hombrechtikon, Switz., December 28.
Category B
Colin 30

Russikon, Switz., January 1.
Category A, Elite Race
Pete 22
Category B
Colin 16

Safenwil, Switz., January 2.
Category A
Kris 27

Category B
Colin 24

World Cup, G.P. de France/Pont Chateau
January 4
Peter 36
Kris 39

One important note with regards to racing cross in Europe is that everywhere the Canadians go they start at the back of the group. This makes the starts very difficult.If we had the chance to start closer to the front our results would improve.. However one must earn this right and we don't spend enough time racing enough time racing in Europe to achieve this opportunity.

Yesterday at the Swiss Nationals, in Ruti near Zurich, Beat Wabel became the new Swiss Champion. Thomas Frischnecht was unable to keep his title and will skip the Worlds next month in Denmark. His health has apparently been a problem for the last month.


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