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January 13/98 9:38 am - Pezzo Update, Commissaire Course, Race of a Lifetime!

Posted by Editor on 01/13/98

Pezzo Update

The UCI (international body governing cycling) has suspended the hearings into Paola Pezzo‚s positive doping result last year (see earlier postings), while they look into other possible causes of the result. Evidence is being provided that there are a number of potential causes for a positive from the anabolic steriod Nandrolone, which could negate the charges. Scientific evidence showing that nandrolone is produced naturally by women during their menstrual cycle, and that it can be ingested while eating certain foods (an example given is veal), have all cast doubt on the doping charge. The UCI has asked two other labs to analyze the results and procedures from the lab that conducted the original test, and report their findings this Friday (January 16th). Regardless of the outcome, Paola Pezzo‚s claim of innocence has been strengthened by these facts.

Ontario Commissaires Course

There will be a Level 1 Commissaire Course in Ontario to be held over 2 days - Sunday 25th January and Sunday 1st February from 9am. - 4pm. at the Ontario Sports Centre, Eglinton Avenue East, Don Mills.

Registrants must attend both days to qualify as a Commissaire C or Manager.

Cost is $30 including handouts.

If a group of people register together (from the same club etc.) and are prepared to reproduce their own handouts, the cost for the first person is $30 and $15 for each additional person.

There are a limited number of fully sponsored spaces available for women wishing to take the course. Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity must be willing to get involved with the Ontario Provincial Team program with a view to Managing teams on Women's projects.

The course is offered free of charge to all currently licensed officials or officials who have let their licenses slip and wish to renew them. This will be used as a refresher. No handouts will be available for this group. Currently licensed officials can attend either day or both.

Peter McCaffery, a Level 2 instructor, will teach this course.

For further information and to register, please call Valerie Davidge at 905 - 824 - 8906 before 9p.m., fax at 905 - 824 - 8329 or e-mail at

Here is a race we would like to try...

We would like to invite your readers to take part in:


Kenya is known the world over for its excellent long-distance runners, for its beautiful countryside and for its Safaris, with some of Africa's most exciting and abundant wildlife. But now this East African country is making its mark on the international cycling map with a new series of stage races.

Last September, Tour of the Lake '97 took non-professional riders from all over the world around Lake Victoria. Kenyan David Kinja beat Daniel Kawesi of Uganda and Chris Faron of Britain to the first prize of US $700. Next year is the turn of Tour of Kenya '98, scheduled for May 24 to 31. A serious bike competition, the event will also give participating riders the chance to see Kenya's unique tourist attractions, support a good cause -- and meet some exciting celebrities.

The event is sponsored by the Integrated Programme for Health and Development (IPHD), a Kenya-based regional non-governmental organisation, and the East African Standard (the oldest and second largest newspaper group in the region). The proceeds will go towards IPHD's Home-Based Care AIDS Programme and the event will help promote cycling sport in the region. With the help of the American Embassy in Kenya, IPHD has invited an array of world-famous celebrities to grace the event, including Magic Johnson and Elton John. Also invited are the mayors of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta - supporters of AIDS prevention and cycling sport.

The event will give riders opportunity to test themselves against club riders ("amatore") in categories 4-1 from around the world. Already several clubs from East Africa, Britain, South Africa, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Saudi Arabia have expressed their interest in Tour of Kenya 98. The race begins on May 24, 1998 at the Indian Ocean beaches of Kenya's second city of Mombasa. Riders will cross the country to the shores of Lake Victoria, near the Ugandan border, return through the lowest reaches of the Great Rift Valley, and finish in Nairobi on May 31.

But it won't all be hard work. Riders will have the chance to acclimatise and relax at the warm sandy beaches in Mombasa before the race begins. During the race, there will be two breaks for Safari in the spectacular Amboseli National Park at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, and in the beautiful Rift Valley lakes of Baringo and Nakuru. After the race, and a prize-giving gala in Nairobi, contestants have the chance to relax and unwind in a three-day Safari in the Maasai Mara. The Mara is Africa's most famous game park and offers the chance to see the 'big five' - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The event's theme is 'Race and Tour Kenya'. As well as the traditional tourist activities, riders will have the chance to experience rural Kenya. From sea-level to the highlands of the east and central Kenya, riders will see the variety of Kenya's natural scenery, from tropical tea plantations to rolling Savannah.

Riders should bring road racing bikes and a US $100 entry fee. The organisers also appeal to prospective riders to raise and bring money for the AIDS programme. Riders may compete either as individuals or as teams of four riders each. The race starts with a prologue at sea level in Mombasa and progresses to some of the highest altitudes, mixing flats with hills. The temperature will vary from 31 degrees centigrade in Mombasa and 32 in Kisumu to 15 on the edges of the Rift Valley.

Services: The organisers will provide transport for airport/hotel transfers and for back-up during the race at very low (subsidised) rates from the sponsors. Riders will pay $8 per day for shared back-up transport service at each stage of the race, which will also include transfers to hotels. Police cars, together with an ambulance, will lead and escort the riders and clear the motor traffic and crowds. The sponsors hope to be able to offer other bonuses like insurance cover.

Accommodation: The event is co-sponsored by Block Hotels, giving riders the chance to stay at some of Kenya's most luxurious hotels for just $30 per person per night for half-board . These will include Nyali Beach Hotel (Mombasa); Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park; Land Mark Hotel, Nairobi; Lake Naivasha Country Club; Lake Baringo Club and Keekorok Lodge in Maasai Mara. These are all top-class tourist hotels which normally cost between $110 and $180. Riders will also stay for two nights in Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria for a similar price.

Riders who prefer to camp can bring tents and sleeping bags and stay in a secure hotel compound for about US $12 a night. Tents will also be available for rent, although early arrival is encouraged to ensure availability. Riders should confirm their participation in advance to make reservations for accommodation. Early arrivals can also take advantage of the cheap rate of $30 a night at all Block Hotels from May 19.

Fund-raising Dinners: There will be two fund-raising dinners: the first get-together for a pre-race Swahili dinner on May 23 and then the prize-giving Gala on May 31 with music by a Kenyan Benga band. The two dinners will each cost $30 per person.

Three nights of Safari in Maasai Mara (June 1 and 2, after the race) will cost about US $180 per person all-inclusive - transport, game drives, and full board accommodation at Block Hotels' Keekorok Lodge. The organisers also hope to obtain sponsorship for this final leg to bring the cost down. You will not find cheaper !!

We are negotiating with Kenya Airways, KLM, South African Airways, American Airlines, and others to provide special rates for riders from various countries. Block-booking in advance will also help riders to get a good discount even before these arrangements are complete.

Details of the Race:

May 24, 1998: 8.00 a.m: Prologue, 10 Km (in Mombasa). Altitude: sea level - adjacent to the beaches. Temperature: 29-31 degrees centigrade. High humidity, low wind, no rain.

May 24: 11.00 a.m: Stage I: Road Race: Mombasa-Voi, 148 Kms, low climbing. Finish at temperature of about 29 with reduced humidity. Low tail wind. Stay the next two nights at Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park and enjoy game drives on May 25 (no racing). Depart May 26 morning in mini-buses to start stage two in Machakos.

May 26: 2.00 p.m: Stage II: Road Race: Machakos-Nairobi, 65 Kms, 50 percent plain with low climbing. Starting Temp: 27, ending 23. Low tail wind. Stay in Lake Naivasha Country Club overnight and visit the Lake in the morning before departing in mini-buses to Kericho where Stage III begins. While on transfer, riders pass through the beautiful tea estates of Kericho.

May 27: 2.00 p.m: Stage III: Road Race: Kericho-Kisumu, 88 Kms, about 80 percent flat. Starting Temp: 24, finish with 32. low humidity; low headwind. Stay in Kisumu, third biggest Kenyan city. Transfers in the morning of May 28 to Usenge - a Lake Victoria beach and the most westerly point in Nyanza Province before crossing the Lake to Uganda.

May 28: 2.00 p.m: Stage IV: Road Race: Usenge-Kisumu, 90 Kms, about 50 percent climbing with undulating landscape. Starting Temp: 31, finish at around 32. Low tail wind.

May 29 1.00 p.m: Stage V: Road Race: Eldoret-Kabarnet, 110 Kms, 25 percent steep down hill and then steep climbing towards the end. This stage covers the Kerio Valley, the lowest part of the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Starting Temp: 22, finish around 28. Riders are transferred to Lake Baringo Club where they stay overnight. May 30 is a break day. Riders will relax and enjoy bird watching on foot and in boats in the morning, and then afternoon game drives in Lake Nakuru. They then stay overnight in Lake Naivasha Country Club.

May 31: 11.00 a.m: Stage VI (last): Road Race: Nakuru-Nairobi, 150 Kms. Climbing for about 20 per cent. Starting Temp 27, finish around 25. Low humidity and low tail wind.

May 31: 6.00 p.m: Prize-giving gala at a top Nairobi hotel. The top six riders will receive cash prizes, (1st prize, $800).

June 1: 8.00 a.m. Depart Nairobi in Safari mini-buses to Keekorok Lodge in Maasai Mara. Afternoon game drives after Lunch.

June 2: Game drives after breakfast and after lunch.

June 3: Depart to Nairobi for possible evening flight departures. (Sponsored low accommodation rates with Block Hotels expire on June 5.)

For more information and entry forms, contact:

Joseph Kwaka (Programme Co-ordinator of IPHD & Secretary to Tour of Kenya '98 Executive Committee)
P.O. Box 12707 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-2- 533 311 (w), 783- 255 (h), 534- 429 (fax) .
Note: Write "attention Kwaka" on subject line or e-mail Sarah Scott-Mitchell at


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