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June 16/19 20:11 pm - Foreman-Mackey & Brouwer Win Preston St Crit Titles

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/19

A mix of established stars and up-and-comers took away the top prizes at the 47th edition of the Preston Street Criterium in Ottawa on Father's Day Sunday.

Racing on a new course in the streets of Little Italy, that featured a short but taxing climb, Annie Foreman-Mackey (The Cyclery) racked up her record fourth win in the elite women's category, while Mark Brouwer (NeWorld Cycling Team) was a first-time winner of the elite men's event, with a bold solo move in the closing laps.

As always, Preston Street featured a full slate of events for elite, masters and youth categories, with the ever-popular kids' races entertaining the crowd between the feature events.

In the elite women's event, local favorites The Cyclery Racing were only able to line up two riders due to conflicting track racing commitments, but what they lacked in quantity they made up for in quality with defending champion Ariane Bonhomme alongside three-time winner Annie Foreman-Mackey.

Both riders were very active throughout the hour-plus-five-lap race, but weren't able to make any moves stick, thanks to stiff opposition from Luce Bourbeau (MACOGEP-Tornatech-Specialized-p/b Mazda), former Scottish road champion Jennifer George (West of Quebec Wheelers) and Canadian road champion Katherine Maine (Rally UHC).

With two laps to go, the race looked to be headed to a bunch sprint when Foreman-Mackey launched a move that only Bourbeau was able to follow. Foreman-Mackey proved the stronger in the two-up sprint, with Bonhomme beating the rest of the field for third place.

"Our plan was to take a flyer in the final two laps, and it worked out," said Foreman-Mackey, who is now the record holder for Preston Street victories with four wins.

The elite men's race, featuring former winners Osmond Bakker (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team) and Derrick St-John (Independent), was animated by repeated attacks from Steve McKee (Wheels of Bloor), Daniel Koszela (Win Cycling Centre) and Myles Zagar (Midweek Cycling), but nothing was able to gain more than 10 seconds until almost an hour into the race when a group of five got away. Adam Miller (Ascent Cycling p/b MGCC, Nicolas Coté (iBike), St-John, Brouwer and Ed Veal (RealDeal Racing) quickly built up a 20-second gap that kept growing despite the efforts of Warren MacDonald (N2FivePro) to bring it back.

With three laps to go, and with the break close to lapping the field, Brouwer launched a solo move and held on to a five-second advantage to the finish line, winning his first Preston Street Criterium in four attempts.  Cote won the group sprint for second in front of Veal.

"I looked around and realized I wasn't going to win the sprint in this group," said Brouwer, who had no teammates, but whose father drove five hours to attend the event.  "I was pretty cooked from the climb, but I went for it."


Elite, Master & Junior Women, 42 km (avg. speed 36.4 kph)
1 Annie Foreman-Mackey (The Cyclery Racing - RWE.1) 1:09:30
2 Luce Bourbeau (MACOGEP-Tornatech-Specialized p/b Mazda - RWE.1) s.t.
3 Ariane Bonhomme (The Cyclery Racing - RWE.1) 0:06
4 Jennifer George (West of Quebec Wheelers - RWE.1)
5 Laury Milette (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWE.3)
6 Evelyn Sifton (Shadow Elite - RWE.1)
7 Chloe Desroche (NCCH Elite p/b MGCC - RWE.2)
8 Katherine Maine (RALLY UHC CYCLING - RWE.1)
9 Mallory Williams (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWU17) all s.t.
10 Lindsay Sferrazza (HighGate Racing - RWE.1) 0:18
11 Whitney Surgenor (RealDeal Racing - RWE.2) 0:20
12 Noémie Beaulieu (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWU17) -1 lap
13 Jazmine Lavergne (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWU17) -1 lap
14 Carol Deavy (Club Polo Velo - RWMB) -3 laps
15 Megan Poulin (Independent - RWE.3) -3 laps
16 Emily Lafleche (euro-sports - RWE.3) -4 laps
17 Erica Leonard (HighGate Racing - RWE.2) -4 laps
18 Genvieve Whitson (Edinburgh RC - RWE.1) -4 laps
19 Mackenzie Watson (Midweek Cycling - RWU17) -4 laps
20 Emilie Forget (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWE.3) -4 laps
21 Marie-France Sorel (Polo Velo - RWMB) -4 laps
22 Heather Tkalec (euro-sports - RWMB) -4 laps
23 Laura Bietola (RealDeal Racing - RWE.1) -5 laps
24 Angela Beauchamp (euro-sports - RWMB) -5 laps
DNF Sophie Bernard (First Draft p/b Mercedes-Benz Oakville - RWE.1)
DNF Ainsley Black (HighGate Racing - RWE.1)
DNF Jill Messier (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RWE.2)
DNF Isabelle Bryenton (The Cyclery - RWE.3)
DNF Emilie Fortin (West of Quebec Wheelers - RWE.1)
Elite 1/2 & Master 1 Men, 57 km (avg. speed 41.8 kph)
1 Mark Brouwer (Neworld Cycle Team - RME.1) 1:21:37
2 Nicolas Côté (iBike - RME.1)
3 Ed Veal (RealDeal Racing - RME.1)
4 Adam Millar (Ascent Cycling p/b MGCC - RME.2)
5 Derrick St John (TREK/Hyperthreads Racing - RME.1) all s.t.
6 Steve Mckee (Wheels of Bloor/AutoStyle Collision - RMM.1) 1:10
7 Charles Ouimet (iBike - RME.1)
8 Greg Boileau (Veloselect Racing Team - RME.2)
9 Jack Padega (Independent - RME.2)
10 Osmond Bakker (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team - RME.1)
11 Jason Valenti (Ennsys Inc. p/b Cyclepath Oakville - RME.1)
12 Myles Zagar (Midweek Cycling - RME.2)
13 Doug van den Ham (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team - RME.2)
14 Eric Hueston (To Wheels Racing - RME.2)
15 Jesse Jarjour (613 Cycling - RME.2)
16 Zola Mehlomakulu (RealDeal Racing - RME.1)
17 Marc Boudreau (The Cyclery - RME.2) all s.t.
18 Ian Manning (Ascent Cycling p/b MGCC - RME.1) 1:30
19 Derek O'farrell (Tekne Cycle Club - RMM.1) 1:36
20 Warren Macdonald (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team - RME.1) s.t.
21 Daniel Koszela (Win Cycling Centre - RME.1) 1:55
22 Brandon Sant (Martin Swiss Cycles - RMM.1) -1 lap
23 Nicolas Côté (iBike - RME.1) -1 lap
DNF Patrick Seguin (Ride with Rendall - RME.2)
DNF Craig Doucet (Techy Kids Cycling Team - RMM.1)
DNF Timothy Austen (Ride with Rendall - RME.2)
DNF Justin Shoubridge (Factory Five – the Pack - RME.1)
DNF Justin Rogers (RealDeal Racing - RMM.1)
DNF Zack Morris (Independent - RME.1)
DNF Christopher Gill (Factory Five – the Pack - RME.1)
DNF Bruno Labelle (Factory Five – the Pack - RME.1)
DNF Benjamin Toutant (Factory Five – the Pack - RME.2)
DNS Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Independent - RME.1)
Master 3, Elite 4 & U17 Men, 34 km ( avg. speed 39.5 kph)
1 Jeremy Worden (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.4) 0:52:05
2 Raphael Amiot-Savard (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.4) at 0:27
3 Dan Coolican (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMU17) -1 lap
4 Roland Fletcher (Morning Glory Cycling Club - RME.4) -1 lap
5 Graeme Carbert (Independent - RME.4) -1 lap
6 Shannon Coolican (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMM.3) -1 lap
7 Jonathan Sampson (Cabbagetown Cycling Club - RME.4) -1 lap
8 Justin Minicola (Lakeside Storage/Bicycles Plus - RME.4) -1 lap
9 Jonathan Blazevic (Independent - RME.4) -1 lap
10 Alastair Thompson (London Centennial Wheelers - RME.4) -2 laps
11 Marc-Andre Seguin (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme - RMM.3) -2 laps
12 Nathaniel Lafosse (Independent - RME.4) -2 laps
13 Daniel Walker (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.4) -2 laps
14 Zvonimir Burcul (Independent - RME.4) -2 laps
15 John Mahaffey (Full Throttle Cycle Club - RMM.3) -2 laps
16 David Martin (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMM.3) -2 laps
17 Vincent Bélanger (Independent - RMM.3) -2 laps
18 Dereck Bowen (Techy Kids Cycling Team - RMM.3) -3 laps
19 Shaun Ma (Win Cycling Centre - RME.4) -3 laps
20 James Brooks (Tekne Cycle Club - RMM.3) -3 laps
21 Russel Watson (Midweek Cycling - RMM.3) -3 laps
22 Bruce Camacho (Full Throttle Cycle Club - RMM.3) -3 laps
23 Justin Seales (Full Throttle Cycle Club - RMM.3) -3 laps
24 Mike Spagnola (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RMM.3) -4 laps
25 Jensen Grieve (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme - RMU17) -4 laps
26 Matthyw Thomas (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RMM.3) -4 laps
DNF Richard Wand (Independent - RME.4)
DNF Christian Simard (Independent - RMM.3)
DNF Richard Persaud (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.4)
DNS Anthony Simpson (Full Throttle Cycle Club - RMM.3)
DNS Emile Doyon (Independent - RMU17)
Master 2, Elite 3 & Junior Men, 35 km (avg. speed 40.3 kph)
1 Brett Stoppa (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3) 0:52:35
2 Myles Lane (Independent - RME.3)
3 Laurent Risser (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.3)
4 Frederic Brousseau (Velo2000 / Rhino Rack - RMM.2)
5 Bryan Jaklitsch (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team - RME.3)
6 Cedric Beaulieu (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3)
7 Julius Delos Reyes (Giant Toronto Vaughan - RME.3)
8 Jacques Guillemette (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme - RME.3)
9 Mathyeu Larocque (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3)
10 Bill Hurley (Independent - RMM.2)
11 Christian Bernard (Tekne Cycle Club - RME.3)
12 Landon Brown (Frontenac Cycle - RME.3)
13 Dominic Pollard (RealDeal Racing - RME.3)
14 Ian Dalling (The Cyclery - RMM.2)
15 Jimi Ritchie (Frontenac Cycle - RME.3)
16 Jason Vettorel (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.3)
17 Daniel Horn (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team - RME.3)
18 Benoit Perreault (Velo2000 / Rhino Rack - RMM.2)
19 Hugues Plourde (Independent - RMM.2)
20 Robert Orange (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme - RMM.2)
21 Luc Mahler (Ride with Rendall P/B Biemme - RME.3)
22 Oskar Russwurm (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.3)
23 David Charles (Tekne Cycle Club - RMM.2)
24 Gabriel Michaud (Les Espoirs de Laval Primeau Velo - RMM.2) all s.t.
25 Theodore Woodford (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3) 0:30
26 Benjamin Harrington (Ottawa Bicycle Club - RME.3) 0:40
27 Chris Kirk (Independent Cycling Canada - RMM.2) -1 lap
28 William Trischuk (Attack Racing p/b Ardent Industries - RMM.2) -1 lap
29 Siavash Atighetchi (Tekne Cycle Club - RMM.2) -1 lap
30 Brandon Gélinas (Independent - RME.3) -1 lap
31 Geoffroy Tremblay (Independent - RMM.2) -2 laps
DNF Hinkel Yeung (Bateman's Bike Co pb Cloud 9 AV - RME.3)
DNF Mark Lipfeld (Independent - RMM.2)
DNF Steven Kuysten (Win Cycling Centre - RME.3)
DNF Jay Lambert (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team - RMM.2)
DNS William Grundy (Attack Racing p/b Ardent Industries - RME.3)
DNS Rodrigo Diaz (euro-sports - RMM.2)
DNS Bruno Duguay (Independent - RMM.2)
DNS André Todd (Independent - RMM.2)
DNS Jason Smith (Midweek Cycling - RME.3)
DNS David Bertozzi (University of Toronto Road Racing


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