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July 1/19 10:20 am - Road Nationals: Criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 07/1/19

Results from the final races of the 2019 Road Championships in St Georges, QC


Junior Women
1 Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (QC) Équipe du Québec 0:37:30
2 Sarah Van Dam (BC) Cycling BC at 1:23
3 Elle Bush (BC) Cycling BC
4 Adele Desgagnes (QC) Équipe du Québec
5 Laury Milette (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club
6 Lilly Ujfalusi (BC) Cycling BC
7 Ngaire Barraclough (AB) Team Alberta
8 Emilly Johnston (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
9 Noémie Fortin (QC) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo
10 Caitlin Wallin (BC) Cannondale
11 Samantha Hargreaves (AB) Team Alberta
12 Annabella Stoll-Dansereau (BC) Cannondale all s.t.
13 Elizabeth Gin (BC) Cycling BC 1:37
14 Natasha Badertscher (ON) NCCH p/b Franklin Templeton Investments 1:48
15 Victoria Dupont (QC) Équipe du Québec 1:52
16 Camille Primeau (QC) Équipe du Québec s.t.
NP Kathryn Ayroud (AB) Team Alberta
NP Kelliane Paquet (QC) Desjardins Ford P/P Cromwell
NP Lily Plante (QC) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Victoria Slater (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC
DNF Adele Normand (QC) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Laurence Barriiault (QC) Velo 2000 / Rhino Rack
DNF Lyse-Ann Coffin (QC) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo
DNF Maude Ebacher (QC) Équipe du Québec
DNF Iris Gabelier (QC) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
DNF Emy Joncas (QC) IAMGold
DNF Tori Kalyniuk (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team
DNF Camille Lamothe (QC) IAMGold
DNF Valérie Laroche (QC) Desjardins-Ford P/P Cromwell
DNF Florence Normand (QC) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Yazmin Purdon (ON) NCCH p/b Franklin Templeton Investments
DNF Annie Scott (AB) Team Alberta
DNF Isabella Stravopoulos (ON) NCCH p/b Franklin Templeton Investments
DNF Kathleen Turbitt (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC
DNF Danae Waterbury (QC) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
DNF Allyson Webb Charland (QC) Vélo 2000 / Rhino Rack
Junior Men
1 Felix Robert (QC) Équipe du Québec 0:49:32
2 Arnaud Beaudoin (QC) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo at s.t.
3 Dylan Bibic (ON) Ascent Cycling p/b MGCC 0:18
4 Tristan Jussaume (QC) Équipe du Québec
5 Jackson Kinniburgh (AB) Team Alberta
6 Félix Olivier Moreau (QC) Équipe du Québec
7 Daniel Nordemann-Da Silva (ON) Team Team Ontario all s.t.
8 Sean Richardson (BC) Cycling BC 0:20
9 Nicolas Bougie (QC) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo 0:21
10 Nicholas Menegon (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC
11 Gregory Santiago Zapata (QC) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
12 Jacob Rubuliak (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team all s.t.
13 Evan Russell (BC) TaG Cycling Race Team 0:25
14 Thomas Nadeau (QC) Desjardins-Ford P/P Cromwell 1:15
15 Matisse Julien (QC) Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo 1:35
NP Axel Froner (ON) Team Team Ontario
NP Pierre-Olivier Trottier (QC) Dynamiks De Contrecoeur
All others DNF
Elite Women
1 Allison Beveridge (AB) Rally UHC Cycling 1:06:52
2 Ariane Bonhomme (QC) The Cyclery Racing
3 Marie-Soleil Blais (QC) Astana Women Team
4 Alison Jackson (AB) Tibco- Silicon Valley Bank
5 Sara Bergen (BC) Rally UHC Cycling all s.t.
6 Frederic Gingras Larose (QC) Macogep Tornatech Specialized p/p Mazda 0:07
7 Isabella Bertold (BC) Instafund La Prima Racing 0:11
8 Katherine Maine (ON) Rally UHC Cycling 0:31
9 Olivia Barril (QC) Macogep Tornatech Specialized p/p Mazda 0:40
10 Miriam Brouwer (ON) Cyclery Racing s.t.
11 Haley Gill (BC) Instafund La Prima Racing 0:45
All others lapped or DNF
Elite Men
1 Ryan Roth (ON) X Speed United Continental 1:06:16
2 Robin Plamondon (QC) Floyd's Pro Cycling at 0:07
3 Pierre Andre Cote (QC) Rally UHC Cycling 0:11
4 Alexander Cowan (QC) Floyd's Pro Cycling
5 Charles Etienne Chretien (QC) Equipe du Quebec
6 Derek Gee (ON) Toronto Velodrome Club all s.t.
7 Evan Burtnik (AB) X Speed United Continental 0:18
8 Alexis Cartier (QC) Velo 2000 / Rhino Rack 0:55
9 Emile Jean (QC) Floyd's Pro Cycling 0:59
10 Nickolas Zukowsky (QC) Floyd's Pro Cycling
11 Edward Walsh (NS) X Speed United Continental
12 Trevor O'Donnell (ON) Gateway Devo Cycling
13 Lukas Conly (BC) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
14 Adam Jamieson (ON) Toronto Velodrome Club
15 Michael Foley (ON) Toronto Velodrome Club
16 Connor Toppings (AB) Probaclac / Devinci
17 Antoine Ippersiel (QC) Desjardins Ford P/P Cromwell
18 Kyle Buckosky (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes
19 Arvin Moazami Godarzi (Iri) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC
20 Olivier Brisebois (QC) Probaclac / Devinci
21 Ben Katerberg (BC) Development Team Sunweb all s.t.
22 Francis Izquierdo Bernier (QC) Probaclac / Devinci 1:06
23 Bruno Langlois (QC) Velo Cartel X Bello 1:31
24 Adam De Vos (BC) Rally UHC Cycling 1:41
25 Noah Simms (ON) Floyd's Pro Cycling 2:21
All others lapped or DNF



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