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July 7/19 17:59 pm - Tour de Delta: Ladner Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/7/19

2019 US National Criterium champion Travis McCabe sprints to win Tour de Delta Ladner Criterium

Kendall Ryan Wins Ladner Criterium Women's Race for the Second Straight Year

Men's Race
The Tour de Delta Ladner Criterium featured a bit of everything to see in a criterium bike race. The large crowd in the traditional fishing village of Ladner saw a two-rider breakaway which looked like it might stick, thrilling crashes, and an exhilarating sprint to the finish line. At the end of the bedlam, US National Criterium champion Travis McCabe stood tall, edging past Kiwi Campbell Stewart on the last straightaway to claim the title in the 60-lap, 54 kilometre race.

"It was a pretty chaotic race, there were crashes on so many laps, it was a lot of fighting and a lot of hard racing the entire time. The German riders up front were just monsters so I think you saw the strong teams committing - the teams who thought they could win. Us, New Zealand, Elevate-KHS... we timed it to perfection,” the 30-year-old from Denver, Colorado explained. "We've got our lead out down, we dialed it in and I think it showed - it was really a pitch perfect race for us. My teammate Emile (Jean) dropped me off in perfect position and I had the legs to finish. It's great to win here."

It was a gritty race that saw riders contact each other at times and really attack aggressively to try for the win. It's something McCabe wasn't surprised by. "When it comes into the finish, everyone's going at much higher speeds and not everyone can win, so you have teams like ourselves - I'm the designated sprinter trying to win against five other teams with designated sprinters. It just ends up like one sprint after another sprint after another sprint until there's no one left."

Stewart, who is a four-time junior track world champion, stayed clear of the crashes and was quick to throw praise at his teammates for getting him on the podium. "The guys did a great job, we had Tom Sexton and Jordan Kerby on the front all day just dropping off with a few of the other teams. It was a controlled race to a certain extent up at the front, but there was a bit of chaos off the back."

There were several crashes, including one with 18 laps to go that saw the race stopped. At the time, Ed Veal of Real Deal Racing and independent German rider Leon Echtermann had a breakaway with a 15 second lead. At one point, the gap was as much as 30 seconds. The stoppage may have helped the peloton and halted Veal and Echtermann's rhythm. "For us it might have been a nice little rest to stop and then go again. It just means we had to think of a different strategy to make sure that we got the rest,” described Campbell. "I know a couple of guys off the front were strong, but we've got some diesels here on the team and they worked it out really well, but just couldn't get on the line."

In third place was Samuel Bassetti from Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling. It's the second straight podium for the Santa Rosa, California resident at BC Superweek after he was second in Friday's Tour de Delta North Delta Criterium to kick off the nine race, ten day series.

Sunday brings the prestigious White Spot | Delta Road Race, which is an opportunity for teams like McCabe's Floyd's Pro Cycling squad to gain valuable UCI points. "We came here with the expectation to win, but the road race is a 115 mile race, it's going to be different tactics,” he said. "For us, we want to give opportunities to all of our riders, we're not going to ride the front all day because we can't do that. It'll be aggressive racing on our side and if it comes down to a sprint, we've got me, so it's sort of a win-win scenario."

Women's Race
If Kendall Ryan felt any fatigue after flying to Vancouver for BC Superweek, she certainly didn't show it. The three-time US national champion arrived the afternoon of the Tour de Delta's Ladner Criterium and decided to give it a go. "I decided 'What the hell?', I'm here two hours early and just wanted to hop in with my teammates and have some fun,” said Ryan, who rides for Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank.

Canadian National Criterium Champion Allison Beveridge also made up part of a stacked women's field and finished second behind Ryan. Her presence was certainly felt by the other riders, despite the Calgary native downplaying the significance of having a target on her back. "I just tried to have some fun out there. There wasn't a ton of pressure, I kind of sat on the back of Tibco's lead out," said Beveridge, who was part of the 2016 Canadian Olympic team in Rio which won bronze in the team pursuit, setting a national record in the process. 

Ryan knew all too well that Beveridge would push for a spot on the podium.
"Allison is pretty modest, she's one of the people I was looking out for in the sprint,” the Ventura, California native explained. "I just decided to ride myself into the race and save my legs for the road race, it's a big one. My teammates just had some fun getting the primes and they led me out flawlessly and all I have to do is thank them." Ryan won all three races at the Tour de Delta and reached the podium six times during BC Superweek in 2018.

Kiwi rider Georgia Danford came third – and like Beveridge – is also racing BC Superweek without a team. "I was conscious that I was a one-man band without any teammates to help drag stuff back so just in case, I saved a little bit for the end," said the native of Sadringham, New Zealand. "There were some awesome lead out trains going, I thought I'd just jump on the back of that. It was an awesome race and a lot of fun to be out there."

Saturday's race was affected by a large crash a half a lap in as a group of riders misjudged one of the early corners and the race was restarted. It caused the circuit to be shortened from 50 laps to 45 and the distance from 45 kilometres to 40.5. The riders now turn their attention to Sunday's White Spot | Delta Road Race - it's big for all the teams.  "UCI points on the line for us, we're always gunning for those,” said Ryan. "It's one of my favourite courses, really flowy with lots of room for tactics and hard racing. We're looking forward to it and we're going to give it our all."

Report courtesy Brian Wiebe, BC Superweek Media Relations



1 Kendall Ryan (USA) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank 1:00:49.2
2 Allison Beveridge (Can) Rally UHC
3 Georgia Danford (NZl) Independent
4 Alison Jackson (Can) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
5 Rachel Langdon (USA) InstaFund La Prima
6 Harriet Owen (GBr) Hagens-Berman | Supermint
7 Helena Coney (Can) InstaFund La Prima
8 Holly Breck (USA) InstaFund La Prima
9 Sarah Van Dam (Can) Trek Red Truck (women)
10 Emily Flynn (Can) LA Sweat
11 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Can) Pickle Juice Pro Cycling
12 Sarah Coney (Can) LA Sweat
13 Ariane Bonhomme (Can) The Cyclery
14 Rachel Canning (Can) Levine Law Group p/b
15 Beatrice Lesauteur (Can) Macogep-Tornatech-Specialized p/p Mazda
16 Ann Pascale Ouellet (Can) Macogep-Tornatech-Specialized p/p Mazda
17 Nina Kessler (Ned) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank all s.t.
18 Holly Simonson (Can) Trek Red Truck (women) 1:00:53.6
19 Sharlotte Lucas (NZl) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
20 Nicole Shields (NZl) Independent both s.t.
21 Elle Bush (Can) Cannondale p/b Fortius 1:00:56.0
22 Kinley Gibson (Can) The Cyclery
23 Margot Clyne (USA) Sho-Air Twenty20 both s.t.
24 EvelynSifton (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 1:00:57.4
25 Esta Bovill 0 InstaFund La Prima
26 Lily Williams (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint
27 Leigh Ann Ganzar (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint
28 Julie Kuliecza (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint
29 Beth Ann Orton (USA) InstaFund La Prima all s.t.
30 Anne Ouellet (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 1:01:07.2
31 Tori Kalniuk (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team s.t.
32 Katherine Enns (Can) Mighty Riders 1:01:08.7
33 Magdeleine Vallieres-Mill (Can) Quebecor - Stingray s.t.
34 Isabella Bertold (Can) InstaFund La Prima 1:01:10.4
35 Lindsay Goldman (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint 1:01:11.7
36 Jennifer Gerth (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty 1:01:22.4
37 Breanna Wyre-Simpson (USA) InstaFund La Prima 1:01:23.5
38 Jasmine Soh (USA) Trek Red Truck (women) 1:01:24.6
39 Janna Gillick (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
40 Anna Talman (Can) InstaFund La Prima
41 Liza Rachetto (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint all s.t.
42 Whitney Allison (USA) Hagens-Berman | Supermint 1:01:34.5
43 Holly Henry (Can) Trek Red Truck (women) s.t.
DNF Jillian Trigg (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
DNF Madeleine Dupuis (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
DNF Brenna Pauly (Can) Trek Red Truck (women)
DNF Elizabeth Gin (Can) Trek Red Truck (women)
DNF Emily Marcolini (Can) Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank
DNF Josephine Peloquin (Can) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Lily Plante (Can) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Adele Normand (Can) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Adele Desgagnes (Can) Quebecor - Stingray
DNF Olivia Baril (Can) Macogep-Tornatech-Specialized p/p Mazda
DNF Sonia Taylor (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling
DNF Lilly Ujfalusi (Can) Cannondale p/b Fortius
DNF Georgia Simmerling (Can) Twenty20
DNF Suzie Brown (Can) Independent
DNF Joanie Caron (Can) Fluevog's Crit Nasty
DNF Aubrie De Silva (Can) Cyclery Racing
DNF Ngaire Barraclough (Can) InstaFund La Prima
DNS Ivy Audrain (USA) InstaFund La Prima
DNS Haley Gill (Can) InstaFund La Prima
DNS Annabella Stoll-Dansereau (Can) Cannondale p/b Fortius
DNS Marie-Soleil Blais (Can) Astana Women Team
DNS Steph Roorda (Can) Twenty20
DNS Janelle Cole (USA) Fast Chance p/b The Happy Tooth Foundation Women's Pro Team
DNS Fiona Majendie (Can) Gastown Racing Reds
Pro/1/2 Men
1 Travis Mccabe (USA) Floyd's Pro Cycling 1:19:27.72
2 Campbell Stewart (NZl) New Zealand
3 Samuel Bassetti (USA) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
4 Florenz Knauer (Ger) Rad Team Herrmann
5 Alfredo Rodriguez Victoria (Mex) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
6 Evan Burtnik (Can) X-Speed United Continental
7 Hayden Strong (NZl) Texas Roadhouse
8 Emile Jean (Can) Floyd's Pro Cycling
9 Cole Davis (USA) Hagens Berman Axeon
10 Chris Ernst (Can) Hewdog Racing
11 Isaac Niles (Can) Toronto Hustle
12 Nick Monette (Can) Mighty Cycling
13 Jure Rupnik (Slo) DC Bank Pro Cycling
14 Ulises Castillo Soto (Mex) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
15 Wolfgang Brandl (Ger) Movistar Team Ecuador
16 William Myers (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
17 Matthew Rice (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
18 Alexander Murison (Can) Trek Red Truck (men)
19 Corbin Strong (NZl) New Zealand
20 Taj Jones (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
21 Ethan Frankel (USA) Subaru Santa Monica Racing
22 Lukas Conly (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
23 Jackson Kinniburgh (Can) Hewdog Racing
24 Carne Groube (NZl) Subaru AnchorPoint
25 Patrick Collins (-) Toronto Hustle
26 Nicholas Kergozou (NZl) New Zealand
27 Ed Veal (Can) RealDeal Racing all s.t.
28 Chris Macleod (Can) Trek Red Truck (men) 1:19:33.82
29 Mitchell Ketler (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
30 George Brian Jackson (NZl) Independent both s.t.
31 Brendan Cowley (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme 1:19:35.04
32 Zach Zionts (USA) ADHD Catella s.t.
33 Cole Glover (Can) Trek Red Truck (men) 1:19:36.72
34 Ashley Mackay (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 1:19:37.11
35 Christopher Gill (Can) VeloSelect Racing Team
36 Thomas Schellenberg (Can) DC Bank Pro Cycling
37 Travis Samuel (Can) DC Bank Pro Cycling
38 Antoine Ippersiel (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
39 Alec Cowan (Can) Floyd's Pro Cycling
40 Mason Burtnik (Can) Hewdog Racing
41 Sherwood Plant (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
42 Kyle Kirby (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
43 George Simpson (USA) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
44 Dylan Davies (Can) Langlois Brown Racing
45 Christopher Hatz (GBr) Independent
46 Eric Inkster (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team all s.t.
47 Chris Worsfold (Can) Hewdog Racing 1:19:39.39
48 Maurice Worsfold (Can) s.t.
49 Zack Gilmore (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast 1:19:41.24
50 Kai Chapman (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
51 Jonathon Noble (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
52 Brett Wakefield (Can) Giant Vancouver
53 Ryan Golbeck (Can) Mighty Cycling
54 Josh Kench (NZl) Independent all s.t.
55 Dylan Mckenna (Aus) X-Speed United Continental 1:19:42.97
56 Gabriel Guay (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell s.t.
57 Philippe Mireault (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell 1:19:44.08
58 Gavin Murray (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
59 Theo Gilbertson (NZl) Independent
60 Kyle Swanson (USA) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
61 Joshua Kropf (Can) DC Bank Pro Cycling
62 Marko Pavlic (Slo) DC Bank Pro Cycling
63 Jean-Denis Thibault (Can) DC Bank Pro Cycling
64 Antoine Leplingard (Fra) DC Bank Pro Cycling
65 Christopher Bradbury (Can) Musette / Enroute all s.t.
66 Brendan Armstrong (Can) Trek Red Truck (men) 1:19:45.70
67 Normand Richards (Can) Just Giver for PD
68 Marcel Franz (Ger) Heizomat rad-net
69 Tim Savre (USA) Project Echelon Racing
70 Mark Bonar (Can) Hewdog Racing
71 Regan Gough (NZl) New Zealand
72 Connor Sens (Aus) X-Speed United Continental
73 Christian Lam (USA) Independent
74 Dylan Simpson (NZl) Independent
75 Jeffrey Kemp (Can) Lost Boys Hit Squad
76 Cam Fitzmourice (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
77 Justin Shoubridge (Can) Factory Five-thePACK
78 Kyle Buckosky (Can) Trek Red Truck (men) all s.t.
79 Leon Echtermann (Ger) Independent 1:19:49.78
80 Justin Purificati (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme s.t.
81 Daniel Owsiany (Can) Musette / Enroute 1:19:53.14
82 John Borstelmann (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One s.t.
83 Harry Waine (NZl) New Zealand 1:19:54.39
84 Noah Simms (Can) Floyd's Pro Cycling s.t.
85 Noah Granigan (USA) Floyd's Pro Cycling 1:20:02.42
86 Jonathan Clarke (USA) Floyd's Pro Cycling 1:20:08.55
87 Jake Cullen (Can) DC Bank Pro Cycling s.t.
DNF Amarni Drake (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
DNF Alastair Mackellar (Aus) Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
DNF Ryan Roth (Can) X-Speed United Continental
DNF Nicholas Diniz (Can) X-Speed United Continental
DNF Jasper Albrecht (Aus) X-Speed United Continental
DNF Edward Walsh (Can) X-Speed United Continental
DNF Jordan Schmidt (Can) X-Speed United Continental
DNF Tom Sexton (NZl) New Zealand
DNF Jordan Kerby (NZl) New Zealand
DNF Felix Pelletier (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
DNF Charles-Antoine Forest-Leblanc (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
DNF Alexis Rochette (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
DNF Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
DNF Hendrik Pineda (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Thierry Kirouac Marcassa (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNF Colin Patterson (USA) Marc Pro Cycling p/b Gym One
DNF John Willcox (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
DNF Max Rubarth (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
DNF Tim McBirney (USA) Team California
DNF Kurt Penno (USA) Toronto Hustle
DNF Sam Titter-Dower (NZl) Toronto Hustle
DNF Jay Delaney (Can) Lost Boys Hit Squad
DNF Michael Whittle (Can) Lost Boys Hit Squad
DNF Tomas Kobylka (Can) Lost Boys Hit Squad
DNF Marcus Van Der Sande (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNF Zachary Konings (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNF Graham Lock (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNF Jacob Rubuliak (Can) TaG Cycling Race Team
DNF Sean Richardson (Can) Independent
DNF Johannes Daniel Mallie (Can) Independent
DNF Henry Levett (NZl) Independent
DNF Graham Fox (Can) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings
DNF David Dubé (Can) Desjardins-Ford p/p Cromwell
DNS Clarke Lind (Can) Trek Red Truck (men)
DNS Alexander Fraser-Maraun (Can) Trek Red Truck (men)
DNS Riley Pickrell (Can) Trek Red Truck (men)
DNS Olivier Brisebois (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Connor Toppings (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Felix Boutin (Can) Probaclac/Devinci
DNS Marc Dupuis (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Alex Webb (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Titus Chan (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Elijah Louttit (Can) Hewdog Racing
DNS Evan Hartig (USA) Project Echelon Racing
DNS Ryan Primeau (Can) VeloSelect Racing Team
DNS Julian Georg (USA) Project Supertraining
DNS Jordan Cheyne (Can) Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling
DNS Cooper Rombold (USA) Team California
DNS Dan Schmit (Can) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings
DNS Matt Usborne (Can) PenderFund p/b Neighbourhood Holdings


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