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July 16/19 20:10 pm - Stage One of Tour de l'Abitibi results

Posted by Editoress on 07/16/19

Results from the first stage in Rouyn-Noranda, QC


Stage 1: Val-d’Or to Rouyn-Noranda, 117.6 km
1 Michael Garrison (USA) Team USA 2:54:47
2 Lukas Carreau (Can) Equipe du Quebec at 0:04
3 Matthew Riccitello (USA) Team USA 0:06
4 Emil Schandorff Iwersen (Den) Team Denmark 1:08
5 Nicolas Rivard (Can) Desjardins Ford s.t.
6 Daniel Nordemann-Da Silva (Can) Team Ontario 1:11
7 Baptiste Lacroix (Fra) Team France 1:13
8 Jacob Rubuliak (Can) Team Canada
9 Logan Mclain (USA) Team USA both s.t.
10 Thomas Nadeau (Can) Desjardins Ford 2:16
11 Jason Pilote (Can) Desjardins Ford
12 Felix Olivier Moreau (Can) Team Canada
13 Antonin Corvaisier (Fra) Team France all s.t.
14 Felix Robert (Can) Equipe du Quebec 3:17
15 Luke Lamperti (USA) Team USA 18:07
16 Tyler Reynolds (USA) Team California
17 Judah Gustafson (USA) North Star Development
18 Mathias Guillemette (Can) Equipe du Quebec
19 Eric Inkster (Can) Cycling BC
20 Aidan Coats-Ballaseux (USA) Team California
21 Joel Plamondon (Can) Espoir Elite - Primeau Velo
22 Ron Francoise Tuazon (Phi) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
23 Tristan Jussaume (Can) Team Canada
24 Fabien Selivert (Fra) Team France
25 Lucas Cumenal (Fra) Team France
26 Alexander Webb (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition
27 Raphael Parisella (Can) Team Canada
28 Riley Pickrell (Can) Team Canada
29 Alexander Studsgaard (Den) Team Denmark
30 Levi Ogryzlo (Can) IAMGOLD
31 Lucas Stierwalt (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p
32 Oscar Bluhm (Den) Team Denmark
33 Luke Bristow (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition
34 Baptiste Vadic (Fra) Team France
35 Nicolas Bougie (Can) Equipe du Quebec
36 William Toussaint (Can) Desjardins Ford
37 Mathis Gauthier (Can) IAMGOLD
38 Daniel Lond (Den) Team Denmark
39 Benjamin Gervais (Can) Espoir Elite - Primeau Velo
40 Jack Zakrajsek (USA) North Star Development
41 Aedan Crocker (Can) Cycling BC
42 Simon Høy (Den) Team Denmark
43 Aaron Banks (USA) North Star Development
44 Louis Fournier (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
45 Nicholas Menegon (Can) Team Ontario
46 Lucas Bourgoyne (USA) Team USA
47 Arnaud Beaudoin (Can) Equipe du Quebec
48 Gregory Santiag Zapata Cordoba (Can) Espoir Elite - Primeau Velo
49 William Walton (USA) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
50 Benjamin Hertz (Den) Team Denmark
51 Antonin Souchon (Fra) Team France
52 Lance Heaton (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition
53 Jack Shuckra (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition
54 Oliver Campbell (Can) Team Ontario
55 Nathan Roberts (USA) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
56 Benjamin Harrington (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
57 Sam Smith (USA) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
58 Ethan Craine (NZl) Team California
59 Luke Scott (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p
60 Gianni Lamperti (USA) Team USA
61 Brett Stoppa (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
62 Evan Russell (Can) Cycling BC
63 Connor Thompson (USA) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
64 William Grundy (Can) IAMGOLD
65 Robin Calmand (Can) IAMGOLD
66 Loic Olivier (Can) Espoir Elite - Primeau Velo
67 Ben Douglas (USA) S.T.K Cycling p/b Elliston Coac
68 Axel Froner (Can) Team Ontario
69 Sean Richardson (Can) Cycling BC
70 Andrew Lydic (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco
71 Caleb Bender (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
72 Antoine Corbeil (Can) IAMGOLD
73 Garrett Mcnear (USA) North Star Development
74 Kevin Labelle (Can) Desjardins Ford
75 Samuel Rathe (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco
76 Ben Herbertz (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p
77 Daniel Vargas (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p
78 Xavier Charron (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco
79 Joshua Kench (NZl) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco
80 Evan Mcbeath (Can) Cycling BC
81 Ethan Peterson (USA) North Star Development
82 Theodore Woodford (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club
83 Jackson Kinniburgh (Can) Team Canada
84 Peyton Wiebe (Can) Cycling BC
85 John Hughes (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition
86 Zach Berend (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p all s.t.
87 Cedric Beaulieu (Can) Ottawa Bicycle Club 18:57
88 Gabriel Melfi (Can) Equipe du Quebec 20:27
89 Joshua Gilbert (USA) Vantaggio Fitness and Nutrition 20:53
90 Maxence Faucher (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco s.t.
91 Mathis Lavoie (Can) Velo Club Metropolitain Quebeco 20:57
92 Ellis Pedersen (USA) Team California 21:00
93 Thomas Berthiaume (Can) IAMGOLD 21:15
94 Sam Riess (USA) Team California 21:16
95 Laurent Legault (Can) Desjardins Ford s.t.
96 Jack Sirman (Can) Team Ontario 21:18
97 Christopher Merrick (Can) Team Ontario s.t.
98 Brett Ross (USA) The Endurance Collective Devo p 22:25
99 Joe Burbach (USA) North Star Development 23:14
DNF Xavier Guertin (Can) Espoir Elite - Primeau Velo
DNF Caleb Barville (USA) Team California

Pickrell Second at Challenge Sprint Abitibi


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