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August 7/19 12:05 pm - Bronze for Jussaume at Pan Am Games TT

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/19

Laurie Jussaume won her second medal of the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru, on Wednesday, with a bronze medal performance in the 18.5 kilometre women's time trial.  Jussaume had previously won a silver medal as part of the Team Pursuit squad on the track.  Canada's other entrant in the event, Miriam Brouwer, finished fifth, 7.26 seconds behind Jussaume.

Jussaume was the third rider to start, and her time of 26:27.15 held up until there were only three riders remaining.  American Chloe Dygart, the third from last rider to start, took the lead with a time of 23:36.51 for the gold medal, with the next rider, Teniel Campbell of Trinidad and Tobago, bumping Jussaume down to third.

"With the start delayed, we had to adjust a little bit," said Jussaume, "but I think I was ready for the start, so I'm pretty happy.  I executed my ride well.  I was all warmed up and ready to start and then they delayed it by 45 minutes, so I had to redo my whole warm up.  It was a pretty fast course, flat but with some wind.  It was a good time for me, I had good power.  My plan was to conserve on the way out to the turnaround and then still have some energy to hit the little hill on the way back pretty hard, then empty myself for the last 3K after the hill.  I managed my energy well, so when I got to the line I was empty."


Women, 18.5km Time          
1 Chloe Dygert (USA) 23:36.51 0:00
2 Teniel Campbell (Trinidad & Tobago) 24:50.24 1:13.72
3 Laurie Jussaume (Canada) 26:27.15 2:50.63
4 Jeydy Pradera Bernal (Cuba) 26:29.87 2:53.36
5 Miriam Brouwer (Canada) 26:34.41 2:57.89
6 Anabel M. Yapura Plaza (Argentina) 26:36.69 3:00.18
7 Caitlin Jean Conyers (Bermuda) 26:39.45 3:02.94
8 Arlenis Sierra Cañadilla (Cuba) 26:39.87 3:03.35
9 Aranza Villalón Sánchez (Chile) 26:45.07 3:08.56
10 Jessica Bonilla Escapite (Mexico) 26:51.94 3:15.42
11 Lina Hernandez Gomez (Colombia) 26:53.73 3:17.21
12 Miryam Nuñez Padilla (Ecuador) 27:23.87 3:47.35
13 Lisa Groothuesheidkamp (Aruba) 27:29.76 3:53.25
14 Lina Rojas Zapata (Colombia) 27:36.40 3:59.89
15 Fiorella Malaspina Lopez (Argentina) 27:49.91 4:13.39
16 Alexi Costa (Trinidad & Tobago) 27:53.69 4:17.18
17 Wilmarys Moreno Duran (Venezuela) 28:27.65 4:51.14
18 Romina Medrano Ilizarbe (Peru) 28:58.71 5:22.20
19 Nicole Elizabet Mitchell (Bermuda) 29:43.02 6:06.50
20 Micaela Sarabia Ricaldez (Bolivias) 30:07.63 6:31.11
21 Ariadna Herrera Teran (Ecuador) 30:15.12 6:38.61


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