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August 26/19 21:34 pm - Gold and 2 Silver Medals on Day 1 of Track Cycling at Para Pan Ams

Posted by Editoress on 08/26/19

At the Parapan Games in Lima, Peru, Canada went 1-2 in the women's tandem individual pursuit as Para cycling kicked off at the velodrome on Monday.  In an all-Canadian gold medal final, after qualifying in first and second positions, Carla Shibley and pilot Meghan Lemiski nabbed top spot with a time of 3:50.575, just ahead of their teammates Annie Bouchard and pilot Evelyne Gagnon who earned the silver medal.

"I'm super excited and surprised with our result," said Carla Shibley.  "I didn't expect us to win a gold medal, I wasn't feeling the greatest after the semifinal, I was having some breathing issues, and I was able to tough it out. I told myself that I just needed to suffer a little more in the last four laps just to win by that last second. I couldn't be prouder with this result and I'm excited to move onto the kilo [time trial] race tomorrow and see what happens."

Not to be left out, male tandem racers Lowell Taylor and pilot Andrew Davidson also reached the podium with a silver in the men's individual pursuit.  They finished behind Colombians Nelson Serna and pilot Marlon Perez, who had qualified for the final in first position.  This is the first Parapan Am Games medal for each Canadian tandem racer, in their first multi-sport Games.

"I felt so much pride, not in myself but pride in the country, and gratitude," said Lowell Taylor.  "I actually had a lot of gratitude for all the support, from Canada, from my family, for Andrew, everybody who has been alongside me to get here. Para sport is not about the individual, it's about the team so I was just feeling so much gratitude for everybody today."


Results from the first day of Track cycling at the Para Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru

Women B Pursuit
1 Canada (Carla Shibley/Meghan Lemiski) 3:52.030
2 Canada (Annie Bouchard/Evelyne Gagnon) 3:53.028
3 USA (Wendy Werthaiser/Jennifer Sharp) 3:56.241
4 Brazil (Marcia Ribeiro/Cristiane Pereira) 3:58.891
5 Argentina (Maria Jose Quiroga/Micaela Barroso) 4:11.577
6 Argentina (Maria F. Sanchez/Antonella L. Leonardi) 4:16.967
7 Brazil (Gilce Duarte/Lorena Maria De Oliveira) 4:24.222
Fastest 2 riders race for gold
3rd and 4th riders race for bronze
Ride for Gold
1 Canada (Carla Shibley/Meghan Lemiski) 3:50.575
2 Canada (Annie Bouchard/Evelyne Gagnon) 3:51.036
Ride for Bronze
3 Brazil (Marcia Ribeiro/Cristiane Pereira) 3:50.829
4 USA (Wendy Werthaiser/Jennifer Sharp) 3:53.491
Men B Pursuit
1 Colombia (Nelson Serna/Marlon Perez) 4:27.568
2 Canada (Lowell Taylor/Andrew Davidson) 4:28.917
3 Argentina (Maximiliano R. Gomez/Sebastian J. Tolosa) 4:45.606
4 Argentina (Raul C. Villalba/Ezequiel G. Romero) 4:55.780
Fastest 2 riders race for gold
3rd and 4th riders race for bronze
Ride for Gold
1 Colombia (Nelson Serna/Marlon Perez) 4:22.551
2 Canada (Lowell Taylor/Andrew Davidson) 4:30.560
Ride for Bronze
3 Argentina (Maximiliano R. Gomez/Sebastian J. Tolosa)
4 Argentina (Raul C. Villalba/Ezequiel G. Romero) caught


Women 500 TT (C1-5) Final Time
after % Factor
1 Samantha Bosco (USA) - C5 39.601
2 Mariela A. Delgado (Argentina) - C5 39.768
3 Clara Brown (USA) - C3 40.043
4 Paula Andrea Ossa Veloza (Colombia) - C5 40.530
5 Daniela Munevar (Colombia) - C2 40.968
6 Josephine Fouts (USA) - C5 41.650
7 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) - C4 42.612
8 Ingrid V. Venegas Farias (Chile) - C5 45.337
9 Ana Montenegro (Brazil ) - C5 45.812
10 Samirian Grimberg (Brazil ) - C2 49.245
11 Telma Alves (Brazil) - C5 49.476



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