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March 31/01 9:29 am - Solano Stage 2, Hilton TT, Dionne, Alberta, Shimano

Posted by Editor on 03/31/01

Solano Bicycle Classic, California

Stage 2 Road Race

Men - 152 km
1Cooke, BadenAUSMercury Cycling Team3:40:06
2Zarate Estrada, JesusUSAU.A.G. Cycling Teams.t.
3Dionne, CharlesCAN7UP/Colorado Cyclistat 0:04
4Van Haesebroucke,FrankyBELNavigators Cycling Team
5Camponogara, SiroITANavigators Cycling Team
6Pederson, SorenDENSaturn
7Carter, NormUSAJelly Belly
8Horner, ChrisUSAMercury Cycling Team
9Rowney, PaulAUSVolvo/Cannondale
10Meirhaeghe, FilipBELSpecialized MTB Team
12Evans, CadelAUSVolvo/Cannondale
25Michael, BarryCANSaturn
30Hesjedal, RyderCANSubaru/Gary Fisher
31Perras, DominiqueCANVolvo/Cannondale
32Wohlberg, EricCANSaturn
42Lavallee, AlexCANKissena Cycling Teamall s.t.
55Decore, MatthewCANVictoria Elite06:19
92Faulkner, NatCANKissena Cycling Team11:42
1Wohlberg, EricCANSaturn4:05:40
2Horner, ChrisUSAMercury Cycling Teamat 0:03
3Moninger, ScottUSAMercury Cycling Team00:19
4Klasna, TrentUSASaturn00:23
5Pate, DannyUSAPrime Alliance00:46
6Evans, CadelAUSVolvo/Cannondale01:01
7Fisher, ChrisUSASaturn01:08
8Cooke, BadenAUSMercury Cycling Team01:09
9Michael, BarryCANSaturn01:10
10Zajicek, PhilUSAMercury Cycling Team01:12
13Perras, DominiqueCANVolvo/Cannondale01:20
26Dionne, CharlesCAN7UP/Colorado Cyclist01:57
35Lavallee, AlexCANKissena Cycling Team03:04
50Hesjedal, RyderCANSubaru/Gary Fisher05:32
71Decore, MatthewCANVictoria Elite12:26
78Faulkner, NatCANKissena Cycling Team14:29
Women - 120 km
1Marsal, CatherineFRAIntersports3:20:09
2Binney, CherylUSAProcter & Gamble
3Kiesanowski, JoanneNZLProcter & Gamble
4Van Gilder, LauraTalgo
5Sonye, SuzanneUSASaturn
6Pryde, SusyNZLAutoTrader.Com
7Mommsen, CynthiaThe Olympic Club
8Berger, Katrina800.COM
9Emery, ElizabethIntersports
10Kras, KrystynaWebcor/Alto Velo
13Carter, ErinCANIntersports
15Demars, Nichole800.COM
17Samplonius, AnneCANIntersports
19Goldstein, LeahCAN800.COMall s.t.
26Spencer, StaceyCANProcter & Gamble06:15
1Samplonius, AnneCANIntersports3:49:14
2Pryde, SusyNZLAutoTrader.Com at 0:14
3Berger, Katrina800.COM00:19
4Emery, ElizabethIntersports00:27
5Bruckner, KimberlyUSASaturn00:33
6Marik, MarjonAutoTrader.Com 00:56
7Erlank, AnkaCANSaturn01:01
8Schuster, PamAutoTrader.Com 01:08
9Young, JulieAutoTrader.Com01:27
10Goldstein, LeahCAN800.COM01:27
11Carter, ErinCANIntersports01:55
13Demars, Nichole800.COM02:12
15Marsal, CatherineFRAIntersports02:21
28Spencer, StaceyCANProcter & Gambles09:50

Hilton Falls All-Weather Challenge MTB TT - Ontario
(courtesy W.O.W.)

Trail Conditions - Overall, the trails are very rideable. In Hilton Falls itself the XC ski trails are hard packed and very fast. It looks like ice, but the surface is granular so traction is good. The start hill and the finish hill are bare, as is the road over the dam. After warming up on the main trails the route will take you to a new bridge the park staff have created just north of the falls. The bridge will get everyone over to the Agreement Forest. The trails in the AF are generally in good shape. The area near the old flooded quarry is bare. There is only one really aggravating spot - under the hydro line out near Mohawk Race Track. The snow is really granular for about 150 m with no traction. It's going to require some work. There are also a couple of good sized puddles in the AF, but there are dry lines around them.

The pine forest is a lot of fun because the snow is hard and fast. The trail in the maple forest is all over the place in terms of conditions. Some places are bare, others with hard pack and others with soft snow. Wide tires with good treads are the way to go.

One section of the single track in the north end of Hilton is going to be dropped because of a big flooded area. That will chop about 300m. Total distance is still going to be about 20km plus or minus a bit. About 2/3 of it is marked now and the volunteers will be out to finish the marking at 10am tomorrow (Saturday). Company is welcome.

DON'T FORGET THAT RACE DAY (Sunday, April 1st) IS ALSO TIME CHANGE DAY! Set your clocks ahead one hour. Under 16, 17-18 Novice, and 19-29 Novice go at 1 minute intervals starting at 9am. 30-39 Novice and 40+ go at 10:30 and the Expert categories go at 11:30am. Cost is $15 for the Under 16's and $25 for everyone else. There is no entry fee to the park. Part of the proceeds from this Citizen's Race will go to trail maintenance - your support is appreciated.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area is on Campbellville Rd, which runs between Guelph Line and Highway 25 just north of the 401 (it's just north of Milton). For more details and a map to the park go to

Charles Dionne montre des dents à Solano

Solano, Californie (DIAPO) - Charles Dionne a terminé au 3e rang de la deuxième étape, longue de 160 kilomètres, de la Classique cycliste de Solano, en Californie. Dionne a terminé premier du peloton de chasse à moins de dix secondes de deux cyclistes qui s'étaient échappés. Dionne avait cependant terminé au 34e rang du contre-la-montre jeudi. Au classement général, il demeure à plus deux minutes du meneur.

" Avoir gagné le sprint final devant le peloton principal est une victoire en soi, a expliqué Dionne. Mes coéquipiers de 7up/Colorado ont été victimes de cinq crevaisons au cours de l'étape. C'est donc dire que nous avons fait beaucoup de rattrapage pour ramener les gars dans le peloton. Nous avons fini la course à trois seulement et nous arrivons à mériter une troisième place. C'est vraiment bon pour nous. Moi, je dois un gros merci à Doug Ziewacz, qui m'a donné un gros coup de pouce avant la dernier sprint. "

On sent que Dionne gagne beaucoup de confiance avec sa nouvelle équipe américaine. " Tout le temps passé en Californie commence à payer, a-t-il dit. Vous savez, ce n'est pas une petite course ici. Nous sommes 190 coureurs dans la classe pro, incluant les gars de Saturn et de Mercury. "

La Classique de Solano se poursuit samedi avec un critérium de 90 minutes. Elle prendra fin dimanche avec une course sur route de 139 kilomètres.

Daniel Aucoin
L'Agence service des athlètes 24 heures par jour
L'Agence DIAPO...Serving athletes 24 hours a day

Alberta Training Session
(courtesy ABA)

The ABA is pleased to host a training seminar this coming Tuesday evening, featuring elite cycling coach Steve Lund. In addition to being a certified Level 4 NCCP coach, Steve brings the following qualifications:

- Cycling Coach of Olympic Champ Simon Whitfield and National and Pan American Cycling Champion Sandy Espeseth, as well as MTB pro Amber Chorney.
- Former Canadian National Team Coach
- Former Alberta Provincial Team Coach

The seminar will be held Tuesday, April 3 in the boardroom of the Bob Niven Training Centre at Canada Olympic Park (bottom of the bobsled/luge track on the west side of the park), from 7:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.. This clinic is offered free of charge by the Alberta Bicycle Association.

Shimano Offers Rebates, But Not In Canada

Shimano has begun offering rebates to customers who buy either its Dura Ace (WH-7700) or Ultegra (WH-6500) wheelsets. The rebate is $80 for the purchase of a Dura Ace wheelset, and $60 for Ultegra. However, the offer is only good in the United States. We contacted Shimano Canada when we first heard about the rebate offer, and were told that there are no plans to offer the same deal in this country.


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