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March 31/01 6:22 am - Montreal World Cup, Lake to Lake, Euro Results

Posted by Editor on 03/31/01

Montréal World Cup Website

We are once again providing the website for the Montreal Women's World Cup race. You can get to the website at On the site you will find information for both the World Cup race on June 2nd and the 3 supporting races that take place before and after. Of course, we will be providing lap-by-lap coverage on the day of the race itself.

Lake to Lake Enduro Registration - Ontario

We have added registration for the Lake to Lake enduro (May 19th) to our online registration service. You can register for this event by going Here. We will be adding a link to the event website shortly.

You can also register for the Paris-Ancaster Enduro and, very soon, for the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup (XC #1). Other event organizers should contact us to find out about listing their events -

Settimana Coppi-Bartali, Italy

Stage 5: Chianciano 172 km

1. Nicola Chesini (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola 5:17:22
2. Giuseppe Di Grande (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola
3. Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Fassa Bortolo
4. Luca Paolini (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step
5. Massimo Giunti (Ita) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone
6. Oscar Cavagnis (Ita) Saeco Macchine Per Caffe
7. Giancarlo Raimondi (Ita) Liquigas-Pata
8. Dmitri Gaynitdinov (Rus) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola
9. Gabriele Missaglia (Ita) Lampre-Daikin
10. Fabiano Fontanelli (Ita) Mercatone Uno all s.t.

Final GC

1. Ruslan Ivanon (Mol) Alessio 20:40:14
2. Dario Frigo (Ita) Fassa Bortolo at 0:04
3. Freddy Gonzales (Col) Selle Italia 0:16
4. Serguei Yakovlev (Kaz) Cantina Tollo Acqua & Sapone 0:33
5. Giuliano Figueras (Ita) Ceramiche Panaria-Fiordo 1:08
6. Mirko Celestino (Ita) Saeco Macchine Per Caffe 1:20
7. Raimondas Rumsas (Ltu) Fassa Bortolo 1:34
8. Andrea Noe (Ita) Mapei-Quick Step 1:59
9. Giuseppe Di Grande (Ita) Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola 2:20
10. Cristiano Frattini (Ita) Liquigas-Pata 2:23

Tour of Normandy, France

Stage 5 - Cherbourg to Bagnoles-de-l'Orne 196km

1 Marcus Ljunqvist (Fra) Team Fakta 4:51:59
2 Artour Babaitsev (Rus) Nurnberger
3 Pascal Derame (Fra) Bonjour
4 Christophe Edaleine (Fra) Jean Delatour
5 Dariusz Skoczylas (Pol) Mroz-Supradyn
6 Cedric Loue (Fra) VC Rouen
7 Nicolas Reynaud (Fra) Mixte FDJ-Festina all s.t.
8 Alessandro Pozzi (Ita) Kia Suisse at 0:05
9 Benjamin Levecot (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93 0:12
10 Steffen Radochla (Ger) Mixte FDJ-Festina 0:51


1 Thor Hushovd (Nor) Credit Agricole 24:04:29
2 Cedric Loue (Fra) VC Rouen at 0:14
3 Marcus Ljunqvist (Fra) Team Fakta 0:46
4 Franck Pencole (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93 0:51
5 Anthony Morin (Fra) Credit Agricole 1:05
6 Manu L'Hoir (Bel) Team Fakta 1:07
7 Charles Guilbert (Fra) Bonjour 1:10
8 Pascal Derame (Fra) Bonjour 1:11
9 Alessandro Pozzi (Ita) Kia Suisse 1:18
10 Lenaic Olivier (Fra) Jean Delatour 1:19


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