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March 7/20 21:09 pm - Tour de Murrieta: Stage 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 03/7/20

Results from the first stage of the Tour de Murrieta, the All Star Grand Prix in Murrieta, CA

Women: Pro/1/2/3
1 Harriet Owen (USA) ButcherBox Cycling 0:48:02
2 Rachel Langdon (USA) Instafund La Prima
3 Kaia Schmid (USA) LUX/sideshow p/b Specialized
4 Claire Cameron (Can) Instafund La Prima
5 Mariana Valadez Ortiz (Mex)
6 Charity Chia (USA) D9 CBS Cycling
7 Adele Desgagnes (Can) Quebecor/Stingray
8 Liza Rachetto (USA) DNA Pro Cycling
9 Colleen Gulick (USA) Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
10 Maddy Ward (USA) Amy D. Foundation
11 Laury Milette (Can) Quebecor/Stingray all s.t.
12 Isabella Bertold (Can) Instafund La Prima 0:03
13 Ana Hernández (Mex) Sisterhood of Cycling present b
14 Sarah Schuetter (USA) Sisterhood of cycling p/b Subar
15 Avry Howes (USA)
16 Esther Walker (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC all s.t.
17 Jessica Bonilla (USA) S2C/Boschprimal 0:06
18 Ava Sykes (USA) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
19 Thialor Mize (USA)
20 Georgeta Ungureanu (USA) Sisterhood of Cycling presented
21 Jenna Klein (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC
22 Mary Joyce Monton (USA) Sisterhood of Cycling p/b Subar
23 Kelly Boone (USA) D9 Foundation/CBS Cycling
24 Rebekah Potter (USA) Sisterhood of Cycling p/b Subar
25 Elizabeth Gin (Can) Instafund La Prima
26 Paige Redman (USA) Stone House P&S Racing p/b Masi
27 Hayley Bates (USA) Levine Law Group Elite Women???
28 Sonia Taylor (Can) Instafund La Prima
29 Gabby Traxler (Can) Instafund La Prima
30 Esta Bovill (Can) Instafund La Prima
31 Whitney Post (USA)
32 Susej Esqueda (Mex) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC
33 Zoe Ta-Perez (USA) LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
34 Natalie Redmond (USA) ButcherBox Cycling
35 Jancy Meraz Barcelo (Mex) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC all s.t.
36 Shelby Reynolds (USA) Monster Media 0:11
37 Katherine Nadler (USA) SDBC/Spinergy p/b UC cyclery
38 Julie Kuliecza (USA) ButcherBox Cycling
39 Beth Ann Orton (USA) Instafund La Prima all s.t.
40 Nicole Brandt (USA) Methods to Winning 0:15
41 Daniela Monahan (USA) 0:17
42 Betsabee Salomon (USA) Stone House P&S Racing p/b Masi 0:22
43 Emily Marcolini (Can) Femme Equipe 0:24
44 Summer Moak (USA) LUX s.t.
45 Justine Thomas (Can) Quebecor/Stingray 0:27
46 Whitney Allison (USA) ButcherBox Cycling 0:41
47 Olivia Ray (USA) ButcherBox Cycling 0:44
48 Joy Mcculloch (USA) #holdmybaby 1:01
Men: Pro/1/2
1 Cory Williams (USA) Legion of Los Angeles 1:13:01
2 Justin Williams (USA) Legion of Los Angeles
3 Tyler Williams (USA) Legion of Los Angeles
4 Sean Mcelroy (USA) Aevolo
5 Brian Mcculloch (USA) Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling
6 Jasper Verkuijl (USA) CYCLING FANATICS
7 Dante Young (USA) Legion of Los Angeles
8 Rene Corella (USA)
9 Ethan Frankel (USA)
10 Philip Tinstman (USA) Monster Racing Team all s.t.
11 Ryan Jastrab (USA) Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling 0:05
12 Isaiah Oliver (USA) Legion of Los Angeles 0:13
13 Osvaldo Mora (USA) s.t.
14 Trevor Lien (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC 0:15
15 Luis Javelly (USA) Team
16 Ethan Overson (USA) Gateway Devo Cycling
17 Thomas Fuller (USA) Subaru Santa Monica Racing
18 Eder Frayre (USA) Legion of Los Angeles all s.t.
19 Spencer Moavenzadeh (USA) ButcherBox Cycling 0:18
20 Woot Roos (USA) s.t.
21 Espen Kateraas (USA) FiTTER Live Your Fitness 0:20
22 Carlos Macpherson (USA) Team
23 Jordan Cheyne (Can) Elevate-Webiplex
24 Ruben Saatjian (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC
25 Omar Alejando Vega Miramontes (USA) OSI BIKE TEAM all s.t.
26 Omar Andres Aguilera Garcia (USA) OSI BIKE TEAM 0:27
27 Alex Brewer (USA) CBS cycling 0:28
28 Jorge Fabrizio Martinez Huerta (Mex) Tarasco Guanajuato 0:29
29 Chris Demarchi (USA) Monster Racing Team 0:32
30 Ben Foster (USA) Team
31 Alex Mclaughlin (USA) ButcherBox Cycling both s.t.
32 Karl Bordine (USA) Monster Racing 0:37
33 Diego Binatena (USA) Legion of Los Angeles 0:39
34 Jason Pedersen (USA) Subaru Santa Monica Racing
35 Nate Freed (USA) Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB
36 Luis Molina Pagan (USA)
37 Jose Reyes Aguilera Garcia (USA) OSI BIKE TEAM
38 Randall Coxworth (USA) Monster Racing Team
39 Ben Bertiger (USA) Team
40 Griffin Park (USA) Hangar 15 Bicycles all s.t.
41 Jason Meidhof (USA) Monster Racing Team 0:43
42 Jeffrey Pettis (USA) Dons Bikes 0:46
43 Duban Sanchez (USA) s.t.
44 Lionel Mawditt (Aus) Gateway Devo Cycling 0:50
45 John Harris (USA) Butcherbox Cycling 0:56
46 Daniel Estevez (USA) ButcherBox Cycling
47 Angel Munoz (USA) Legion of Los Angeles
48 Sam Rosenholtz (USA) Butcherbox Cycling all s.t.
49 Lance Haidet (USA) Legion of Los Angeles 1:03
50 Hamish Keast (USA) 1:04
51 David Garcia (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC 1:08
52 Cody Jung (USA) SDBC Powered by Spinergy p/b UC 1:12
53 David Sweet (USA) 1:13
54 Cory Lockwood (USA) Legion of Los Angeles 1:35
55 Sergio Garcia (USA) Hangar 15 Bicycles 1:39
56 Kyle Kirby (USA) 1:43
57 Jonathan Brown (USA) Team Skyline 1:45
58 Wolfgang Brandl (Ger) Team Skyline 2:10
59 Jake Castor (USA) Team Skyline Elite s.t.
60 Logan Grace (USA) Vol Gas Racing 2:18
61 Kevin Festini (USA) SDBC powered by Spinergy p/b UC -1 Lap
DNF Chuck Huang (USA) Boost
DNF Tory Gillett (USA) Team Simple Green/Velowraps


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