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March 16/20 16:00 pm - Canada's Olympic Quotas If Qualifications Frozen

Posted by Editoress on 03/16/20

The UCI announced on Sunday strict new measures, including the potential of freezing the Olympic qualification process retroactive to March 3rd for Para Road, BMX (Racing and Freestyle) and Mountain Bike [see UCI Announces Strict New Measures & Suspension of All Competition Worldwide].

If this is approved by the IOC and IPC, what will Canada receive for Olympics spots in those disciplines? Until (and if) that decision is confirmed it is impossible to know for sure, but here is what Canada is likely to get. Note that the Track quotas (13 spots) are already confirmed, as are the Road (5 spots).

In Mountain Bike, we are on track to receive two spots for women and one for men. In BMX Racing, we will likely get one each for a man and a woman. It is unlikely that we will get any Freestyle spots. This gives a total of 23 spots for the Olympics.

For the Paralympics, which do not qualify separate Road and Track spots, we will most likely get four women and five men, for a total of nine athletes.


UCI Publishes Olympic Track Quotas

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