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April 1/20 0:56 am - New Cycling Trend Taking Off

Posted by Editor on 04/1/20

April Fools.


Gravel riding and racing has taken off in many countries, and the industry has responded with gravel-specific bikes, tires, saddles, etc. Now, the gravel crowd is already turning to a new discipline - Asphalt Riding.

Asphalt Riding takes the standard gravel bike and modifies it with narrower tires, tighter clearances and more aerodynamic designs. All of these changes are to take advantage of the harder road surfaces common to Asphalt riding and racing.

"It's actually pretty amazing," said one gravel aficionado. "It's not as bumpy or dirty, and you don't slide out in corners. It's pretty cool."

Bike companies are busy churning out new models for the new discipline, and there is already talk of setting up racing series, including an ambitious plan to race all the way around France.


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