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April 6/01 3:41 am - Trinidad Project Day 2, BC News

Posted by Editoress on 04/6/01

Trinidad - Day 2
(Courtesy Kurt Innes)

Hi guys, and girls at home...

Day 2 started early for the gang down here, we were up at 7 am, heading out on the road. Trying to beat the heat, and traffic.

We put in 2 hours on the road, heading west out to Chagaramas (old Navy base). Roads here are a bit different than North American standards, with pot holes, and hardly a yellow line in sight. Lots of passing, dodging, scarey people.... and that is just in our small group of 6 !! Seriously, the roads are a bit dodgey, and the drivers are a bit more competitive to get somewhere than we normally are. Which is surprising, cause they really don't seem to have anywhere to go? As there are no public transport systems (buses), people rely on taxi cabs to get everywhere. this makes for some pretty competitive cab drivers, dodging out of small holes and weaving in and out quite at random.

Anyways, we made it all back in one piece , got to see one of the close beaches and got a bit of sun as well.

Oh yeah... made one small mistake in my first report. The temperature was +25 degrees when we arrived.... but that was 10 oclock at night. This morning at 8 am it was already +32 degrees. Sorry Sandra, I would take the heat over the 2 feet of slush any time!!!

Talk to you all soon,


New Club in B.C Lower Mainland
(Courtesy Peg Wenting)

This new group in the Mission/Abbotsford area of the Fraser Valley has been reborn out of the Central Fraser Valley Cycle Club. The new group called Phoenix Velo Training Group uses the facilities of the Mission Raceway ( a closed circuit car racing venue) every Wed. evening all summer. Sign on at 6:30 pm. Includes warm-up, race training, techniques, fitness, and a handicapped race for accumulated points. End of season prizes to the winners. There is an area for family members to ride on the site without interference from the race course. Suitable for recreational, racing, tri-athletes, and fitness trainers. The program is conducted by qualified Level 3 coaches.

The club also includes a Sat. morning mountain bike ride, primarily for youth, to learn technique, trails, etc. This is an escorted ride with a training complement by an experienced leader, Tom Priestley and an assistant. For more info and a membership form call 604-820-0548 (evenings).


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